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Julie Cristie Neal Net Worth

How much money does Julie-Cristie Neal have?

If the Steel Buddies on DMAX are really cool and the series is great to watch, Julie Cristie Neal deserves at least as much part of the success. Michael Manousakis does a really good job with his steel buddies, but to be honest – Julie crowns one or the other episode of the series. The estimated net worth of Julie Cristie Neal is 200,000 euros.

Family, education and career:
The exact year of birth of the 41-year-old American is not known, but she is supposed to celebrate her birthday on December 12th. Her full name is Julie Cristiebaron Neal
She is based in Crossville, Texas and lives with her husband Ron Neal and their children.
She has her own import and export company called US Exporters LLC, which specializes in heavy or large shipments.
She has been working with Morlock Motors since 2016.

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Julie & the Steel Buddies

The beautiful American has been organizing Morlock Motors’ export business in the USA for four years. She is the head of US Exporters, LLC and manages all orders – from small to large – with flying colors. Always a smile on your face, that’s Julie Cristie Neal! The young woman enchants not only the customers but also the viewers at home in front of the television. Julie Cristie naturally attracts all eyes on Steel Buddies – Stahlharte shops on himself.

The likable Steel Buddies woman is more than up to the men – she wraps them around her fingers. A lot of swear words come out of her lips, accompanied by a smile, nobody takes offense. Even with her relaxed manner, she knows how to assert herself with the Steel Buddies. In the meantime, she has also brought some merchandise onto the market, such as clothing, which she naturally also exports to Germany and sells in this country. You can buy shirts, hoodies, caps and overalls in the Steel Buddies fan shop. This of course also fills the Steel Buddies’ coffers further.

Julie Cristie Neal

Steel Buddy: History, Mythology, and Play

When the kids start talking about the Blue Man Group, a reference to a well known TV show that draws in an enormous number of viewers, you may have begun thinking about joining the ranks of Steel Buddy followers. The show is not very young, but it has garnered a decent amount of notoriety because of the popularity it enjoys among young adults and teens. If you are wondering how this particular team came to be, the answer lies with Michael Manousakis and his son Cole Manousak, who created the group and continue to help keep it alive today. These two men have always had strong interests in the military and even though they never planned on starting a company promoting soldiers and their traditions, the two decided that it would be fun to create a friendly rivalry between the United States and Germany.

There are many more military fans like Michael Manousakis and his son Cole Manousak, which is why Steel Buddies are so popular. They are not only have active and retired officers in the army, but also military enthusiasts who have never joined the army but have a special complex for the army. They always pay attention to the national defense construction of the country’s development and the latest developments of military construction in various countries in the world. They are loyal fans of military-themed film and television dramas, pictures, military models, and military memorial gifts, especially challenge coins. They often design many custom challenge coins related to military weapons, culture, or other military-themed for collection or exchange.


They came up with the name Steel Buddy when Manousakis saw German soldiers wearing insignia on their chest with the letters HMR crossed over them. This was soon to change as the tension between both nations heated up so the team thought it would be a great idea to get this popular symbol adopted as a trademark for a game that could be played between countries. Naturally, this lead to many teams being created across Europe with varying names but very similar themes to the original concept of forming a friendly rivalry. This became the foundation for what is now known as Steel Buddy.


In addition to using metal to create the game, Steel Buddy includes all of the necessary components needed to play. Each player is provided with a plastic army-style base, six figures that are each painted and one die face that can be customized with a voice and special phrases. Since each figure also comes with its own weapon, players can form their own friendships by selecting the best soldiers to fight against their opponents. Players can also construct their own headquarters with the included buildings and furnishings or select from the pre-made ones that can be purchased alongside the game. This unique blend of strategy, history, and play means Steel Buddies is the perfect game for children ages three and up as well as those who want to become involved in military action-fighting or civil conflict.

Julie Cristie Neal

Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about her private life, no date of birth and anything like that. However, you can follow Julie on Instagram, she takes great care of her account. There she also posts a lot that she experiences together with the Steel Buddies. Julie-Cristie already has many fans through her work for Morlock Motors. And of course, the Steel Buddies also benefit from Julie using the social media channels, because the buddies can be in touch with the fans and let them participate in their activities.

We are convinced that as the number of fans continues to grow and awareness increases, we will also get more and more information about the beautiful American. Until then we can continue to follow Steel Buddies on DMAX. Also, subscribe to Julie’s Instagram account and learn so much about Julie-Cristie Neal. By the way: The Steel Buddies are now enjoying such great popularity that their program is also being broadcast in large parts of Asia, including Russia and Japan. The series was dubbed for this.

Interesting facts :

  • She took 27th place in an MS Health and Fitness competition.
  • Won on a TV show called E! Entertainment the main prize. She was flown to Los Angeles to take part in an interview with “Arrested Development” star Tony Hale and Ryan Seacrest, with Ryan Seacrest leaving her to conduct the interview. When asked how she felt about this action, she responded by saying that Ryan and Tony had made it extremely easy for her and that it felt like talking to her brother and her best friend. She also mentioned that she was nervous but not afraid and that she had fulfilled a dream and that she also felt comfortable on the red carpet.
  • She has a pilot’s license and also owns an aircraft, a Cessna M337B. Regarding the feelings when flying, she says “as soon as the wheels leave the ground something changes in you and she loves this feeling.
  • In 2018 she was a team member of the Mohawk Air Show Team. She helped pilot Joe Masessa buy a Grumman OV-1 Mohawk. With your help, all the names of the prisoners of war and the missing soldiers who never returned from Vietnam were plotted on this. In the event that a prisoner of war or a missing soldier is found, the pilot will place a flag next to the name.
  • Also owns a horse named Tucker, which she thinks is the funnest horse in the world.
  • Attended the 2020 International Womens Build Week.
  • During the social distancing, a live feed was actually planned with Morlock Motors. For technical reasons it didn’t work and she made the most of the situation and passed the time with her Humvee and target practice, among other things.
  • After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, she received a misdirected message asking how she was doing. When asked, she was told that the message was intended for an acquaintance of a friend. She took her heart and looked for help within the community in Crossville and within a few days almost 1 tonne of relief supplies came together. These were then shipped to and distributed from Montgomery County, Texas.


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