Johnny Joey Jones Ex Wife

Meg Garrison

The ex-wife of Johnny Joey Jones is Meg Garrison. Meg is the director of the Boot Campaign, a nonprofit organization in Dallas that is platinum rated and endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. She is the granddaughter of World War II veteran Lloyd Keith and daughter of Lieutenant Allan Garrison. Her parents and siblings are not known. There are no other details on Meg’s background.

Private Relationship 

Despite her relationship with Johnny Joey Jones, the actor and broadcaster has kept her past relationships private. While she had a child with her first husband, Joey has kept this relationship private. Her identity is not public knowledge and the former Fox News anchor has declined to comment on her past relationships. She met Jones when they were both in high school. They eventually got together, but their relationship did not proceed after Jones was injured in Afghanistan.


The couple met in 2003 and began dating. They separated after a few years of dating. They later reunited in Washington. They have three children in total. The oldest, Joey’s son, lives with his ex-wife. Meg has another child with another man. In addition to their two sons, Jones has three daughters from a previous marriage. In addition to their son, the couple has two other children together.


In addition to being an American, Johnny Jones was born to an African American family. He attended Southeast Whitfield High School in Georgia and went on to Georgetown University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. His father is a brick mason and he spent his childhood working with him. After graduating from high school, he began college and graduated from Georgetown University in 2012. He also has a brother named Nick.

No Public Comments 

Johnny Joey Jones is married to Meg Garrison. They have two children together, a daughter and a stepson from his first marriage. Meg Garrison has a Facebook and Instagram account, but she has not publicly revealed her previous relationships. She does not want to share details about her personal life with the public. The actor is not publicly commenting on his ex-wife. The former wife of Johnny Joey Jones has yet to reveal her identity.


Meg Garrison is the programs director for the Boot Campaign, a nonprofit organization in Texas. She is the stepmother of Johnny’s stepson, Lloyd Keith. She met the actor in 2003 at Southeast High School in Dalton, Georgia. However, there is no evidence that Meg is the mother of her children. Meg and Johnny are no longer married. They divorced in 2013.


The former staff sergeant’s wife, Meg Garrison Jones, is a program director at the Boot Campaign. She works on the organization’s marketing campaign. Currently, she is the chief operating officer of the organization and the program director of the proud American podcast. Johnny Joey Jones’ ex wife is a program director at the Boot Campaign and is known for criticizing the military on Fox News.

Early Marriage

Meg Jones is a military veteran. She had an earlier marriage to an Air Force officer. Jones has a daughter with Meg and a son from his previous marriage. Jones joined FOX News Media in 2019. His job includes military analysis across all of the company’s platforms. He also hosts the “FOX Nation Outdoors” show on the digital streaming service FOX Nation. He also hosts the “Proud American” podcast.


Jones is a decorated veteran and served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years. While there, he suffered a severe leg injury. While there, he was sent to Afghanistan to help with humanitarian relief efforts. He was wounded in an explosion and was forced to undergo surgery. The operation helped him heal and returned him to civilian life. However, this was not an easy journey. It has not been easy for him and his family to deal with the devastation caused by his military service.

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