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There is no official word on Rick Ness’s wife, but fans are sure to be wondering what she looks like. Leese Marie is an actress, but is she really his wife? The actors have been dating for several years, but no children have been confirmed as of yet. The couple has shared many photos on social media together. There is no official word on whether or not they are married, but Leese has an Instagram account that fans can follow.

Dating for Long-term term

While there have been rumors about Ness’s girlfriend, there have been no official confirmations. The reality star is currently dating Leese Marie, who he met on the show “Gold Rush.” Ness and Leese have been dating for a few years and announced their relationship on social media. They have been friends for quite some time before making their relationship public, but it has been rumored that they are dating for the long-term.

No Official Statement

Ness and Leese have been dating for a long time. During their first few months of dating, Ness and Leese Marie did not let their relationship be public. But in the following years, they have been in a relationship. The couple has a dog named Ruby and live in Milwaukee. They also love to go off-roading and hike. However, they have yet to officially announce their relationship.

Leese is husband’s Right hand

Despite their lack of public relationship, the two are close. Leese is the right-hand woman of Rick Ness. She is a gold room operator on his team and a survival expert. Rick’s wife, Jen, has a similar account under the name ‘thebigrickness’ and has over 31k followers. Despite her absence from social media, she shares pictures of herself with her son.

Facts about Leese

Leese Marie is an American with Caucasian ethnicity. She is a former co-star of the television show ‘Gold Rush’. According to her Instagram bio, she was married to Rick Ness’ twin brother. While there is no official information about her husband’s current relationship, her alleged past has sparked speculation. There is also a lot of speculation about her age and occupation. She was born on October 25th, so she is a Scorpio.

Are They Still Married

Rick Ness’ relationships are complicated. His first wife, Jen, is no longer married, but he was romantically involved with Karla Ann. The couple was first introduced on the Discovery series Gold Rush, and they have been together since the show’s second season. He has also been married to Leese Marie since 2021. The couple are now living together. There are no reports on whether or not the couple is still married.

Shared Pictures 

While the details of his relationship are scarce, there are a few clues that could lead to the truth. The first clue may be Ness’ Facebook profile, in which he posts a picture of himself with Leese Marie. In July, the couple was seen with an off-road buggy. They also have shared pictures of their off-road activities on Facebook. Although Leese Marie isn’t a member of social media, she has been seen with her husband on the internet a number of times, and is an active contributor on the site.

Another Clue 

Another clue is the name of his ex-wife, Jen Ness. The show has never revealed the identity of his wife, but the actress is his twin sister. She is a relatively young woman, probably between 30 and 40. While her date of birth is unknown, the actress was recently featured on Rick’s Facebook page. “Hey, Maria, thanks for joining our Yukon adventure!”

Started From Gold Rush

As for his current girlfriend, Leese Marie has been spotted with the gold rush actor. The couple was first seen dating in Season 9 of the hit show. Their age was not revealed in public, but they have been dating for almost a year. The pair are expected to appear together during the next season of Gold Rush, which premieres on Discovery+ on October 25. This news is not surprising as Ness has been a popular reality star for many years.


Although Ness has not disclosed his current relationship, he has been dating Leese Marie for some time. Their relationship was quiet during the early stages, and the two did not openly discuss it. However, in the year 2020, they announced their relationship. So, the couple might be married in the future. The rumors are based on speculation, but he has not confirmed it. So, it’s best to stay away from rumors about his wife.

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