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The fortune of rapper Soulja Boy

How much money does Soulja Boy have?

Soulja Boy is currently only worth 26 million euros. But it could soon approach the limit of half a billion euros. Because the rapper has negotiated a mega deal for over 300 million euros and the money should soon flow into his account. So Soulja Boy will be playing in the top league of rappers, at least financially. Even though his last album was released in 2014, Soulja Boys is still big in business today. Incidentally, the rapper started his career at an early age, so that he should have at least financially provided for the rest of his life. Most fans can only think of the rapper as Soulja Boy and not as DeAndre Cortez Way, as the good’s real name is.

Soulja Boy’s career

Without MySpace, Soulja Boy’s career would have been very different. The rapper owes his fame to the Internet portal, which is unfortunately no longer as hyped as it was when Soulja Boy really took off. There he published his first single “Crank That” as a video. Incidentally, the beats for this hit were made together with Flo Rida, but that wasn’t the only success factor. Because Soulja Boys fans also celebrated the rapper early on for his dance style. After all, there is no one who gets sick like Soulja Boy himself. This dance game is so popular that it also appears in a further development of World of Warcraft. This is truly an honor for Soulja Boy.

He was also able to celebrate other records with his debut single. As the first artist ever, Soulja Boy succeeded in doing a single song more than Downloaded 3 million times would. In addition to the triple platinum award, the rapper was also nominated for a Grammy for “Crank That”, which he unfortunately could not win. His first full album was released in autumn 2007. Just one year later, the rapper’s second solo album came on the market, with which he only made it to number 43 on the US Billboard charts.

His advertising campaign at the time was therefore not exactly crowned with success. Because actually it was Soulja Boy’s declared goal to sell his album a full 1 million copies in the first week after the official release date in order to set a new record. Within the period mentioned, Soulja Boy was only able to sell 35,000 albums, so that he did not even come close to his goal of 1 million records sold. In the meantime, Soulja Boy himself is no longer quite as active as a rapper, by the way, but has mainly gone to entrepreneurs. As CEO of SODMG, Soulja Boy has many other artists under contract. Incidentally, the list of his mixtapes is much longer than the list of albums the rapper has released so far, which the following overview clearly shows.

Soulja Boys albums

• 2006 – Unsigned and Still Major, Stacks on Deck
• 2007 –
• 2008 – iSouljaBoyTellem
• 2010 – The DeAndre Way
• 2014 – Your F..king Bit

Mixtapes by Soulja Boy

The fortune of rapper Soulja Boy
• Supaman
• Shotin tha Breezy
• Teen of tha South
• TellEm TV
• Lord of the Ringtones
• Gangzta Grillz: Follow Me Edition
• My way of life
• Cortez – The Mixtape
• Teenage Millionaire
• Datpiff – The Mixtape
• Paranormal Activity: Halloween Edition
• Death Note
• Legendary
• Cookin Soulja Boy
• Smooky
• Pretty Boy Millionaire (feat. Lil B)
• Best rapper
• 1Up
• 21 EP mix tape
• JUiCE Mixtape 4/20
• Bernard Arnault – 2011
• Supreme – 2011
• The Last Crown – 2011
• Gucci & Gold – 2011
• Skate Boy (Deluxe Edition) – 2011
• Mario & Domo Vs. The World (with Young L) – 2012
• Double Cup City – 2012
• Obey – 2012
• 50/13 – 2012
• LOUD – 2012
• King Soulja – 2013
• Foreign & Foreign 2 – 2013
• 23 – 2013
• Cuban Link EP – 2013
• The King – 2013
• Super Dope – 2014
• King Soulja II – 2014
• King Soulja 3 – 2014

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