Places to Find Tutoring Clients

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the already-popular online education more famous. Many educators working in schools and universities are embracing online tutoring to make more money as a side gig or even a full-time career.

While online tutoring is a lucrative career option, not all tutors make a good amount of revenue. Why is it so? If you can’t find enough clients, your tutoring business cannot flourish. The hardest part of running a tutoring business is finding the right clients. Once you have got it right, it must be smooth sailing for your tutoring business.

So here are some of the most efficient ways you can get your tutoring clients.

Start small

The techniques used by educators to get their first client base are different from the ways they use to expand their already existing client base. The important thing is to begin small. Try out various channels to market your tutoring business. Tutors who have the budget for marketing activities will rush to try out paid advertising first.

While that is one of the important methods you need to adopt, don’t make the mistake of blindly giving paid ads a try. Before trying out paid advertising, plan your campaigns. In the plan, clearly define why you need to run ads and how much budget you can keep aside for it.

Spending money, no matter how small it is, without studying about your target audience and their interests. Learn about your target audience and identify what works for you before trying out paid advertising.

Use social media to its fullest capability

Social media is an excellent medium to find your clients. This not only includes your potential students but their parents too. Start by using some of the common social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., to suit your niche. Instead of using all the platforms at once, start with a few channels and then expand to other platforms.

When promoting your tutoring business on social media, the most important thing to add is your unique selling points or USP, the link to your tutoring website, and your contact information. If possible, give links to your online class’s booking page in your social media bio.

Spread the word among your community

Any tutoring business would get the first set of students mainly from referrals. Connect with your target audience on social platforms to expand your client base and let them know about your services. Talk with your friends, family, and even peers to pass your reference to people who would need it.

This method works great as most parents connect with their circle to get references to find good online tutors. If you already have a few past clients on your list, reconnect with them and invite them to sign up for your classes. Make sure you offer exclusive discounts and packages to keep them hooked on to your platform.

Share student reviews and testimonials

If you have taught a few students in the past, use it as a resource to bring in more students to your online classes. Ask for reviews and testimonials from your students so that your new students can know what to expect from your classes. Put your success stories on social platforms and mainly on your tutoring platform to promote your services.

Try out blogging

Blogging is an important tool that, unfortunately, not all tutors leverage. But if you adopt blogging, it can work wonders for your tutoring business.

Here is what you can do.

  • Write blogs about topics related to your subject area.
  • Each blog you write will have an impact on search engines.
  • Blogging gives you the ability to power your social media promotions.

However, blogging is a long-term strategy that requires much effort and hard work. Don’t expect it to bring in magical results if you aren’t ready to put in full effort.

Set up your online tutoring website

An online tutoring website is the first place your clients would search for your services. If you want to attract more clients, create a tutoring website and list your services and make it easier for them to book your classes. Use a tutoring software like Pinlearn which is a readymade script that comes with all advanced features like hosting live classes, selling online courses, managing users, revenue generation tools, payment process, and more.

List on Google Business profile

Business profile by Google is a simple-to-use tool that can be used by brands to list their services across the search engine. Google allows customers that are online tutoring to find more clients; make sure you claim your listing. Google’s business profile contains vital information about a tutoring business, including the contact information, business hours, etc.

The process is pretty simple if you don’t know how to get your potential students using Google’s business profile. To start, claim or add your tutoring business. Some basic steps like searching for your brand on the search engine and adding to using your Google account. You have to optimize and edit your business page. If you have a physical address, upload it along with the other contact information like email, phone number, website link, etc.

Find more learners through search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is underrated, especially among non-technical people. But SEO is the most critical aspect you have to consider if you want to get more clients. To get the basic SEO right, start by creating a list of relevant keywords. Ranking your keywords on search engines will also help tutors to compete with industry giants.

Use common offline marketing techniques

Even if you are tutoring online, make sure you adopt some of the common local marketing techniques. This includes connecting with local educational institutions in your locality. You can also join tutor networks where educators of different niches are active, like Facebook groups exclusive to online tutors.

Collaborating with students in your location for their referral programs will help you reach out to more students. The best approach to get potential students to join your tutoring sessions is to make an offer they cannot refuse. Give a free trial with more value or a few free classes so that your students will be willing to try out more if they are satisfied.


Earning an initial set of clients for your online tutoring services might take more time, effort, and hard work if you are beginning from scratch. To expand your client base fast and grow your tutoring business, offer a customized learning experience to your learners, starting with a demo class.


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