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Russian oil billionaire pays 1 billion euros for his son’s wedding

A Russian oil billionaire paid a lot for his son’s wedding. Because he has now spent almost 20 percent of his assets on this one-off major event. While Mikhail Gutsuriev is said to be worth a good 5.3 billion euros, his son’s wedding probably cost him around 1 billion euros. From the designer wedding dress to the celebrities who performed in honor of Mikhail Gutsuriev’s son and bride, every little detail was just right. A total of around 600 guests celebrated when the 28-year-old Said and the 20-year-old bride, who is studying dentistry in Moscow, tied the knot.

Probably the most expensive wedding in the world. On board: stars about stars

Sting, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias were among the top-class entertainers who performed in front of the newlyweds and their assembled guests on this special day. If the rumors that have spread in the Russian media are to be believed, then even Beyoncé and Elton John are said to have appeared in honor of the newly wed couple. However, this has not yet been confirmed. In addition to the live music, it was also the spectacular fireworks that left the wedding guests speechless. The bride’s dress, which had been specially flown in from Paris, was a real feast for the eyes. In fact, it was so full of sequins and sparkling stones that the bride supposedly needed help to move around in it at all.

From the flowers that hung from the ceiling to the 9-tier wedding cake that would have been worthy of a real princess, the billionaire father spared no expense or effort. The guests didn’t even have to worry about getting to the wedding location. Because a complete fleet of Rolls Royce was available for this. Anyone who could get hold of an invitation to this wedding was allowed to be there live at the social event of the year in Moscow. In any case, it is so common in the affluent population that business partners are invited to the wedding of their own children, which would explain the number of around 600 guests. Since Said Gutsuriev works for his father’s company anyway, he should hopefully have known many of the guests himself.

Here are moving pictures of the wedding

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