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Loredana Zefi: fortune of the rapper

How much money does Loredana Zefi have?

Loredana, bourgeois Loridana Aliu Zefi, only started her career as a rapper in 2018. Nevertheless, she can already boast five number 1 hits in the German charts. Her album “King Lori”, released in 2019, also sold excellently. The Kosovar musician has more than two million followers on Instagram. In 2019, however, it hit the headlines for a fraud incident. The cherished Loredana net worth is 2 million euros.

The merit of Loredana

Merit of Loredana
Loredana generates the greatest income through streams and sales of her album “King Lori” and her other songs. Many of their singles sold at least 200,000 copies. With a total of over 350 million streams, she is the most successful artist in Germany on Spotify. According to estimates, with these numbers she has earned more than half a million euros only through Spotify. In addition, there is the income that the rapper’s music generates on other platforms such as Deezer and Apple Music. Alone on YouTube generates Loredana a monthly income of 50,000 euros. Loredana also earns money with live performances, as well as with clicks on YouTube and sponsored posts on Instagram, where she has more than two million followers.

Shooting star on Instagram

Loredana Zefi’s parents – the rapper’s maiden name – come from Kosovo. They have ten children, Loredana is the youngest. After the ninth grade, she left school and then began a commercial apprenticeship. She also started one Instagram channel on which she has regularly published lip sync videos since 2017. Her partner at the time, Gramoz Aliu, who was already well known in his native Kosovo under the stage name Mozzik, helped her. In addition, Loredana posted selfies on Instagram, thus generating increasing numbers of followers.

Success with the first songs

Income from Loredana
In June 2018 Loredana also started a channel on YouTube, on which she wrote her song “Sunglasses” along with a music video published. The video was viewed around 13 million times within two weeks. As a single, the song was sold more than 200,000 times and rose to 13th place in the charts in Switzerland, twelfth in Germany and eighth in Austria. With Mozzik, Loredana released the song “Bonnie & Clyde” in September 2018, which had sales figures similar to its predecessor and reached the top 3 in the Swiss and German charts.

Number 1 hits in the series

After further single releases, Loredana’s debut album “King Lori” was released in September 2019. It landed at number 2 in Switzerland and number 3 in the sales lists in Germany. It included the song No plan, which became the rapper’s first number 1 song in Germany. With Not a word (with juju), fear, You are mine (with Zuna) and Not deserved (with Capital Bra) from January to April 2020, four singles reached the top of the German charts, in which Loredana was involved. But also Not hungry (feat. Ufo361) stormed the charts, as did Loredana’s other songs. With Not a word Loredana and co-interpreter Juju also achieved a record: the song was streamed around 2.06 million times on the day it was released – more often than any other song by female artists in Germany within the first 24 hours.

Allegations of fraud and concert cancellations

Fortune of Loredana
In May 2019 Loredana was arrested on suspicion of cheating on an elderly couple out of around 550,000 euros. The rapper then canceled all festival appearances in German-speaking countries for which she was booked in 2019. Nevertheless, she completed a Balkan club tour in the summer of 2019. In October 2020, the public prosecutor announced that the proceedings against the musician had been discontinued because the plaintiff and the accused had collided settled out of court had. Accordingly, Loredana paid the couple back the entire sum of money.

In March 2020 Loredana wanted to go on tour through Germany, Switzerland and Austria. After the first concert the Tour postponed to 2021 due to the corona pandemic will.

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