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Who is Kabir Bedi: Biography, Age, Wives, Children, Suicidal Son, Instagram and Gf VIP

Kabir Bedi is a well-known actor of Indian descent, aged 75. Noted for playing Sandokan in the most successful and well-known Italian TV series of the 70s, Kabir Bedi is preparing to enter the house of GF Vip 6, conducted by Alfonso Signorini, with commentators Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli.

Who is Kabir Bedi?

  • First name: Kabir Bedi
  • Age: 75 years old
  • Datto of birth: January 16, 1946
  • Birth place: Lahore (Pakistan)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Profession: Actor, author and television personality
  • Weight: 74 Kg
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ikabirbedi
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Kabir Bedi was born in India, in Lehore, on January 16, 1946. The actor’s father was a Sikh philosopher and writer (monotheistic religion typical of Indian peoples) and his mother, sharing an open and tolerant vision of life especially towards other religions, converted to Buddhism. Kabir decides to study philosophy at the University of New Delhi, and later, at the age of 30, he was immediately noticed by the Italian director Sergio Sollima. Kabir Bedi is chosen to play Sandokan (The Tiger of Malaysia) and gains great notoriety especially in Italy, where his talent and beauty are widely appreciated. In a very short time, Kabir Bedi became a well-known face in the international arena, appearing in at least 60 Bollywood films and various European productions. Kabir Bedi has been married 4 times and has 3 children, one of whom passed away in 1997. For Italy Kabir Bedi is the timeless Sandokan but, soon he will be one of the competitors of the Grande Frtaello Vip 2021.

Kabir’s career

Kabir Bedi graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Delhi and later devoted himself to acting. The Italian director Sergio Sollima is fascinated by him and chooses him for interpret Sandokan, a well-known pirate and adventurer born from the pen of Emilio Salgari. Thanks to the role in the Italian script, Kabir Bedi becomes a real star in Italy and also conquers Bollywood, along with several European countries. We see it in at least 60 Bollywood films and as many European and non-European television works. To name a few:

  • General Hospital – 1983
  • Dynasty – 1982/1986
  • Murder, she wrote – 1988
  • Beautiful – 1994/2005
  • The return of Sandokan – 1996
  • A doctor in the family -2007

Wife and ex-wives

Kabir Bedi got married 4 times. With great charm and a passion for women, Kabir Bedi got married for first time in 1968 with Protima Gupta, Indian model and dancer, from whom had two children: Pooja and Siddhart (who committed suicide in 1997). The marriage does not last long, a little for couple problems and a little for the parallel story that Kabir Bedi undertook with actress Parveen Babi.

Kabir and Protima divorced in 1973. After 6 years, Kabir Bedi remarried in 1979, with Susan Humphreys, a British fashion designer. The two they have a son, Adam Bedi (1981), internationally renowned model and actor.

Kabir Bedi is getting married for the third time with Nikki Vijaykar, TV and radio host, 20 years younger than the actor. This marriage in particular lasts very little and in 2006 Kabir begins a relationship with the Indian researcher Parveen Dusanj. The two get married on January 15, 2016 and are still together today.


Kabir Bedi had a total of 3 children. The first 2, born from the first marriage with Protima Gupta, are:

  • Pooja Bedi (1970) actress, television personality and editor, well known in India
  • Siddhart Bedi (1972) computer science student, committed suicide in 1997 in California

The Kabir Bedi’s youngest son is model and actor Adam Bedi, born in 1981. Adam is a well-known face in film and television and has been married since 2015 to Melissa Anne Murphy, also an actress. The couple live in California and often travel to India for work.

Son committed suicide

In 1997, at the age of 25, Kabir Bedi’s second son, Siddhart Bedi, takes his own life after a long period of depression. After diagnosis of schizophrenia the young man tragically took his own life in California in July 1997, when he was about to graduate in computer science. Regarding the tragic event, Kabir Bedi himself declared:

There is no greater pain for a parent than losing a child. The best moment I remember is when he graduated … after a few months he changed. We first thought about depression, then we realized it was schizophrenia. During those episodes he wasn’t my son, he was another person

Kabir Bedi at Big Brother VIP 2021

Kabir Bedi officially enters the house of GF VIP 6, on a date yet to be defined. The Sandokan actor has already participated in an Italian reality show, in 2004, he was a competitor of L’Isola dei Famosi. Kabir Bedi will be at home with: Federica Calemme, Alessandro Basciano, Eva Grimaldi, Nathaly Caldonazzo, Ferdinando Giordano, Giacomo Urtis, Valeria Marini, Biagio D’Anelli (entered November 29), Maria Monsé and Patrizia Pellegrino (entered November 22) Sophie Codegoni, Katia Ricciarelli, Soleil Sorge, Andrea Casalino, Amedeo Goria, Samy Youssef, Tommaso Eletti, Carmen Russo, Raffaella Fico, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Aldo Montano, Alex Belli, Miriana Trevisan, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri, Francesca Cipriani, Ainett Stephens , Manila Nazzaro, Nicola Pisu, The Ethiopian Princesses: Lucrezia Hailè, Clarissa Hailè and Jessica Hailè.

Kabir Bedi enters the Big Brother VIP house on Monday 3 January 2021: in the episode preceding his entry he connected with Katia Ricciarelli and Giucas Casella to announce his arrival amidst jokes and memories.

Kabir Bedi Instagram

With a following of almost 27,000 followers, Kabir Bedi’s instagram profile is very active. The actor posts his career updates, but also past memories or events in which he participates. The latest posts are about the release of his book: Stories I Must Tell.

Kabir Bedi Insta

Curiosities about Kabir Bedi

  • He received the honor of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic;
  • revealed that her secret to staying fit is eating a mixture of coconut oil, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper and honey every morning;
  • the actor is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, an arts association of internationals and especially Indians;
  • has already made itself known at the Isola dei Famosi in 2004, showing great charisma and goodness of mind;
  • on the occasion of the release of his book, Stories I Must Tell, Kabir Bedi was a guest of Caterina Balivo on the program Come to me;
  • Kabir Bedi is an honorary citizen of Caggiano, a town in the province of Salerno, the municipality of Caggiano, in fact, is one of the few Italian municipalities that has been able to create a ideal bridge with the world and Indian culture, of which the actor Bedi is a symbol.

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