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Michael Jordan could have that incredible amount of money by 2020

There is hardly a professional athlete who is as famous as Michael Jordan. Of course, this brought in a decent amount of money for the American, but this should increase even more rapidly in the next 5 years. Michael Jordan is not only considered by many sports fans to be the greatest basketball player of all time, but he is also the first athlete ever to be a Over $ 1 billion worth of assets could accumulate. Only his contract with the well-known sporting goods manufacturer Nike can help him $ 200 million annually by 2020 so that a rapid growth of his already huge fortune can be expected.

Michael Jordan Income
Michael Jordan’s total net worth is $ 1 billion right now, with much of his wealth deriving from being the main owner of a US NBA basketball team named Jordan Charlotte Hornets is. His 89.5 percent stake should be worth about $ 650 million right now. In addition to making money from Nike, the basketball superstar is also a shrewd investor and has grown his fortune even further with clever property purchases and sales. So the question arises of how much money Michael Jordan with his keen business acumen will still be able to amass by 2020.

Just through the success of his US basketball team, the Hornets, this could translate into an asset of up to $ 895 million for the NBA star over the next 5 years. After deducting all taxes, Nike alone is expected to generate $ 500 million in revenue by 2020. His personal wealth and further investments are expected to grow to a value of 600 million US dollars in the coming years. If you add these numbers up once, becomes Michael Jordan will be worth roughly $ 2 billion in 2020. Doubling your entire fortune in just 5 years is a feat that even a personality like Michael Jordan can achieve. Even so, the ex-basketball player catapults himself further into the superstar Olympus.

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