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TikTok is slowly attracting more and more people. You too, initially, had decided to use the right social network to duet with tiktokers you know and watch what others were publishing. Then, however, you tried to make a TikTok and you realized that the interactions are relevant, to the point that it would be better to analyze the statistics of this platform to design a growth plan.

In particular, you have noticed that some of your content is having some success in terms of likes, comments and shares, even by people who do not follow you. And if you’ve gotten here, it’s probably because you want to get an idea of ​​who these users are. You would like see who views your TikTok profile in detail. Well, in the guide that follows, I will try to answer this question of yours, taking into account both the views of the account and those of the individual videos.


Why on earth would you want to find out who views your profile on TikTok? There is a first level of pure and natural curiosity, of course, but also of personal satisfaction: perhaps, without having a conversion in terms of followers, you may still realize that many people have come into contact with your content.

You may then discover the names of possible fans or emulators, especially if you have seen videos very similar to yours published by other people: if they come to visit your profile often, in fact, you might think that they are copying from what you upload on the social network. Or, finally, as is the case on other networks, you may have the suspicion that someone, although not your follower, wants to know what you do online and therefore comes to spy on you on your profile to watch the videos you have uploaded.

How visualizations work on TikTok

TikTok gives a lot of importance to content views, so much so that it is one of the main aspects that the algorithm takes into account to make your content go viral. A video can be defined as such when it manages to end up in the “TikTok For You Page”, the homepage where you land when you open the social network and where you can see the contents of all users, not just those you follow. In particular, what matters is the completion rate, which is the percentage of those who watch your video for its entire duration.

TikTok considers one visualization if someone actually played your video, regardless of who and how (kind of like on YT). I’ll give you an example: if your video has 500 views, it doesn’t always mean that 500 different users have pressed “Play”; it could be that some of them have watched the video several times.

Furthermore, in the total number of views, those of unregistered users, who then may have seen your video from the app without logging in, via a link or from the browser. Those who do not have a TikTok account, however, cannot attend the live video: TikTok live shows, in fact, only take into account the number of registered users who participated.

There are also third-party programs and apps that promise to increase content views and followers, as well as control profiles (your own and those of others): they are the TikTok bot. However, I do not recommend you to use these shortcuts to increase your numbers or to monitor other people, because with these practices you could achieve ephemeral success.

Limits of views on TikTok

TikTok doesn’t always allow you to get the information you are looking for from views. As for the video, the views are reduced to one total number, and you can’t find out who the people who have looked at a TikTok specifically are. To this, add the unregistered users, who can visit your profile – obviously only if public – and see your videos.

These views are not tracked, so they will result anonymous. Therefore, you cannot always find out who spies on you on the social network.

TikTok Views Notification Considerations removed

Until the beginning of 2020, it was possible to know the name of registered users who visited their profile thanks to a simple one notification in the appropriate section on the social network.

At the time of writing, however, this statement has been eliminated. The social network has never announced the removal of this function, nor has it explained the reasons, but I would venture to say that this happened for privacy reasons.

As of today, therefore, you cannot find out directly who are the specific users who visit your TikTok profile, but you can. indirectly.

Control of TikTok profile views

How did the notification of views work? Just open TikTok and tap the icon that says “Arriving” (bottom right). In the notification center, anwarning every time a user logged into their dashboard. Selecting it, it would open the list of all the people, followers or not, who had happened on the main page of the account (in a similar way to LinkedIn).

At the moment in which I am writing, however, the only thing that can be known is the number of times the profile was viewed, but in a completely generic way. To do this, you must first switch to the TikTok Pro account, following the instructions you are given by tapping Impostazioni e Privacy > Gestione Account > Passa all’account pro.

Once this operation has been completed, always in the section Settings and Privacy, choose the option Analytics. Here, move to the section Overview, to check the TikTok profile views related to the last week or to the last ones 28 days.

Check total views of TikTok videos

Staying on the “Overview” page of Analytics, you can also discover the total number of times your videos have been viewed in the past 7 or 28 days.

The number of views and the composition of users who have viewed the TikTok may vary in the case of a public account or a profile – or a single piece of content – that has been set as private.

Public video post

If you have a public profile, your videos on TikTok can be viewed from everyone: who follows you, who does not follow you and unregistered profiles.

The total number of views on the “Overview” page takes into account, in this case, all users who have viewed what you have published, including multiple replays. The same count is done for each single video: you can see the number of views in theleft corner of the preview of each content.

Private video post

The speech changes instead for a private profile. On TikTok, you can also make only some published content private and leave the public profile. To do this, you can choose between “Public”, “Private” (visible only to you) or “Friends”. Depending on whether you choose the “Private” or “Friends“, The views will be affected: in the first case, nobody will be able to see the video; in the second, it can be seen only from your followers. You can still check the video views from theleft corner of the preview of each.

The same is true for a private profile, where the total number of views only counts accepted users. However, this does not mean that a user with a private profile is always penalized; its visibility, in fact, will depend on the number of “subscribers”.

Considerations for using bots that monitor TikTok profiles

To increase your profile and content views, you might want to consider using a bot, searching for dedicated sites, linking your TikTok account and specifying which goals you want to achieve, for example more comments, likes or follows.

I advise against you to resort to these subterfuges: it is always better to reach followers and increase interactions thanks to creativity and originality; in addition, TikTok may ban you for using bots.

Other ways

Finally, there are alternative ways to try to control profile and post views. Below, I’ll show you some of them.

Join the profile to other social networks

TikTok allows you to add your Instagram account or your YouTube channel to your profile, by clicking on the “Edit profile” button and making the respective social accesses.

In case you decide to join your TikTok profile to your Instagram profile, you will get some benefits: for example, the movie you upload can be shared automatically also on the photographic social network, which allows you to control who has viewed it (in certain cases); Also, keep in mind that IG stats are more specific.

Publish the TikTok video in the IG stories

TikTok also allows you to publish any video present on the platform, both yours and those of others (paying attention of course to copyright), in yours Instagram Stories. To do this, just choose the key Share (arrow icon pointing right) and choose the option Stories.

By doing so, by checking the order of the views of the Instagram story, you will be able to discover the names of the users who have reproduced it. These views must be added to those recorded by the TikTok video player.

TikTok Anonymous Views Considerations

As I have repeated several times in the tutorial, if you have a public profile on TikTok, this, together with the content you publish, can also be viewed by users who do not have an account on the social network. The views in this case are carried out in full anonymity, because they cannot be specifically tracked. However, these make up the total number of those who have seen your videos or visited your profile.

Self I didn’t want to be “spied on” as unregistered users, you may be thinking of switching to a private account, even if this would entail (important) limitations for the growth of your social visibility. Alternatively, you could leave it public and change privacy only to the most sensitive content.

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