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Who is Stefano Accorsi: Biography, Career, Age, Wife, Children and Instagram

Stefano Accorsi is a 49-year-old successful Italian actor, born in Bologna. Noted for his performances in films such as Criminal novel, The last Kiss, Radiofreccia, was the protagonist, together with Matilda De Angelis, in Fast as the wind. Accorsi’s latest success is The goddess of luck, which won a David di Donatello al singer Diodato for the best original song. Great friend of Claudio Santamaria and Giorgio Pasotti this year the Bolognese actor will blow out 50 candles, together with Raoul Bova, Enzo Miccio, Claudia Gerini and Stefania Rocca, among others.

Who is it Stefano Accorsi?

  • No.ome of art: Stefano Accorsi
  • First name: Stefano Lelio Beniamino Accorsi
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Age: 49 years old
  • Date of birth: March 2, 1971
  • Birth place: Bologna
  • Profession: actor
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ stefano.accorsi
  • Follow us on our Official Instagram profile: @


Stefano Accorsi, at the registry office Stefano Lelio Beniamino Accorsi, was born in Bologna on March 2, 1971. As a child he lived his childhood in the original village of his parents, Bagnarola, a fraction of Budrio. He graduated from the Sabin scientific high school, participated in the film by Pupi Avati, Brothers and sisters (1991), and enrolled in the Alessandra Galante Garrone Theater School of Bologna.

Turn i children’s show for home video and produced by San Paolo Audiovisivi: Videotechism; in 1993 he graduated from the Theater School and entered the Company of the Teatro Stabile of Bologna.

Since 1996 we have seen the Bolognese actor build a film career full of successes only: Jack Frusciante left the group (1996), Radiofreccia (first work of the singer-songwriter Ligabue, 1998), The last Kiss (2001, with Claudio Santamaria and Giorgio Pasotti), Santa Maradona (2001), The ignorant fairies (2001, with Gabriel Garko), Saturn against (2007, with Luca Argentero) and many others.

We also see it on television with the series, which he himself conceived: 1992, then followed by 1993 And 1994. However, he does not abandon the cinema, in fact, we have seen him, together with Matilda De Angelis, in Fast as the wind (2016), in The sample (2019), with Andrea Carpenzano and Ludovica Martino and in the recent The goddess of luck (2019).

Stefano Accorsi has 4 children: Orlando and Athena, born from the relationship with the former model and actress Laetitia Casta; Lorenzo and Alberto, born from his current wife Bianca Vitali.

On 2 March he will turn 50.


It reaches notoriety thanks to the well-known commercial for Maxibon ice cream, where in Macaronic English gives life to smash

Du gust is better than uan

It is 1995 and Accorsi is also taking part in the video clip of 883: A love song. Stefano’s face, between commercials and video clips, is on television practically every day.

Watch the Maxibon commercial with Stefano Accorsi

The film Jack Frusciante left the group by Enza Negroni, enjoyed a curious success and the name of Stefano Accorsi began to appear in other films as well. It is 1998 and Ligabue, in his first experience as a director, chooses the young actor as the protagonist of Radiofreccia.

Gabriele Muccino in 2001 he chooses him to play Carlo, a boy who falls in love with the barely eighteen year old Francesca (Martina Stella) at the age of 30; the movie was The last Kiss, which brings together public and critics, thanks also to cast, in which they appear: Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Stefania Sandrelli, Claudio Santamaria, Pierfrancesco Favino, Sabrina Impacciatore And Giorgio Pasotti.

In the same year he is the protagonist of the successful comedy by Marco Ponti: Santa Maradona, with Libero De Rienzo, Fabio Troiano and Anita Caprioli.

Again with Santamaria, Favino and Kim Rossi Stuart and Elio Germano, Accorsi plays the iconic role of Commissioner Nicola Scialoja in Criminal novel (2005), by Michele Placido, in which Virginia Raffaele also takes part.

Simultaneously carries on the lucky professional partnership with the director Ferzan Özpetek; the director directs it since 2001 in The ignorant fairies, with Gabriel Garko, and in 2007 it was the turn of Saturn against, with Ambra Angiolini and Luca Argentero.

Stefano Accorsi comes also acclaimed abroad thanks to the movie La Faute to Fidel, which is very successful in France, the United States and Great Britain, but has never been distributed in Italy.

From 2010 to today

2010 for Accorsi opens with the return, together with Santamaria, Pasotti and Favino, to the world of The last Kiss, with the film kiss Me again, which carries on the events that began in the first film.

In the following years he starred in: The easy life And Rust in 2011.

Back in the theater, in 2012, with Furious Orlando, and we see it on television with The Camorra clan (2013), alongside among others: Giuseppe Zeno, Serena Rossi and Salvatore Esposito.

In 2015, from an idea of ​​his, the project was born 1992, which follows vicends of Italy from Tangentopoli to Silvio Berlusconi’s landing in politics. TO 1992, they follow 1993 And 1994, and in the cast we find: Guido Caprino, Miriam Leone, Domenico Diele, Tea Falco, Alessandro Roja and Antonio Gerardi.

It is also in The Young Pope in 2016, a very successful series by Paolo Sorrentino.

With Matilda De Angelis he is engaged in Fast as the wind (2016), and rack up other successes with At home everyone is fine (Muccino, 2018), The sample (2019) and again with Ferzan Özpetek for The goddess of luck.

In 2020 we see him, with Serena Rossi, in let me go by Stefano Mordini.


With its 629,000 followers, Stefano Accorsi on instagram, shares his works, Bologna the city he loves, daily life with his family and thoughts on the contemporary world.

I rushed Insta

Private life

Stefano Accorsi was linked to the former French model and actress Laetitia Casta. The couple had two children: Orlando (2006) and Athena (2009). Their story lasted for 10 years: from 2003 to 2013.

With Stefano it’s over because we have changed!

The French actress said after the breakup.

Since 2013 he has been linked to the 29-year-old Bianca Vitali, daughter of the journalist Aldo Vitali. They got married on November 24, 2015 in Borgonovo Val Tidone. Two more children are born from the marriage: Lorenzo (2017) and Alberto (2020).

Accorsi and wife

Awards and acknowledgments

  • 2020 Golden Ciack – Best Actor in a Leading Role for The goddess of luck ex aequo with Edoardo Leo
  • 2017 David di Donatello – Best Lead Actor for Fast as the wind
  • 2016 Silver ribbon – Best Lead Actor for Fast as the wind
  • 2014 Silver ribbon – Special award for best directorial debut for I do not know you
  • 2002 Venice Film Festival – Best Male Performance for A journey called love
  • 2001 Ciak d’oro – Best Lead Actor for The ignorant fairies
  • 2001 Golden Globe – Best Actor for The ignorant fairies
  • 2001 Ciak d’oro –Best Actor in a Leading Role for The last Kiss And The ignorant fairies
  • 1999 Ciak d’oro – Best Actor in a Leading Role for Radiofreccia
  • 1999 David di Donatello- Best Lead Actor for Radiofreccia


  • At the 2009 Sanremo Festival, during an evening, she sang the famous song together with the PFM and Claudio Santamaria Mouth of Rosa, showing good singing skills;
  • to play the role of Loris, in Fast as the wind, the actor has decided to go on a strict diet and to voluntarily depriving yourself of many hours of sleep;
  • in 2014 he obtained aimportant honor, becoming a Knight of the Order des arts et des lettres, in France;
  • has a passion for motorcycles;
  • in the 2008 film La jeune fille et le loups by Gilles Legrand, Stefano plays for the first time alongside his then partner Laetitia Casta.

Stefano Accorsi Video

The Bolognese actor, in 2013, directed and starred in the short film I do not know you, with Vittoria Puccini and Gianfelice Imparato.

Among the most beloved interpretations of Stefano Accorsi, there is that of Ivan Benassi called “Freccia”, the protagonist of Radiofreccia. Here is the memorable monologue performed by the actor.


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