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How To Select A Perfect Table Lamp Based On The Style?

Decorating a room requires bringing together a lot of major and minor elements. As you explore interior decoration, you will realize that attention to the little details connects all the pieces together.

While the colour scheme, theme, and style of the room do define a room, it is the lighting that brings it all together and sets the mood and ambience. Changes in lighting can alter the look of a room drastically. Proper lighting can change a dull room into a cozy, inviting, and relaxing retreat.

Even small lighting accessories like battery-operated lamps that are a perfect combination of modern style, allure, and functionality can change the look and mood of the room. A table lamp might not look like a fancy choice in the world of majestic chandeliers, stunning floor lamps, and beautiful pendant lights.

However, do not underestimate the value of a table lamp. If used properly, this piece of lighting fixture can be an exquisite and functional addition to the overall look of the room.

Today we will be discussing how to buy the right table based on style and functionality.

The Different Styles of Lamps

Bedside Lamps:

This lamp is a common item found in both commercial and residential settings. Bedside lamps are usually available in pairs, one for each nightstand. However, you can also choose a single light of two different styles or looks.

You can choose corded electrical bedside lamps or more sustainable battery-operated lamps. The latter comes with rechargeable batteries and sports a modern design to complement most room decors.

There are different sizes of bedside lamps available in the market. Get the one that complements the rest of the room’s furniture, including the nightstand.

Buffet Lamps:

The taller version of table lamps, a buffet lamp, is usually elevated in height, offering focused lighting without taking up much space. The name comes from its functionality. These lamps were primarily used to illuminate the food on buffet tables. However, they are great for lighting up your house as well.

One of the main stand-out features of buffet lamps is their compact shape. Most buffet lamps are more than 32 inches high. So the increased elevation means that the lampshade is out of the way of hands and won’t be knocked down when you move around your arms. If you are looking for modern lamps with focused lighting, go for buffet lamps without a doubt.

Novelty Lamps:

The primary function of novelty lamps is not illumination but room decor. While they light up the room a little, it is not enough to do any work. Novelty lamps are mainly used to enhance the room decor and set the room’s mood.

There are several types of novelty lamps in the market of various looks, styles, heights, and sizes. For example, resin battery-operated lamps shaped like a square is a popular novelty lamp that provides diffused ambient lighting. It is used chiefly for decor in restaurants and hotels to offer patrons soft mood lighting.

Study Lamps:

A well-lit workspace affects our productivity positively and helps us work better. Study lamps provide optimum task lighting and are primarily used in study rooms and home offices. Most study lamps have an adjustable arm to help us get the correct illumination angle.

Similar to a bedside lamp, study lamps should match the desk size. Choose a small study lamp to work better if you have a compact work desk.

Lava Lamps:

A lava lamp is the perfect combination of novelty and motion lamps. It is so popular worldwide that it has made a category of its own. A lava lamp contains a glass bottle filled with two balls of wax immersed in liquid.

A light bulb installed at the lamp’s base provides illumination and heats the glass. The melted wax moves in the liquid as long as the light is kept on. While the lava lamps reached their peak of fame in the 1960s, they are still quite popular in residential and commercial properties for their diffused lighting.

The Bottomline

Choosing a suitable lamp can be challenging given that so many styles are available in the market. So, it is essential to factor in your requirements before choosing one. The position where the lamp will be placed must also be considered. The right lamp will elevate the room decor while providing the right kind of lighting to the space.

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