How to Track iPhone by Number in 2022

If you’re constantly concerned about your child’s or partner’s whereabouts, you may want to know ways to track iPhone by number. Unfortunately, most cell phone look-up services provide the general whereabouts of the device. They don’t provide precise details of the phone’s location in real-time.

Apple’s Find My Device app can help you locate your lost iPhone. But what if the device belongs to another person? In that case, a phone tracker can help you pinpoint the device’s location. An iPhone tracking app like uMobix enables you to locate a lost device remotely.

Essentially, modern technology provides several ways to track iPhone by its phone number. Some of the available tools provide details of any phone number, including its real-time location and the user’s name. These phone spy apps have proven helpful to parents that want to ensure their children’s welfare and safety.

Perhaps, the best thing about phone tracking apps is that they have excellent features. For instance, some of these tools enable parents to track incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, and social media app interactions. That means a parent can know who their child is communicating with and what their conversations entail.

What’s more, the best iPhone tracker works in stealth mode. Thus, the device user won’t know that you’re spying on their location and activity on the iPhone. If you want to start tracking someone with their phone number, here are the top ways.

Find Out How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number Only

If you’re a parent or a guardian, you may want to track an iPhone location by its number only. Luckily, you can find an online service that allows you to do that without installing any spy app. Also, if somebody steals your phone or you misplace it, tracking it by its number is the best option.

The Find My iPhone application on your phone can help you locate your lost or stolen device. This app is free, and you can trace the device by logging into your iCloud account. After that, you can find your device’s location online.

Google Maps help with iPhone’s location tracking using GPS to detect its location. Also, you can send a message to the phone, telling its current holder that you have lost it. What’s more, you can block the phone by establishing a password and even erase its contents. That means the current holder won’t steal personal information from the iPhone.

Additionally, Find My iPhone enables you to track an iPhone if you misplace it using a loud alarm in the house. But how do you trace someone’s iPhone with a phone number?

Most Common Methods to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

The internet has many cell phone locator apps that allow you to track a child’s or family member’s iPhone. Therefore, if the Find My iPhone feature isn’t an option for you, an iPhone track app might work for you. However, you should check the developer’s privacy policy before using any family locator app. An iPhone tracker is a monitoring or parental control app that allows you to track someone’s location or whereabouts without them knowing. Also, it helps you trace an iPhone number.

Apart from helping you find a person’s iPhone location, the app provides all the details of the places the user visited recently. A phone locator is helpful to parents or guardians that want to monitor their children. Additionally, many companies use a location tracker to ensure that employees spend time doing what they pay them to do, especially during business tours.

Do you suspect that your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend is cheating on you? If so, an iPhone tracking app can help you find the truth. You can use it to know the places your spouse visits, the duration they spend there, and who they hang out with by reading their text messages and social media conversations.

However, some iPhone tracking apps require physical access to the phone to download and install them. Others require the iCloud credentials of the target device. The tracking app gives you all the necessary information via an online dashboard upon installation.

Most iPhone tracker apps use GPS technology to locate an iOS device. However, some applications can work even when a person turns off the GPS of an iOS device. Here are the most common techniques for tracking a cell phone number online.

How to Track an iPhone with uMobix

uMobix is a parental monitoring and control application that allows you to monitor an iPhone user without them knowing. This cell phone tracking app facilitates remote monitoring of the target person’s iPhone location via an online panel.

This application uses GPS tracking technology to reveal the target person’s real-time location. Also, you can access the device user’s activities, including sent and received text messages, phone calls, and social media activities. Since it’s a cell phone spying application, uMobix runs in stealth mode in the device’s background. Thus, the iPhone user won’t suspect that you’re spying on them using this application.

Here’s how to track iPhone location with uMobix: 

  • Visit the uMobix website to register by creating a user’s account.
  • Select the mobile device you want to trace, whether Android or iPhone.
  • Select the subscription plan that suits you.

Once you’ve selected a subscription plan, the tracker will send you account credentials and a registration code. Access the device that you want to track and log in to the uMobix account with the account details that the tracker sent to your email. Follow the instructions to set up the uMobix monitoring app.

Download the uMobix file and proceed to automatic setup. The apk file is easy to install on the target device, allowing you to grant permissions like screen recording and keylogger tracking. After setting up the application, you can track iPhone by number and monitor the user’s activity on an online panel.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

An online GPS phone tracker is another option for tracking an iPhone that supports most telco operators. GPS helps with iPhone track using cell tower triangulation and Wi-Fi connection. This technology enables the tracker user to find a cell phone’s location globally.

Some of these applications are free, and you enter the phone number of the device you want to track and press the search button. The service will reveal the proximate location of the device on Google Maps. Thus, you can use this tool to find a cell phone location without installing a third-party app.

Track an iPhone from Your Web Browser (iCloud)

You can also track an iPhone from your web browser if you have its iCloud credentials. To do this, access the iCloud in a web browser, and navigate to the Find My iPhone feature. That way, you can track the iPhone free of charge.

This option allows you to track the iPhone by phone number on Google Maps. Thus, you can find your lost iPhone and lock it, erase it, or play a sound to help you detect it.

How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online with GEOfinder.Mobi

GEOfinder.Mobi enables you to track iPhone by number anywhere globally. To do this, visit the GEOfinder.Mobi official website and enter the device’s phone number. The website will take you to a page with limited location and device information. Also, the service encrypts the data, and you have to create an account to proceed.

Once you’ve set up an account and paid for the service, you can access it by logging in from the official GEOfinder website. Here, you can find the geolocation of any device on the map using its phone number.

Like uMobix, this service lets you find someone’s location without revealing your identity. It enables you to GPS track an iPhone by showing its real-time location and a history of its recent locations.


Is it illegal to track someone’s phone without them knowing?

The legality of tracking someone’s phone without them knowing depends on the intentions. For instance, law enforcement agencies use cell phone tracking technologies, including the device’s IMEI number, to locate and arrest criminals. Parents use phone tracker apps to ensure the safety of their children by monitoring their whereabouts and interactions via the devices. An individual can use a spy app to track phone when lost or stolen. However, criminals can also use these technologies to track device users’ locations or gather information for their criminal activities. Thus, the legality of locating a person’s phone depends on the case.

How to track my boyfriend’s location by phone number for free?

You can track your boyfriend’s whereabouts by phone number using Find My iPhone. However, this option requires the iCloud credentials of your boyfriend’s iPhone. Alternatively, use an online service like GEOfinderMobi or uMobix to track your boyfriend’s location by entering their phone number. However, these options come with a subscription fee.

How to stop my iPhone from tracking my location and manage each app’s location-tracking?

You can stop an iPhone from tracking your location and manage each iPhone app to ensure that nobody uses it to trace you. Navigate to the device settings, privacy, and then location services. Go to System Services to check the apps that may track your device’s location. Toggle off these items or apps to stop them from tracking your location.

How do I find a lost iPhone?

Using the Find My Device service, you can find a lost, misplaced, or stolen iPhone. Sign in to the Find My app using your other Apple device to do this. If you don’t see your iPhone in the list, the thief has turned the Find My app off. But if the thief hasn’t done this, you can find your iPhone. Thus, this app allows you to find your stolen or lost iPhone. If it doesn’t work, you can share the device’s IMEI number with law enforcers to help you track the iPhone with GPS and other technologies.

Summing Up

Your iPhone is a fundamental instrument in your daily life. It has your emails, personal data, and media files like photos and videos. However, it can also expose your kids to criminals if they don’t use it appropriately. Luckily, you can use the methods discussed in this article to track iPhone by number and monitor your kid’s activity on the device.  

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