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We found out that Lori Harvey net worth has about $43 million. Lori Harvey has a lot of money mainly because she did well as an American model and entrepreneur.

Lori Harvey got arrested in 2019 when she crashed her car into something and didn’t stay at the scene. She got a citation for breaking a rule. She has been a model for companies like LA Models and Select Model Management.

Lori Harvey Early Life

Lori Harvey was born in a city called Memphis in the state of Tennessee on January 13, 1997. She grew up living in both Chicago and Atlanta. She and her siblings were taught at home by their mother. Lori stopped going to school in 7th grade, Even though her stepfather Steve Harvey is famous, her parents wanted to keep their family away from public attention.

Lori’s mom, Marjorie Harvey, a famous fashion expert, blogger, and social media star, met Steve in Memphis. After splitting up with Lori’s real dad, Donnell Woods, Marjorie got married to Steve Harvey in 2007. Lori has different kinds of siblings, like her real brother Jason, her stepbrothers Brandi and Wynton Harvey, and her stepsisters Brandi and Karli.

Lori Harvey Net Worth

Lori Harvey Early Career

She became uninterested in school because writing was not a big part of it anymore. Eventually, she went back home to Atlanta and completed her studies by taking classes online. She began going to fashion shows in Paris with her mother when she was only 11 years old, and she became very passionate about the runway.

Lori’s mom used to work as a model for Dolce & Gabbana, and Lori said her mom’s collection of clothes was like living in a shopping mall. When she was 13, she began to get really interested in makeup and beauty. She would watch her mom getting ready for events and got more curious about it.

When Lori turned 20, she started working as a model for big fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana. She made it clear that she didn’t fit the typical standards of a model. During an interview, she expressed her gratitude for the chance to model for Dolce & Gabbana. Although she doesn’t believe she is suited for high-fashion runway modeling, they have asked her to come back multiple times.

Lori Harvey Modelling Career

Lori Harvey net worth started modeling in 2015. She signed a contract with LA Model Management agency in the US and Select Model Management in Europe. Lori Harvey started working as a model for famous fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana when she was 20 years old. She also appeared in commercials for companies like Valentino, Burberry, Michael Kors, and Pat McGrath’s Beauty Lab.

In 2019, Lori was in Normani’s Motivation’ music video, but she had a small part in it. She appeared on Instagram’s The Zine and Wonderland magazine covers. The following year, Lori Harvey created her own skincare brand named SKN by LH. She had a job with a company called Naked Wardrobe that sells clothes.

Harvey made a TikTok video where she talked about losing weight. She said she ate only 1200 calories per day before the Met Gala. The video got criticism from health experts who are concerned about the possible dangers of trying the diet discussed in it.One month later, it was said that Harvey had agreed to be a model for IMG Models and William Morris Endeavor (WME).

Lori Harvey Personal life

Lori Harvey Net Worth

It is rumored that Lori Harvey has been in romantic relationships with famous celebrities. Recently, TMZ reported that she is really dating rapper Sean Combs.People said that she and Lewis Hamilton (a driver in the F1 racing sport from Britain) were dating because they were together in a club. But they had been dating from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019, confirming their relationship with rapper Trey Songz.

Later, the couple caught the attention of the media and famous people when they were seen in pictures together. Justin Combs, who walked the runway with Lori at an event, also commented on their Instagram post. Rapper Future later joined the conversation too.

After some time, she started dating Dutch football player Memphis Depay. They got engaged in June 2017 but eventually broke up.

Lori Harvey Height and Weight

Lori Harvey, a famous model and fashion icon, is 165 cm tall, which equals 5 feet 5 inches. Her elegant appearance matches her captivating presence, allowing her to easily get attention whether she is on the fashion show stage or in front of the camera. Her tall and beautiful body has certainly helped her become successful in the fashion and modeling industry.

Lori keeps a good and balanced weight by leading a healthy lifestyle. Her weight of 110 pounds, which is about 50 kilograms, shows how dedicated she is to being healthy. This weight range is what is commonly expected for models in the fashion industry. A certain height and weight are needed to create the desired look for runway and photo shoots.

Lori Harvey Real Estate

Lori Harvey now happily owns a new home. She moved into a luxurious rented house in the beautiful area of Beverly Hills. Soon after, she went on Instagram to show her first gift for her followers. People say that Lori’s new home is really big and covers an area of more than 9500 square feet. The fancy house has seven bedrooms and almost twelve bathrooms, and it costs around $80,000 per month.

Lori Harvey Cars

Lori Harvey has a bunch of fancy cars, one of which is a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This luxurious car has fancy things like leather seats, big wheels, a huge roof, and other impressive features. It is worth around $330,000 and gives off an impression of being very luxurious.Also, Lori has a stylish Silver Mercedes Benz G Wagon, which she bought for approximately $148,977. Her fleet includes a Lamborghini Urus, which is known as one of the fastest SUVs you can find. It costs about $331,600.

Lori Harvey Nationality

Lori Harvey net worth is from America. This means that she strongly belongs to the American culture. Lori is the daughter of Steve Harvey, a famous American comedian and TV host. She has been raised in the world of American entertainment. She became very famous as a model, someone who influences fashion, and a popular person on social media. This has made her an important person in the American entertainment industry.


In summary, Lori Harvey is a well-known person in the modeling and business world. She became well-known because of her special skills and never giving up. She started modeling when she was really young and has gotten sponsorship deals with well-known companies like TRESemmé and NyQuil & DayQuil. In 2021, she started a skincare brand called SKN by LH and worked together with Nak*d Wardrobe to create a collection of clothes.

Although she has a successful career, it’s worth mentioning that she is the daughter of Steve Harvey, who is very wealthy with a net worth of $200 million. Lori Harvey is good at managing her own projects and the opportunities that come from her family’s success. This has helped her earn about $500,000 every year and shows how she constantly gets better and achieves more in her field.

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