How To Send Spam Text Messages Shortcut?

Technological pranks are without a doubt one of the greatest methods for entertaining your family and buddies giggle. However, you are not required to perform the two similar pranks, such as freezing the mobile’s screen or shifting the lock screen to one that features a broken screen. 

There are some other specific techniques to prank your mates and writing them spam emails and texts is probably one among them.

Because this technological prank is relatively new, few individuals have heard of this one. This article will outline the actions responsible for sending spam text messages  as well as the shortcuts engaged. 

What is the importance of the Spam Text Messages Shortcut?

Generally, the period of sending direct SMS messages has passed. People are increasingly turning to innovative pranks, such as this one. It is possible to do so by using the Spam Messages Shortcut on apple devices. 

Let us first clear up any confusion concerning what a spam message is. Spam messages are unpleasant Text messages that are delivered in a large amount to a recipient to annoy them. Spam messages are frequently sent by texts to advertise their goods.

To transfer spam text message shortcuts to mates or relatives, you must first access your iPhone’s Shortcuts app.

Under that, you must set up a new Shortcut and after that search up the Repeat feature, and afterwards type the number to which the spam messages should be sent. You must also include the contact details as well as the text. After that, uncheck the Show as well as Run feature and configure the number and recurrence of text messages to transfer.

Such spam text messages are an excellent method to catch the interest of an individual who is most probably trying to ignore you or failing to reply to your series of texts. 

What is the method of sending Spam Text Messages Shortcuts?

If you do not know how to transfer spam text messages, read to the bottom for a summary of each and every step in the process.

  1. Begin by accessing Shortcut on your iPhone. 
  2. Access a “New Shortcut” below it. 
  3. Continue to scroll to the bottom unless you reach the “Search bar”.
  4. When you are finished, tap the Repeat button. 
  5. Below that, you must enter the contact details to which the spam messages should be sent. 
  6. Once more, use the search bar at the bottom to find texts. 
  7. In the recipient’s portion, insert the mobile number to which you choose to transfer the spam messages. 
  8. In its text portion, type in the text by which you desire to prank your companion.
  9. After that, uncheck the Show and Run box and drag that to perform it with all of the texts. 
  10. Hit the blue play button located directly beneath the unnamed Shortcut portion. 
  11. It will cause the phone to continue delivering spam messages. 


Transferring spam texts and emails is indeed an entertaining prank, but it should not become a behaviour pattern. The final point you want to do is to make the individuals across you unhappy with what you are performing. It is exciting to do this once in a while, but only with the people, you are familiar with.

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