The 3 Best Tips To Give Entrepreneurs A Good Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest problems that an entrepreneur faces is being overworked. Since it isn’t like a regular job where you clock in and out, the workday can last all day. The work also never really ends so you could potentially work 24 hours per day if that were physically possible. As a result, health tends to get put on the back burner and family events are often missed. 

Finding a good work-life balance while still being able to grow and manage a company is something every entrepreneur should strive for. It isn’t easy to achieve, but it is possible as we see from family man and entrepreneur Morris Esformes. In this article, we will go over several tips to help you live as normal a life as possible while still growing your company. 

1 – Watch your boundaries

It’s very easy to let yourself get pulled in a million different directions when you are running a business or even several. There are very few boundaries that owners usually put up since they are where the buck stops. This means that they are essentially on call 24 hours per day and are always available. 

You’ll need to make sure that you watch those boundaries and let people know when you are “off the clock”. This means that you will have to do things like take a weekend off with the family and make sure to let everybody know that you are not available and are out of communication. 

Put somebody in charge for that time period and give them extra responsibilities. Let everybody know that they are taking your place and are the ones to contact when there is an emergency. 

2 – Delegate

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who can dish out tasks to others so they aren’t doing everything. Make sure to evaluate the talents of everybody you have working for you. This will make it easy to delegate the right tasks to them. This will ensure that the job is getting done quickly and effectively without you needing to micromanage them. 

Once you have tasks delegated, you can take a breather and make sure that you get to the gym during the day or get home in time to have dinner with the family. 

3 – Don’t try to multitask

It may seem like you can multitask and do a lot of things at once. It may feel this way but in reality, you are not doing these tasks well. When you try to multitask, you end up taking longer to get the work done than if you tried to do one thing at a time instead. 

It’s multitasking and feeling overwhelmed by too much on your plate at once that leads to burnout. Make sure to try to schedule tasks and then knock them off of your list as you do them. If you do this and delegate effectively then you won’t even feel the need to multitask. 


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