how to get youtube on my dsi

How to get youtube on my dsi

If you want to use YouTube on your Nintendo DSi, you need to install the YouTube Studio app. This will allow you to manage your channel on YouTube. First, you need to sign up for a developer account on YouTube. Once you’re a member, you can create a new device channel and export your content. You can then transfer that content to your DSi so you can watch it on the go. NodeXL is another program that will let you import data from your YouTube account onto your DSi.

DSi does not have a built-in flash player

Unlike other digital media players, the DSi does not have a built-in flash player, but it does have a download feature. Fortunately, you can still watch videos on your DSi with the help of a super card. Just make sure to install the Moonshell software if you want to use the super card for YouTube. It’s available for free on the internet and comes with your DSi.

Download the latest version from website

If you’re wondering how to get YouTube on your DSi, you can download the latest version from the Nintendo DSi website. This application requires a super card, but it’s well worth the download. Once you’ve installed the application, you can access YouTube. Then, just navigate to the site and click on the “add-on” button. If you’ve got a Nintendo DSi, you should be able to download Moonshell.

DSi does not have Flash support

The Nintendo DSi does not have Flash support. To watch videos on your DSi, you can download them using a super card. But you’ll need to install Moonshell software. This may be available with the super card, or you can download it from the internet. It is highly recommended that you install the DSi Browser. The DSi Browser is available on the home screen, and you can download it by going to the DSi Menu.

The Nintendo DSi supports flash. The Dsi browser is a free download. It can also be downloaded from the internet. Then, you can view and comment on YouTube using the super card. If you’re a new DSi owner, you can download the Moonshell software from the Nintendo DSi store. It is free, and will allow you to access YouTube. You’ll be able to browse through YouTube with this application.


The DSi also supports browsing the internet. Its built-in flash support is not required to access YouTube, but you can use the Super Card to watch YouTube. You can also use the DSi Browser to view and comment on YouTube. To install it, go to the DSi Menu and download the software. It will appear on your home screen. Once you’re done, you can enjoy YouTube videos on your DSi.

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