School contracts where to view them?

The new self service “Fixed-term school contracts” is available online on NoiPA, which allows school staff, with fixed-term contracts, to independently monitor their administrative and economic situation at any time.

Where can I find my contracts on online Instances?

You can access it by connecting to Instances Online and clicking on ‘Other services’; the TD contracts display item is the third last ‘Work relations to TD (short media, mat. ind. and IRC)’.

Where can I find my school contract?

Within the “Status” section (contract), the school administrator can view the progress of the payment flow of the contract: In process: the legal data are being entered or transmitted to NoiPA by the operator school.

How to view contracts on NoiPA?

If you are part of the short and occasional alternate staff, you can monitor the status of your installments using the “View school contracts” service, available in the reserved area of ​​the NoiPA portal, following the path Services> Salaries> View school contracts.

Where to view ATA open-ended school contracts?

To log in, you can use your credentials or the SPID user. Then you have to move from the main page to the salary section. Then click on school contracts view and then on payment order consultations.

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Where to see substitute contract?

“School Contracts” is the item present among the documents available in the reserved area of ​​the administrator, which allows you to view the summary of Inps contracts and payments made for substitute staff with a fixed-term contract.

What does receiving contract on NoiPA mean?

Hi Rita, the status “In receipt” indicates that your contract is being acquired by the NoiPA system.

How are Covid contracts paid?

For temporary alternates, therefore, in the event of illness, the job is to be kept up to a maximum of 30 days per year, with a salary of 50%. For absences due to illness for a period of more than 30 days, the employment contract automatically terminates.

How to see your INPS contract?

To be able to view this information online and independently, you must be registered on the website of the National Institute for Social Security and log in using the available methods: ordinary PIN or device, SPID or CNS.

Where can I find my employment contract?

To obtain a copy of the employment contract, you can contact the personnel department or directly your employer who is required to collaborate for this purpose by providing the required photocopy. The request can also be submitted to the employment consultant who follows the company itself.

How to view school severance pay?

In the Salary> Severance Pay section of the application you will find all the files sent, even if not yet paid, with the item ‘In processing’ or ‘In processing with the case number’, which indicates the payment of the installment.

How to see school payments?

The new “Payment Consultation” service is online on NoiPA, which allows you to view, in advance of the salary slip publication, the net amount relating to the last installment processed.

How to access the NoiPA self service?

  1. To access the Self-service services on the NoiPA Portal, each employee must be: – registered on the NoiPA Portal and – identified by a designated official. …
  2. Connect to the NoiPA Portal at and access the Reserved Area at the top right.

How do you know if you are hired?

The first way to check if you have been hired, in the absence of documentation, is to go to the employment center (the former employment office) in your area. The start of the employment relationship must in fact result from the professional registry card issued by the territorial employment center.

Where can i find my UniLav?

Who issues the UniLav and where to find it

The Unilav Form is available on the website of the Region or Autonomous Province of competence and where the employer where the employee must carry out his work is located.

How can I enter the INPS site?

Once in possession of your digital identity, you can use it without problems to enter the INPS site: to be able to do so, connected to the main page of the institution, select on the item Enter in MyINPS located at the top, click on the SPID tab and then on the Enter button with SPID.

How to see if I am hired online?

You can check if you have been regularly hired by also viewing your social security account statement, which you can access through the INPS web portal, through Spid (or through Inps Pin, national service card or electronic identity card).

How much does a Covid organic school employee earn?

All gross monthly amounts. Covid teacher contracts and ATA school year 2021/22: resources are being allocated to schools, in total over 400 million euros for 42 thousand additional personnel for the pandemic emergency.

When does a teacher’s salary arrive?

Therefore, depending on when the service was taken, numerous teachers and ATAs will be able to receive their salary regularly as early as September. The provisional date of the issue indicated so far is September 24th. In any case, the payments will be regularized in a short time.

What does the Covid staff do?

COVID staff replacement, how the teaching staff is employed. … 73/2021 has provided that the teaching staff is destined for the “recovery of learning, to be used according to the needs of educational institutions within their autonomy”.

What does paying NoiPA mean?

In charge of NoiPA for payment

For example, a prospectus that is in the status “in progress” indicates that the phase of insertion of the prospectus by the school secretariat has not yet been completed.

Who pays the severance pay for the school?

The reference institution for this type of treatment is INPS, which is responsible for paying the amount to which the worker is entitled. The law provides that the National Insurance Institute, once this 12-month period has passed, will have to pay the severance pay within the following 3 months.

How to recover PIN from NoiPA?

To receive the PIN again, you will need to contact the Employee Identification Manager (RID) at your workplace or contact the support channel which will resend the identification PIN.

How can I contact Rid NoiPA?

Where and how can I contact the RID? The role of the direct debit, which is assigned – as a rule – to an operator, varies according to the Administration and / or the sector to which the person belongs. It is therefore possible to contact the RID by contacting your competent office.

When does the pay slip arrive?

Salary, the October 2021 slip is on NoiPA. Friday 22 in the account. October slip visible on NoiPA for school staff. Salary due date on Friday 22 October, the usual date for permanent workers and alternates with a contract on 31 August or 30 June.

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