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Strange and expensive merchandise

There are some memorabilia that you really have to wonder who would want something like this. Whether it’s John Lennon’s hair or Britney Spears chewing gum, there are actually people who spend huge amounts of money on these bizarre merchandise. Because when it comes to owning a personal item from your own favorite celebrity, the limits of good taste are often exceeded. We took a look around the celebrity auctions and found the strangest celebrity souvenirs that we could find and for which a die-hard one Fan paid half a fortune.

Justin Timberlake’s French Toast

Justin Timberlake net worth
French toast, the so-called poor knight, is a popular dessert that many Americans and probably Justin Timberlake like to eat for breakfast. Justin doesn’t seem to have tasted his breakfast that good because he only ate half of it. A superfan was all the more pleased and bought Justin’s bitten French toast for them proud sum of 2,777 euros. If you consider that this fan article was likely to die relatively quickly from mold death, this sum is all the more astonishing. Incidentally, the fan has announced that he of course had not eaten Justin Timberlake’s French toast himself, even if he probably would have had more of it than having to dispose of the good piece with the household waste at some point.

Brangelina’s hair

A fan paid a fair amount of money for this, too. It was only 477 euros, but when you consider that it is not even 100 percent certain whether it really was a hair of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, a few hundred euros is quite a proud sum. After all, this hair was probably more or less randomly picked up on a red carpet that the two of them walked together, and the eBay seller could look forward to a little extra pocket money for just one hair.

John Lennon’s hair

In Dallas, Texas, another fan was willing to pay several months’ salary on a lock of John Lennon’s hair. Proud This fun cost him the equivalent of 10,500 euros. The celebrity’s hair is said to have been cut off by a hairdresser while shooting a film in the 1960s. However, if you wanted to be the new owner of the Rolls Royce Phantom V, which formerly also belonged to John Lennon, you had to put a measly 1.95 million euros on the table for it.

Jennifer Lawrence’s sports bra

The fortune of Actress Lawrence
The sports bra was a fan of 2,800 euros by Jennifer Lawrence, who now belongs to the absolute A-League of female Hollywood stars. 14 bidders would have liked to have secured the Gap sports bra, but in the end only one could have it. Allegedly, the bra should even have been covered with the sweat of the actors.

Britney Spears old chewing gum

Instead of a feeling of disgust spreading among this fan, she probably broke out pure joy when the super fan himself old chewing gum from Britney Spears for 12,300 euros. This bizarre fan article also went over the table on eBay, although one can still wonder what Britney’s favorite chewing gum brand is.

The Marilyn Monroe dress

However, it was probably the dress of Marilyn Monroe, which the late star wore when she sang “Happy Birthday, Mister President”, who shot the bird. The dress that Marilyn wore for JFK’s 45th birthday originally cost a good 10,500 euros. A fan later bought it from one Auction for the equivalent of a good 1.11 million euros.

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