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After Stefan Effenberg had to leave half a fortune, which he had earned as a professional footballer to date, to his ex Martina after his divorce in 2002, there were many ups and downs. Effenberg is said to have had around 30 million euros in the account at peak times. We are currently assuming that the hamburger will probably be a estimated assets of around 16 million euros owns. Since October 2019 he has been the manager of the third division KFC Uerdingen and is supposed to get the crisis-ridden club back on track.

The career of Stefan Effenberg

Stefan Effenberg net worth
As a midfielder, Stefan Effenberg was able to win three German championships and the Champions League title once during his active football career, which he has since given up in order to slip into the role of football coach instead fetch. As a child, Effe played for SC Victoria in his hometown of Hamburg, where he switched to Bramfelder SC when he was young and finally played again for SC Victoria as a U-21 player. For his first Bundesliga club, Borussia Mönchengladbach, who had already noticed Effenberg in 1986, who played Stefan 15 times in his first season. In 1990, however, he drew the big ticket that most footballers in this country probably dream of: he moved to FC Bayern Munich.

However, Stefan didn’t stay there for too long after his season was unfortunately not sufficiently satisfactory overall. So the change to AC Florence and the relegation and subsequent promotion of the club followed. In 1994 Effe came back to Germany, even though he was only on loan at Mönchengladbach. In 1998 Bayern wanted him back and Stefan Effenberg of course accepted this offer and played alongside Lothar Matthäus. 2001 should not only be his best year with Bayern, but also the absolute highlight of his career. At that time, the footballer and Oliver Kahn were top earners at Bayern. The two collect almost 5 million euros from the German record champions. However, Effenberg spent the last season of his career in the Bundesliga at VfL Wolfsburg. Afterwards it went to Qatar for a year, but then Effenberg really stopped playing as an active player.

Stefan Effenberg as a national player

As a footballer, Stefan Effenberg was by no means an entirely undisputed figure in public life. After all, he got 114 yellow cards during his career. There have not been so many with any other player, so that he can continue to claim this negative record for himself. Stefan Effenberg was also the first Bundesliga player to receive the yellow-red card in 1991, when he played for FC Bayern Munich against Schalke 04. Despite these negative headlines, Stefan Effenberg played 35 times for the national team from 1991 to 1998, although unfortunately he was only able to score five goals in those seven years. His career as a football coach has also come to an unfortunate end so far. Because the FC Paderborn announced that Stefan’s antics had played a decisive role in the fact that he was separated from him as a coach after only a few months.

The controversial coaching career

Although Stefan only played in the second division with FC Paderborn, he stayed close to what was happening in the German soccer scene. The goal was, of course, promotion to the first division, so that Stefan was immediately challenged as a coach. The coach’s salary is currently only speculated, but it could have been more than 500,000 euros per year that Effenberg received in his coaching role. As a former player of the German national soccer team, Effenberg stated in his new coaching role that he was above all aware that the players at FC Paderborn simply had to clear their heads in order to be able to use their full potential. This is exactly what he wants to help them with. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have worked, as Stefan Effenberg left the role of coach at FC Paderborn in March 2016, although he had only taken up this post in October 2015. It is not yet clear what this could mean for a further career as a football coach.

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