What is a mooring?

Mooring is the set of nautical operations that are carried out to make a boat firmly stationary in a given point on the coast; it is also the place where the vessel is kept still, as well as any accessory element used to stabilize its position.

What line to use for mooring?

The most used rope and of which I recommend its use, is the three-strand rope. It is a type of rope that resists both strong traction and abrasion, without neglecting elasticity. Other effective mooring lines are the square or all-round ones and the classic braided mooring lines.

What does it mean to dock the ship?

of ὅρμος «bay, place to anchor»] (I moor, etc.). – Secure a ship, or a boat in general, to a point of solid grip, arranging the means of restraint (anchors and chains; cables between ship and land, between ship and buoy, etc.)

Where does the ship dock?

Bitta is the nautical term used to indicate a low and sturdy column, which is found on the quays of the ports and on the decks of the boats, and to which the mooring cables are tied or wrapped.

What does English mooring mean?

The English mooring consists in offering, in favor of the quay, one of the two sides of the boat. The bow and stern mooring lines, all fixed on the quay, must be integrated with crosspieces to prevent the bow and stern from coming dangerously close to the ground.

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How to moor a bow boat?

Compared to the stern mooring, the maneuver to carry out the bow mooring is simpler: the sailboat is arranged perpendicular to the quay. the stern is out and is maintained by one / two post anchors, or by a dead body or a buoy.

How to get out of an English mooring?

  1. When the boat is still moored, place one or more fenders in the bow at the extreme point of the boat.
  2. Reposition the lines by freeing the stern one and creating a spring from the bow cleat to a cleat on the quay at the height of half the boat.

How do you dock a boat?

To moor the boat correctly, it is mandatory to have 2 mooring lines. These must measure at least 4 meters. The remaining length must be calculated as a function of the distance between the boat and the quay.

How do you say when the ship arrives at the port?

docking: further information in “Synonyms_e_Contrari” – Treccani.

Who drives the ship into port?

The pilot’s workplace is the command bridge of the ship. When the ship arrives in port, a boat, called a pilot boat, takes the pilot from the port to the ship, and, when the ship sails and has reached the open sea, from the ship to the port.

What is the name of where ships tie up?

Mooring is the set of nautical operations that are carried out to make a boat firmly stationary at a given point on the coast (generally the quay of a port); it is also the place where the vessel is kept still, as well as any accessory element used to stabilize its position.

What do you mean she had gone into raptures?

particular, in the locuz. to go into raptures, to go into ecstasy for great joy, or even to marvel strongly, to be amazed: Heard in the hymn … A dismay of distant exile, Which made me go into v.

How does the Trappa work?

The maneuver is identical to the previous one except that the person in charge of the anchor becomes the person in charge of the trapping. Once near the quay, this person, thanks to the boat hook, will pick up the line from the dock and bring it to the bow. Once there he will hoist the trappa aboard and stop it on the cleat.

How long do the mooring lines have to be?

Length of the tops. For temporary moorings, we recommend having at least a couple of 20-30 meter long lines on board and two shorter lines, approximately the length of the boat, which will allow us to moor safely in all conditions.

How to choose the diameter of the mooring lines?

To find out the diameter of the mooring line, all you have to do is convert the length of the boat into millimeters and add four. A 12m boat will therefore need at least a 16mm line.

What are the mooring lines called?

The mooring lines that hold the boat in the desired place have precise names: a) the bow barb (prodese) and the stern tail (poppese) which, on the quay, must be pinned to the ground respectively further forward and more aft way of the boat.

What is the name of the place equipped for docking, stopping and repairing ships?

[pòr-to] sm 1 Mirror of water repaired and equipped for mooring, parking, repairs of ships, loading and unloading of goods: p. maritime, river; extens.

What do you say when the sails open?

Alleggio or lectern Hole made in the central part of the boat hull. When this is in the sea it is closed by a cap, when it is dry it opens it to let any water that has entered out of it.

What is the name of the bathroom on a ship?

In fact, the marine toilet has always been considered a taboo subject, around which false myths and legends have been created, so much so that it is (in part rightly) considered one of the most dangerous and sinister equipment on board a boat.

How to moor safely?

The operations for a good mooring must begin even before entering the port, when it is necessary to secure the fenders to the railing with a spoken knot. Once in port, check the direction and intensity of the wind to understand how to position yourself to start maneuvers.

How to moor a dinghy on the quay?

To moor, the correct procedure is to arrive having already stopped a terminal of the line on its mooring point on board (cleat or eyebolt), having the other terminal ready in hand, the one that goes ashore.

How to moor with the wind?


The basic rules are always two: maneuver, where possible, in reverse because the stern part is the one on which the evolutionary effect and the action of the rudder act; always approach from the favored side of the evolutionary effect of our propeller.

How to leave the quay?

The best way to leave the dock is to set up one or more twisted pairs. The twisted pair consists in passing the cable that holds the boat to the dock inside a ring or around a bollard, bringing both ends back on board.

How to get out of a mooring?

The leeward mooring lines begin to be released both forward and aft. Then you let the stern mooring line spin a little upwind (about 3-4 meters), you engage the forward gear, approach with the rudder towards the wind and accelerating you will see the bow move slowly upwind.

How do you drive a boat with two engines?

A rather simple method is to position the stern to the wind, engage reverse and increase the engine revs. If the bow approaches to the right and your stern to the left, your propeller will be right-handed and you will immediately know that the most maneuverable side of your yacht will be the left.

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