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Pamela Anderson: The fortune of the former Baywatch mermaid

How rich is Pamela Anderson?

The successful format “Baywatch” made Pamela Anderson a mega-star almost overnight around the globe. That was certainly also due to the luscious curves of the beautiful blonde, which looked particularly good in her tight swimsuit. Baywatch is cult, just like David Hasselhoff and Pamela will probably never get rid of the bathing mermaid image. The native Canadian, who now lives in the USA, has definitely made capital out of her look. After all, she is many millions of euros, from which her two sons should also benefit. Despite the millions, Pamela Anderson’s life has been anything but rosy at times. The cherished Pamela Anderson’s net worth is 11 million euros.

A turbulent love life

Pamela Anderson's Income
Equal she divorced three menwhere she even tied the knot with Rick Salomon twice without success. The first marriage was annulled and the second attempt was doomed to failure after only six months. In the spring of 2002 it was also announced that Pamela had hepatitis C. Then in May 2014, another headline followed that most people would not even wish for their worst enemies. In her childhood and youth, the model was not only once but repeatedly the victim of rape.

Pamela Anderson was in love again several times and was in steady hands. Her heart was, among other things, the football player who was 18 years her junior from 2018-2019 Adil Rami. During the final at the 2018 World Cup, Pamela Anderson was also among the spectators. Crossed fingers in the VIP box next to French President Emmanuel Macron. In 2020 Pam got married for the 5th time. Jon Peters, a wealthy film producer, has conquered her heart, which was already broken after 12 days of marriage.

Pamela Anderson and her commitment to animals

This is also the case with these difficult living conditions Baywatch beauty’s love for animals traced back. The animals helped her through some of the toughest times of her life and Pamela wanted to return the favor. That is why she has campaigned very publicly in the past for PETA, a global animal rights organization – and in some cases even stark naked. Pamela was a vegetarian even in her teenage years. Pamela Anderson has been vegan for a long time.

The most popular playmate ever

Pamela Anderson's fees
Nobody was on the that often Cover of the world famous men’s magazine Playboy, whose founder and icon, Hugh Hefner, has since passed away, can be seen as Pamela Anderson. She was given this honor 14 times. So far, no other Playmate can keep up with this. In the period from 1996 to 1999, the blonde was also able to secure one record after another in the Guinness Book of Records. In those calendar years, there was no other woman on the Internet who was mentioned as often as she.

Despite her great popularity around the world, Pamela does not take herself so seriously. After all, the following quote comes from the actress herself: “My breasts have had a brilliant career. I’ve just tagged along for the ride. ” In German this means something like: “My boobs have had a fabulous career – I just kept trotting along with them. “It was granted to her!

After all, Pamela Anderson uses her public platform, to do a lot of good. She also appears, for example, as Chair of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The man’s world, on the other hand, is likely to have given the beach beauty for one or two pleasurable hours. This woman has long been a man’s dream incarnate, even if evil tongues mean that aging is not good for her.

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