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Who is Naike Rivelli: Biography, Age, Son, Love, Boyfriend, Mother Ornella Muti and Instagram

Naike Rivelli is a 46-year-old Italian actress and singer, daughter of the famous actress Ornella Muti. Active in cinema, television and music since the nineties, she took part in Beijing Express 2015 (by Costantino Della Gherardesca) and to various television productions. Naike is Akash’s mother, 24, and recently posted photos of her new boyfriend: Roberto M.

Who is it Naike Rivelli?

  • Naike Rivelli
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Date of birth: October 10, 1974
  • Birth place: Munich
  • Profession: actress and singer
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 55 Kg
  • Tattoos: several, including a conspicuous snake on the left forearm
  • Official Instagram Profile: @naikerivelli
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @


Naike Rivelli was born on 10 October 1974 in Munich. The mother is the famous actress Ornella Muti, while his father, who was long thought to be Spanish film producer José Luis Bermúdez De Castro, it is still unknown. From a very young age, Naike followed in her mother’s footsteps making her debut in the film Bonnie and Clyde in the Italian style of 1983. During his adolescence, then, Naike embarked on a real film career, and at the age of 16 he acted in The journey of Captain Fracassa by Ettore Scola. She continues to act for Italian and foreign productions, and in 1999 we see her at the helm of Paperissima Sprint, alongside Raoul Cremona and Michele Foresta (Mago Forest). During his television activity, we see Naike both in TV and film productions, as well as in programs and reality shows. Take part in Antonella Clerici’s reality show, The restaurant (2004), ea Beijing Express (2015), by Costantino Della Gherardesca. Naike also pursues a career as a singer since 2010, with the name of Naiked. Akash’s mother has been married for nine months since 1996, in 2002, to the German actor Manou Lubowski, then revealing her bisexuality in 2010. At the moment she is busy with Roberto M., of whom almost nothing is known.


Naike Rivelli’s career starts very early, when the actress was just 8 years old. It will be divided between cinema, television and music.

Film career

Naike made his film debut in 1983, with Steno’s film, Bonnie and Clyde in the Italian style, and continues fluently until at least 2017. We see it in:

  • The journey of Captain Fracassa (1990), alongside his mother Ornella Muti, Massimo Troisi and Tosca D’Aquino;
  • The Unscarred (2000);
  • South Kensington (2001), with Enrico Brignano and Giampaolo Morelli;
  • Casanova (2005);
  • Open Graves (2009);
  • welcome to the South (2010), with Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Siani, Nunzia Schiano and Valentina Lodovini;
  • A scary night (2012), with Francesco Pannofino and Lillo;
  • Mom doesn’t want to (2016), with Giancarlo Giannini and Ninì Salerno;
  • Where I’ve never lived (2017), with Giulia Michelini and Valentina Cervi.

Television career

In the late nineties, in 1998, Naike made his television debut. We see it in the miniseries, of Italian-Franco-German production, The Count of Monte Cristo; together with her, her mother Ornella Muti, Sergio Rubini, Mattia Sbragia and Gérard Depardieu. In the field of television productions we see it in:

  • black Angel (1998), with Giuliana De Sio, Gabriel Garko, Lorenzo Flaherty and Massimo Ranieri;
  • Antonia – Between love and power (2001);
  • Jesus Video – The enigma of the Holy Sepulcher (2002).

Naike also takes part in programs and reality shows. In 1999 he leads, together with Michele Foresta and Raoul Cremona, Paperissima Sprint (which today sees Roberta Lanfranchi at the helm and Vittorio Brumotti in the summer). Take part in two reality shows:

Musical career

It is 2010 when Naike decides to make his entry into the world of music. With the name of Naiked he releases his first single, I Like Men, which are followed by:

  • N-Zoid (2011);
  • Queen of The Dancefloor (2013);
  • Defaillance (2014).

Releases only one album in 2011: Metamorphose Me.


With an open character and not at all shy, Naike on instagram, boasts 318 thousand followers, with whom he shares almost everything: the passion for sport, the love for his pig Kiara, projects and opinions.

Naike Insta

Private life

There is various information about Naike’s private life, who has a jovial and open character and has never escaped from the spotlight.


Naike is the eldest daughter of the famous actress Ornella Muti. Ornella got married twice: with Alessio Orano and with Federico Facchinetti. From the latter he had two children, Carolina and and Andrea, half-brothers of Naike.


Since childhood, Naike has dated the Spanish film producer José Luis Bermúdez De Castro, convinced that he was her father. After years of affection and dating, the two make a DNA test, aimed at confirming the relationship. Unfortunately the test does not confirms the relationship between the two. Naike still does not know the identity of the biological father.


In 1996, Naike gave birth to a son: Akash, the result of a brief relationship at the time with Christian Cetorelli, her former schoolmate. The relationship between the two does not last long, but they remain great friends.


There have been several loves of Naike Rivelli. After the father of son Aksh, Christian Cetorelli, Naike knows German actor and voice actor Manou Lubowski. In 2002 the two got married, but remained together for only 9 months, after which they separated, then divorced in 2008. In 2010 the actress comes out, declaring herself bisexual.

I like men a lot, but I also like women

In fact, the relationship with the former gieffina Syria De Fazio dates from the same period. After participating in Beijing Express 2015, Naike binds to Yari Carrisi, son of Albano and Romina Power, and brother of Jasmine Carrisi. The two conceive a child, who will never be born. The relationship with Yari also ends, and for some time Naike remains single.


In 2020, the actress who is very active on social networks, publishes several photos in the company of Roberto M, presenting him as a new partner (of him we only know the very private instagram profile) The two also went to Puglia to visit Ornella Muti, engaged in the production of a film with Raoul Bova and Serena Autieri.


Naike has several tattoos:

  • a bulky snake on the left forearm;
  • a tribal design on the nape of the neck, including a chain, two hearts and an inscription underneath I belong to man;
  • some Japanese ideograms and an abstract symbol on the right wrist;
  • a small abstract symbol on the right ankle;
  • a sol clef with wings at the bottom of the back.


  • In 2015 a Beijing Express, Naike participates paired with the half-brother Andrea Facchinetti, son of Ornella Muti and Federico Facchinetti;
  • took part in the video clip of the song Free (2001), by Renato Zero;
  • is a strong supporter of eco-sustainability;
  • she is Buddhist like her mother;
  • lives in the Piedmont countryside with his mother;
  • practice yoga daily;
  • he always called his father Federico Facchinetti, the father of his brothers (Carolina and Andrea);
  • on his instagram profile, Naike, he published a video message from Can Yaman dedicated to his nephew Alessandro;
  • has numerous animals, of which the favorite: the pig Kiara.

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