How to Get Your Pet Settled into a New Home

Just as human beings find moving stressful, the same is also true of pets. When you move to a new home, you want every single member of the family to settle in and feel comfortable as soon as possible – and this certainly includes your four-legged friend. Since you cannot explain to them why you are moving and help reassure them in this way, it is all about your actions to help them get settled in as soon as possible. Kip doggy day care Melbourne, has a lot of experience introducing pets into new environments and tells us that since you cannot explain to them why you are moving and help reassure them in this way, it is all about your actions to help them get settled in as soon as possible.So, here are a few top tips to help you to do this.

Crate Train Your Pet

If your pet is not used to being inside a small container, it can help to crate train them at an early opportunity. This means putting the crate that they will be traveling in around their area of the home, letting them sniff it, get inside, etc. This way, when it comes to moving time, it will be much more familiar to them. You can also start to take some shorter journeys out in the car as this can help them get used to being in a moving vehicle. If you don’t feel able to take them yourself or if you are going on a particularly long trip, you can check out dog transport options on Shiply.

Show Your Pet Their Space

Many pets tend to be quite territorial, which means that they want to see their space and start making it their own quickly. You can help with this transition by choosing a spot – ideally in a quiet room – and filling it up with their toys, bed, blankets, and anything else with their scent on it. Give them some food and water, and make the effort to speak to them in a comforting and reassuring tone and offer plenty of love and affection.

Start Setting a Routine

A lot of pets tend to be creatures of habit who enjoy doing the same things time and time again. For example, if you have a dog, you should start to walk them at regular times. If you have a cat, keep them on the same feeding schedule as before. Even though the surroundings have changed, your pet can then start to feel like the other parts of their life have stayed the same, which helps maintain a sense of consistency.

Plan to Spend More Time Indoors

Ideally, you will be able to make a plan that involves spending more time indoors in the early stages. This way, you can provide some much-needed comfort to your furry friend, and it is less likely that you are going to add separation anxiety into the mix. Look out for any signs of distress such as destructive behavior, different noises, etc. Hopefully, they should start to calm down as your pet adjusts to their new surroundings.

Getting your pet settled into their new home can be tough, but it is worth it to see them happy and thriving in their new environment.

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