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The 10 most expensive insured stars

Whether your bottom, your voice, your legs or your face, your body is the whole capital of many stars, which is not only true for athletes and singers. It is therefore quite understandable that the stars insure their various body parts for millions. Because if someone like Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lopez can suddenly no longer sing, then that means millions in losses for the stars. Like every normal car consumer, the stars want to protect themselves against the possibility of financial ruin with the appropriate policies. Everyone can now decide for themselves whether our celebrities have overshot their target with their insurance. These are the 10 most expensive insured stars in the world!

These are the 10 most expensive insured stars

10Bruce Springsteen: 5 million euros insured sum

The old rocker obviously knows that his voice is all his capital. So if something should happen to his body’s own instrument, he can collect 5 million euros from his insurance.

Bruce Springsteen net worth

9Tom Jones: 5.5 million euros insured sum

At 76 years old, one might think that Tom Jones no longer has to worry about losing his voice. After all, he should have made enough money in the course of his career as a singer to be able to live on it until the end of his life. However, it is also not the voice that the world-famous pop singer has insured. Rather, this policy is about his chest hair. Should something happen to his chest hair or should it disappear, the insurance company pays Tom Jones 5.5 million euros.

Tom Jones fortune

8thDaniel Craig: € 8 million insured sum

In his role as James Bond, Daniel Craig’s body is all his capital. Accordingly, an insurance policy in the event that the 007 actor suffers physical damage makes perfect sense. The sum insured is the equivalent of 8 million euros.

Daniel Craig Income of James Bond 007

7thKim Kardashian: 19 million euros insured sum

The first woman on our list is Kim Kardashian, who is known not only as a reality TV star, but also for her extremely voluminous bottom. The sum insured of an impressive 19 million euros clearly shows how important Kim K’s bottom is.

Kim Kardashian net worth

6thJennifer Lopez: € 20 million insured sum

Kim K and J-Lo have a Po-to-Po race. Because the rear of J-Lo is insured with 20 million euros and thus with 1 million euros more than Misses Kardashian West’s bottom. With such sums insured, one can of course ask how much the ladies have to pay annually for this insurance.

Jennifer Lopez net worth

5Julia Roberts: EUR 21 million insured sum

The Pretty Woman actress is best known for her signature smile. Since Julia Roberts smile has become her trademark, she had it insured with 21 million euros, more than befitting her class.

Julia Roberts net worth

4thTaylor Swift: 36 million euros insured sum

Also with Taylor Swift, who is currently one of the most successful musicians not only in the USA, one could think that she would have taken out insurance on her angelic vocal cords. However, this is not the case. Because it is the legs of the beautiful singer that Taylor insured for the equivalent of 36 million euros. You’d almost like to wish the singer that her legs would be damaged so that she could collect this considerable sum.

Taylor Swift Income

3Janet Jackson: € 45 million insured sum

The sister of the King of Pop, who has unfortunately already passed away, has also taken out butt insurance and is therefore in good company with J-Lo and Kim K. After Janet crashed, she even increased the insured amount to a mere 45 million euros.

Janet Jackson net worth

2Cristiano Ronaldo: 140 million euros insured sum

We’d already missed them – the athletes on our list. Cristiano Ronaldo is now showing how it’s done with an insured sum of over 140 million euros. After all, he is not only dependent on his body as a footballer, but also as a model, which he had accordingly expensive insured.

Christiano Ronaldo merit at Real Madrid

1Mariah Carey: 730 million euros insured sum

However, Mariah Carey shot the bird. The American singer, who is also known for the ups and downs in her weight, had her legs insured for as much as 730 million euros. The German top model Heidi Klum, on the other hand, only took out insurance worth 2.5 million euros for her legs, while Carey, who is already considered a real diva, is several hundred million euros. Nevertheless, we of course wish our stars that they never have to refer to their insurance. Here, too, it is astonishing that even the singing stars insure their appearance more expensively than their voices, which probably shows how much appearance matters in our society.

Mariah Carey net worth

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