Lola Flora and Cardo

Their Relationship 

Cardo’s temper and Lola Flora’s calm nature help him to get through tough times. During the opening of Flora’s Garden, Lola Flora thanked Cardo for everything and only asked for one thing: to come home alive. This request was kept faithfully. Both grew to love one another. Lola Flora also visited Cardo in prison, bringing him food and making sure he was treated right.

Talented Characters

Several of the series’ supporting characters also played significant roles. The characters were all very complex, ranging from charming and likable to pathetic and overbearing. Nevertheless, Lola Flora and Cardo are both rooted in the heart of the community, and their relationship has evolved into something more than just a friendship. The actors playing these characters are talented and will make viewers feel as if they are living in real life.

It’s Seasons

During Season 4, Lola Flora’s Garden was nearly ready to open, and Lily and the President were invited to see it. Gina and Bart were jealous of the two new women, and both were planning to hurt Cardo and his family. However, in Season 7, Lola Flora and Cardo were able to save President Oscar Hidalgo, which was one of the highlights of the series.

Murder of Cardo

However, Delfin, the old friend, appears to be linked to Renato (John Arcilla). He threatened Flora with death if she didn’t follow him. Armand, however, is much more cunning and has a plan of killing Cardo slowly with kindness until he owes him money. In the end, Armando is only interested in a large bounty on Cardo’s head.

Lola’s Twin Brother 

Lola Flora Borja-de Leon, a major figure in Probinsyano, is the sole provider for Cardo Dalisay and his twin brother, Gina Magtanggol. As a result, their relationship is unstable. The twins were estranged as children, but they eventually reunited and began to fall in love with each other. Lola Flora’s twin brother, Cardo, was a victim of abuse when he was young, and Cardo blamed his death on Lola Flora.

Oscar Saved Everyone 

As the story progressed, Task Force Agila moved to Vigan, the capital of Luzon. After killing Enrique Vera and Audrey, Cardo and his team moved north to find a new hiding place. They were eventually stopped by Renato, but not before Oscar saved the day. Cardo and his team were saved by Oscar. While Lily and Oscar remained on good terms, the repression in the Philippines continued.

Controversial Relationship 

Lola Flora was a former member of the SexBomb Ladies. She rose to fame after performing on the show. She later went on to become a solo artist and formed her own band. Cardo Dalisay is a controversial figure with a wild career. He later retired from showbiz after a scandal. The couple’s relationship has been one of the most intriguing in the Philippines.

Beloved Couple

The characters’ resiliency helped them survive the traumatic experience. Their courage and compassion helped them overcome their past and move forward to success. The story continues in an exciting way, as the characters learn to trust one another, and even get a chance to bond. Lola Flora and Cardo are one of the most beloved couples in the Philippines. It is a romantic and heartwarming tale about two couples with strong bonds.

Lola Flora Struggles

In Probinsyano, Lola Flora was born July 28, 1941, in the Jesus Purification Levy Sonora. She is the breadwinner of Ricardo Dalisay and Delfin Santillan. Despite her advanced age, she was still fighting for the planet. In fact, Lola Flora reintroduced Gina Magtanggol, the incarcerated daughter of her former lover, Ann Cortez. The story continues to be very popular with audiences.


While both are adopted by their mothers, they have identical twin brothers. Cardo is raised by Lola Flora, and the two are raised by Lola Flora and her sister Carmen. They study at the Philippine National Police Academy along with Joaquin Tuazon. After Cardo learns about Carmen’s pregnancy, he marries Carmen de Leon and the two become parents to two children. Lola Flora dies and her grandchildren are left with a new family.

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