what does the question mark mean on a pregnancy test

What does the question mark mean on a pregnancy test

A question mark on a pregnancy test means that there was an error in the test-taking process. There are several reasons why the test has an error, including: incorrect peeing on the stick, faulty testing procedure, or damaged packaging. A YES or NO result will be displayed on the screen within 3 minutes of submitting the urine sample. A YES pregnancy result will be indicated by a blinking clock symbol on the screen.

First Response tests have non-digital lines

First Response tests have non-digital lines, so they will not show a question mark on the screen. A yes or no answer is printed on the window. A positive pregnancy test result is always a positive if you are actually pregnant. You may need to retest after you’ve had a negative test, but if you’re unsure, you should consult a doctor to make sure.

Negative pregnancy test result

A negative pregnancy test result can indicate that your pregnancy is untimely. If you’re not sure if you’re pregnant, it’s best to visit your doctor to get the proper diagnosis. Many tests are inaccurate if you don’t read the results immediately. If you’re checking a pregnancy test at night, you’ll need to wait a few minutes before you check it again. You can also wait for more than five minutes before re-testing. During this time, you could receive a faint positive or a negative result.

Pregnancy test is a sign of insanity

The question mark on a pregnancy test is a sign of insanity. You should never rely on a pregnancy test because it’s a scam. It’s a good idea to seek medical advice before interpreting any results. There is a very good chance that your pregnancy test is not true. Therefore, it’s important to follow all the directions carefully to ensure you get accurate results.

The question mark on a pregnancy test indicates that the test was not accurate or that you are not pregnant. The question marks will also appear on the hCG level in the urine sample. The hCG levels will vary depending on the stage of your pregnancy. A hCG level of three or more days before your expected period is indicative of a negative result. The hCG level can be positive or negative.


A pregnancy test is a very accurate method of determining whether you are pregnant or not. The hCG level in your urine will vary depending on your age, stage of pregnancy, and previous pregnancies. In the case of a negative result, you should see a health professional to confirm the results. The hCG level can also be due to user error. Taking a pregnancy test at the wrong time can lead to a false negative.

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