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Who is Roberta Termali Mother Andrea Zenga: Biography, Age, Career

Roberta Termali is an Italian journalist and TV presenter, mainly active in the 1980s as a host of sports magazines. Ex wife of the well-known goalkeeper Walter Zenga, has 4 children of whom she is very proud including Andrea Zenga and Nicolò Zenga.

Who is Roberta Termali?

  • First name: Roberta Termali
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Age: 56 years old
  • Date of birth: June 10, 1964
  • Birth place: Milan
  • Profession: TV host
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @roberta_termali_official
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Roberta Termali, was born on 10 June 1964 in Milan. Raised in Porta Romana, she graduated from linguistic high school and dreams of a career as a broker. Accompanying the models to the castings in search of fortune, it is luck that chooses her instead. A producer from Marsala, Carlo Tumbarello, is struck by its simple and clean beauty and opens the doors to success.

In 1982 he began his television career. It becomes very popular in a short time thanks to the participation of many sports programs, and collaborations with important names on the small screen such as: Fabio Fazio, Giorgio Faletti, Marco Columbro, Aldo Biscardi and Maurizio Mosca.

In 1987 he meets and falls in love with Walter Zenga, with whom he has two children: Nicolò And Andrew. The marriage ends in a stormy way, thanks to the career of her husband and the betrayal of the same.

Roberta, however, does not give up. He continues and works on television, albeit less constantly, and devotes himself to caring for the children. She gets married again, this time with an entrepreneur from the Marche region, Andrea Occoroni. He moves to the Marche, a region he loves and doesn’t want to leave. The second marriage also fails and Roberta decides to devote herself for 6 years to her only two loves: children and television.

In 2015 he knows Guglielmo Borgiani, to which she is still attached, and her dream of returning to the spotlight will come true this Friday, when she enters the home of the Big Brother Vip 2020.


Roberta starts her own very young, almost by chance television career. With no experience and no apprenticeship, in 1982 he made his debut on Winner and placed, a horse racing program on Network 4. Her career took off and led her to conduct more and more programs on various television networks and to collaborate with important names.

Leads Hunt for the thirteen on Rete 4, a column of football pools predictions; with Giorgio Faletti leads the 1987-1988 season of Cabaret for one night, at the same time replaces the announcer Gabriella Golia on Italy 1 for All Field, and for Channel 5 takes care of the transmission Study 5 with Marco Columbro.

In 1987 the ciurcuito was born Odeon TV and Roberta is chosen as the presenter of the program Come on Italy, which sees her collaborating with Fabio Fazio, and with her future husband Walter Zenga.

In 1991 he presents 90 ° Woman on Telelombardia, and after concluding the television experience with José Altafini, Here we play (other than sports-type television rotogravure), side by side Aldo Biscardi in the conduct of Biscardi’s trial; in those years he also held the role of valletta in the broadcast, presented by Maurizio Mosca, The Tuesday roll call.

Receives a call from Pippo Baudo who wants it as sent for Great variety, but she refuses: “I didn’t want my children to grow up with an absent mother”.

With the advent of 2000, Termali leaves national TV and is dedicated only to telesales on private channels, an activity that allows her to look after her 4 children.

She has never regretted her choice, but recently she stated that she wants to return to the spotlight, and that she would like to participate in the very successful program of Milly Carlucci: Dancing with the Stars.

In 2003, moreover, he is a candidate for administrative elections di Osimo, as a candidate in support of the pro Simoncini Civic Lists.


Roberta Termali has just over three thousand followers on her Instagram profile. Roberta loves to share moments of private life and relaxation with her followers both alone and with her wires and with her partner.

roberta termali instagram

Private life

Hugely popular figure of sports programs, Roberta Termali, after a two-month affair with the current coach of the Italian national football team, Roberto Mancini, falls in love, while running the program Come on Italy, of the then Inter goalkeeper Walter Zenga.

A prominent figure in football sport in those years, Zenga’s popularity and skill led him to conquer the nickname of “hang gliding”, coined for him by the great journalist Gianni Brera.

The two fall in love, and in 1989 their first child is born: Nicolò. Walter And Roberta they marry in 1992, in common, because he had already been married (with Elvira Carfagna, from the Marche region of San Benedetto). During the first year of marriage, the couple’s second child is born: Andrea Zenga, known for taking part in Temptation Island 2018 with the now ex-girlfriend Alessandra Sgolatra, and currently a competitor of the Big Brother Vip 2020. Recently the same Termali stated that Andrea has not spoken to his father for at least 12 years, but he did not want to specify the reasons.

The great love between the two ends in 1997, the year in which Walter Zenga has already started dating the actress Hoara Borselli, to which he will remain linked for 6 years.

La Termali does not renounce thelove. In the early 2000s he left Milan to follow the entrepreneur Andrea Occoroni in Osimo, Marche. From their union they are born Fabio (2002) and Francis (2004).

In 2009, however, this relationship also comes to an end and Roberta dedicates herself only to her children, until 2015, the year in which she meets and falls in love with a lawyer from Macerata: William Borgianthe. “I went six years without looking at a man “Declared the Termali”I was totally disheartened. He made me rediscover love, I felt esteem and respect“. He currently lives in Osimo with Gulgielmo, his children and his dog Leone.


  • In her youth the Termali was a passionate as well as a champion of rally;
  • In 2018, guest on the program, “come to me“, Led by Caterina Balivo, declares not to be bitter towards her ex-husband Walter Zenga, and makes a public appeal with the hope of reconciliation with the latter.



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