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Sofia and Alessandro Temptation Island: Biographies, Ages, Bonfires and Are They Together Now?

Sofia and Alessandro (whose full names are Sofia Calesso and Alessandro Medici) I am one of the couples participating in Temptation Island 2020 with a age difference of 17 years. Thursday 2 July officially begins the eighth edition of one of the most loved reality shows by Italians, that is Temptation Island, again this year by Filippo Bisciglia, the historical presenter of the program, among the participants there are also Alessandro Medici and Sofia, the two, both from Perugia, they have been engaged for four and a half years and they hope that the island can revive their love life. The confrontation bonfire is staged in the second episode of the program after Sofia has said a few things to the Single Alex which infuriated Alexander.

Who are Alessandro and Sofia?

  • First name: Alessandro Medici And Sofia Gig
  • Date of birth: Alessandro was born on February 24, 1973, Sofia instead was born on November 23, 1990
  • Age: 47 years old Alessandro, Sofia is 30 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces Him, Sagittarius her
  • Profession: Alessandro is a butcher, Sofia is a housewife
  • Place of birth: Rome he, Perugia she
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: There are no tattoos on Alessandro’s body, Sofia instead has a tattoo written under her right shoulder but the meaning is not clear.
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Alessandro Medici

Alessandro Medici was born in Rome in 1973, has a sister named Emanuela and a brother named Gianluca. Alessandro has a marriage behind him (he is still on excellent terms with his ex as he declared during the program) and shares two children with her, one named Giulia and one named Christian. His motto on Facebook is “we are all useful and none indispensable”, a motto that surely helped Alessandro to form his determined character.

Alessandro participates in Temptation Island with his girlfriend Anna, but on Facebook we can see how his status is “single”.

Alessandro works in the family butcher’s shop “The King of Medici Meat” which is located exactly in Castel Del Piano in the province of Perugia. In addition to dealing with meat, his shop prepares cooked and raw foods.

Sofia Calesso

Sofia Calesso has two sons named Sami and Lorenzo aged 9 and 7. Sofia on Facebook defines them as her blue princes, the only “men” who have given her happiness. Sofia currently works as a housewife and being a divorced mother she certainly dedicates a lot of time to the growth of her children. On May 4, 2020 Sofia dedicates a romantic post to Alessandro on Facebook. The couple therefore did not appear to be in crisis this spring. Finally, Sofia is also a great lover of sushi!Carlo Siano, one of the Temptation Island singles follows her on Instagram.

Story of the couple

Alessandro and Sofia have been engaged for four and a half years. He, Alessandro Medici, works as a butcher and is separated, he has two children aged 20 and 24 named Giulia and Christian. She, Sofia, whose surname is Calesso, is a housewife with a marriage behind her and two children aged 9 and 7.

Alessandro is very attached to Sofia, in fact, in the presentation video she immediately declares that she has fallen in love with Sofia for her eyes, eyes that she defines “the most beautiful in the world“. In fact, their relationship has lasted for four and a half years, for a certain period their love story went very well, unfortunately, however, suddenly they had some back and forth. Alexander himself explained that during these periods of quarrel you continue, Sofia has been dating another man for about six months. From some rumors on social media, however, it seems that in these times of quarrel Sofia has come close to more than one man. On the other hand, it seems that Alexander also replied to Sofia with the same coin. Their relationship does not have the blessing of Alexander’s family, especially from his brother Gianluca who on social media did not miss the opportunity to express his opinion on the couple. As for Sofia instead, not much is known about her family but we know that the age difference between the two has never been a problem for her. What is certain is that he is 30 years old, in the video he explains that his relationship with Alessandro is “born a thousandbut later came the problems that led them to participate in Temptation Island.

Sofia and Alessandro Instagram

Why do they participate in Temptation Island?

The reasons that push Sofia and Alessando (whose surname is Medici) to participate in the reality show Temptation Island are many. Their relationship has lasted for four and a half years, after some back and forth however, Sofia has approached another man for about six months, this obviously hurt Alessandro’s feelings. From social media, however, it seems that Alessandro also attended, perhaps to make Sofia jealous other women in times of quarrel. Sofia hopes that temptation Island can be an opportunity to recover Alexander’s relationship, but this instead believes that the island of temptations is literally a last resort for his fiancée, or the opportunity to really understand who he is. Will the feelings of the two be able to triumph over the temptations on the island? and above all, will the couple come out of the program divided or whole? To find out, we just have to wait for the start of this edition full of news.

Sofia and Alessandro

In the first episode of Temptation Island Sofia he is already in tears: he must have seen something Alexander that left her upset. Sofia and Alessandro are already in crisis: 11 singles and 12 singles are having an effect on the couple.

  • During the first episode Alessandro is shown in the Pinnettu to his girlfriend Annamaria. Start talking to the single Beatrice and tells how he gets along with his ex-wife (with whom he had two children and has been married for nearly 20 years) and how he doesn’t want more children. Annamaria was very resentful that he had talked about his ex-wife. Alessandro and Beatrice continue to talk and dance getting closer and closer. Sofia reacts badly and cries not believing in her eyes that in fact see an Alessandro involved by the single Beatrice who smears him with sunscreen as in the most classic of reality situations. The two continue to stay close, cook and increase their complicity by dancing very close. When Anna sees these images during the bonfire she is very upset and cries. Alessandro counts the cameras that frame him as if to demonstrate that he cannot move due to their presence. Message arrived loud and clear to his girlfriend Anna who strongly believes that if there were no cameras, something would have already happened between Alessandro and Beatrice.
    Then it’s up to Alessandro to see the videos of his girlfriend at the bonfire. Anna approaches the single Alex, stating that he is the only one who “melts her” because he gives her the attention the woman needs. Between the two there is a feeling and Alex is not stingy with compliments, especially after hearing that Alessandro has made Anna come to some bands. Alex and Anna hold hands and they are very close even on the outdoor sofas of the village. Sofia then complained to single Alex of Alessandro who left her alone on New Year’s Eve to go to the disco. Sofia felt treated like an object, and adds that psychologically he was heavy. Alessandro was quite surprised by these words and moving away from the bonfire he wants to watch the video again. Sofia says that Alessandro has been with several people, saying he is a who instead she says she never cheated on him. Alessandro is not there, anger rises and while it is released asks for an immediate confrontation bonfire. Will Sofia accept the confrontation?
  • Second episode: during the second episode the early confrontation bonfire of Alessandro and Sofia. Alessando is sitting on the log and waiting to understand if his girlfriend has agreed to show up at the bonfire or not. Anna is called to Pinnettu to see Alessandro who says “I miss him and I also like his faults”, Annamaria still does not know that Alessandro has asked for the bonfire for immediate confrontation. Annamaria reacts by crying, moved. Alessandro then spoke of the fact that in some moments of their relationship instead he had left her to reflect a few days off and she had already found another person. Annamaria says they are untrue stories and does not take the fact that Alessandro accuses her of having cheated him. Al Pinnettu is also called Alessandro before the bonfire: he sees his girlfriend ever closer to the single Alex, the two embrace and hug. Alessandro tries to contain the anger and while Sofia says she has mixed emotions and that the story with her boyfriend maybe didn’t go well even before.
    It’s time for the bonfire and Sofia introduces herself. The two complain about the phrases and attitudes said in their respective villages. She says she was there for love but didn’t believe it was the right time for the bonfire because the couple didn’t solve their problems. He says he never touched anyone while he claims she lied saying she didn’t cheat on him. Sofia claims they broke up when she was with another boyfriend. The two review their respective images and argue: Sofia seems the most convinced that she acted to come out stronger together. She also adds that he called the confrontation because she was afraid, but that she misses everything about him. Adds “I love you” and Alessandro melts. At this point he confides his feelings and his love and the couple exits the program together.

They are together?

One month after the end of the program Sofia and Alessandro show up separated. Alessandro in particular is the first to introduce himself and says that he felt disrespectful and that therefore he distanced himself from Sofia. Alessandro says that his family is also supporting him in his decision to reflect and stay away. Alessandro will take his time and understand if he wants to be with her. Sofia’s turn comes and says she is very sad. They were together many days after the bonfire and they went well. Alessandro’s change of mind for Sofia was a deadly and unexpected blow, after a dinner with her family. Annamaria says that the problem between them is always and only the family. The transitory phase they are experiencing is characterized by the fact that according to Annamaria sometimes he wants to be with her sometimes alone and that the love for his family, which does not approve of the story, is conditioning him. Annamaria also states that Alessandro the single Beatrice resented and she knows for sure. Could this play a role in Alexander’s behavior? Annamaria cries and claims she doesn’t understand her boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend) behavior.

Temptation Island Couples 2020

Couples participating in Temptation Island 2020, besides Alessandro and Sofia are: Antonio and Annamaria (his name is exactly Antonio Martello), Ciavy and Valeria, Anna and Andrea. The VIP couples are represented by Antonella Elia and Pietro Delle Piane, Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso.

The couples of the September 2020 edition of Temptation Island are: Nadia and Antonio, Serena and Davide, Sofia and Amedeo, Speranza and Alberto, Anna and Gennaro, Carlotta and Nello.


  • Alessandro is a smoker but he is also a fitness enthusiast
  • Alessandro is a good singer, and often performs at Karaoke


Couples participating in Temptation Island 2020 including Alessandro and Sofia:

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