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Why Jackie Chan is the second highest paid actor in the world

Although Jackie Chan’s last big box office hit in the USA was around five years ago, the actor has in Made about $ 50 million last year and catapulted himself to the top of the A-League of Hollywood stars. But how can that be? The actor was only beaten by Robert Downey Jr., who earned even more than Chan in 2015. In the Forbes list of the 100 richest stars, Jackie Chan took 38th place and ended up right behind Tiger Woods. Although Jackie Chan is now 61 years old, he earns more money than seldom before.

Because in the meantime he has become a shrewd businessman who is making a lot of money not only in the USA, but above all in China. For example, there is the film “Dragon Blade,” which has not yet been released in the USA. In China alone, however, the flick grossed over $ 120 million, of which about 10 million flowed directly into the actor’s box office. Jackie is on other productions not only as an actor, but also as an investor appeared. So he can possibly hope for even greater income with his next strip called “Skiptrace”.

The Jackie Chan brand

Jackie Chan's fortune
In addition, Jackie Chan has made herself a very successful brand with her own hands. That means that there are tons of fan merchandise and consumer goods that are marketed under the name Jackie Chan. After all, Jackie Chan is probably one of the most famous Asian action stars after Bruce Lee and was able to make a lot of profit from his name. There is even a cinema chain named after the actor. While he doesn’t like to talk about it himself, Forbes reckons Jackie Chan’s fortune should now be worth at least $ 350 million. One of the co-founders of the New York Asian Film Festival even said of Chan that he was like a kind of Mickey Mouse for the Chinese – that’s how present the name Jackie Chan is there. In particular, the fact that Chan has close ties with the Chinese government helped a lot in his breakthrough in China. Otherwise his film successes there would not have been possible at all.

While Chinese cinemas continue to post incredible growth numbers, Jackie Chan is one of those who has benefited incredibly. The fact that the actor is repeatedly criticized for his closeness to the Chinese government doesn’t seem to bother him. After all, he is proud of his roots and can thus also help shape the future of China. Incidentally, Chan has recognized China’s potential. If there were more movie screens there in the future, a blockbuster could easily gross 500 million US dollars in just one weekend. As a co-owner of 37 cinemas, Jackie Chan is wonderfully prepared for the onslaught of the Chinese and will continue to earn tons of money in the future.

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