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The fortune of teleshopping queen Judith Williams

How much money does Judith Williams have?

Above all, the female beauty junkies and teleshopping fans will have known Judith Williams before her cave of the lion era. Because the TV shopping queen earns up to 1,500 euros per hour at the shopping channel HSE24by bringing numerous cosmetic products to men and women there. In some cases, millions in sales are generated in just one hour. The smart entrepreneur, who is herself a German-American, will of course share in the profits. So she makes it to you estimated annual earnings of at least 5 million euros which makes it a really good match. ZDF is currently said to have booked the presenter for “Mein Lied für dich”. Shooting should start in August 2019.

The presenter is best known for her good mood. And that even when she is supposed to advertise creams and other cosmetics at impossible times on the Home Shopping Europe 24 channel. In addition, Judith is a real all-rounder and also has a wonderful opera voice. In addition, the entrepreneur not only earns her money with cosmetics, but now also offers fashion at HSE24 and thus ensures the financial livelihood of her family of 6. We appreciate that Judith Williams’ assets of at least 30 million euros one. But it could even be a lot higher through further investments.

Successful businesswoman Judith Williams

” alt=”Judith Williams net worth” width=”300″ height=”200″ data-lazy-srcset=”×200.jpg 300w,×400.jpg 600w,×240.jpg 360w, 720w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” data-lazy-src=”×200.jpg” />With her earnings, Judith Williams easily puts many well-known greats from the German showbiz into her pockets. Even a television icon like Thomas Gottschalk does not get the annual earnings that the cheerful presenter regularly achieves in cooperation with HSE24. The Munich-born entrepreneur is currently in the process of expanding her empire in other parts of the world. For example, the cosmetics are now sold not only in Germany, but also in Great Britain and Russia. The cosmetics company, which Judith Williams operates, is said to already employ more than 100 people who work together with the boss Annual turnover of over 100 million euros to generate.

Incidentally, Judith presented her products to the station for the first time in 2007. At that time, the shopping channel experienced the biggest brand launch in its history. Just one of Judith’s creams, which are definitely part of the luxury cosmetics segment, has already sold around 4 million times. So your fans never tire of buying Judith Williams products over and over again. In the meantime there is already a sworn community that only focuses on the Judith Williams cosmetics and will probably remain true to it in the future.

The Lions Den – The Deals of Judith Williams

The fortune of teleshopping queen Judith Williams

Judith Williams has already made enough fortune to appear as an investor at VOX. At “The lion’s den“She has quickly become one of the most popular lionesses on TV. At the side of Frank Thelen, Dagmar Wöhrl, Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel, the successful entrepreneurs and millionaires try to invest in young startup companies. Of course, this gig is also wonderful publicity. As a result, Judith Williams can indirectly draw attention to her brand world on the TV shopping channel HSE2 again and again. During her short health break at DHDL 2017, her business partner Georg Kofler stepped in and represented the juror for some of the consequences. Together they founded the company Glow Innovation, which was later dissolved.

Judith is the only (great) lioness who has been with DHDL since the first season. The following deals actually came about during or after the broadcast. Broken deals are not listed:

Season 10 – Fall 2021

  • Life-size floor plan (150,000 euros for 12.55%)
  • SHAVENT – wet razor (110,000 euros for 7.5%)

Season 9 – Spring 2021

  • Sause – soap shower (200,000 euros for 25%)
  • Mellow Noir – skin care (100,000 euros for 35%)

Season 8 – Fall 2020

  • NUI Cosmetics – natural cosmetics (250,000 euros for 40%)

Season 7 – Spring 2020

  • No successful deals

Season 6 – 2019

  • ELIXR – beauty products (150,000 euros for 25%)
  • BitterLiebe – bitter substance (200,000 euros for 20%)

Season 5 – 2018

  • Sanilu Clean – cleaning agent (30,000 euros for 10%)
  • Calligraphy Cut – hair cutting tool (500,000 euros for 12%)

Season 4 – 2017

  • Pony Puffin – hair care accessories (65,000 euros for 49%) – given to Georg Kofler
  • 3Bears – Porridge (75,000 euros for 15%) – Sold to Georg Kofler
  • Mabyen – Baby Spa (1250,000 euros for 51%) – given to Georg Kofler
  • Rubberbüx – Festival Pants (10,000 euros for 25.5%) – meanwhile bankrupt

Season 3 – 2016

  • Limberry – Dirndl (125,000 euros for 10%) – Sold to Georg Kofler
  • Penta-Sense – number lozenges (75,000 euros for 15%) – Sold to Georg Kofler

Season 2 – 2015

  • Von Floercke – (450,000 euros for 12.5%) – Exit 2016 before bankruptcy
  • Little Lunch – organic soups (75,000 euros for 15%) – Exit 2020
  • Popcornloop – (40,000 euros for 18%) – bankruptcy & sold back to founders

Season 1 – 2014

  • Gobl belt – safety belt (20,000 euros for 50%)

From the stage to a talented salesman

Judith Williams also started small, of course. Even in her youth, she liked to be the center of attention. Williams became Carnival Princess in Trier, the city that Judith’s family moved to at a young age. It was also clear early on that Judith would like to be on the big stage that means the world. She studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. The TV shopping queen put one at a young age steep career as an opera singer there. During this period of her career, the soprano could be seen regularly at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. But then came the shock and the end of her career as an opera singer. At the age of 24, Judith was found to have a tumor on her uterus. In addition to having an operation, she also had to undergo hormone therapy, which unfortunately led to the loss of her singing voice.

Judith Williams therefore had to build another foothold. First she works in a fitness studio and discovered her great sales talent there. Because within a few months she was able to triple the sales of protein shakes. Her mother then gave Judith a good tip and recommended that she apply to a TV shopping channel. There it was taken promptly and was able to set a sales record in its very first broadcast. That Judith would later also be hers sell your own products at HSE24 should was only the logical consequence. Because the TV shopping audience just loves her and can hardly get enough of the German-American. The entrepreneur now offers over 300 different cosmetic products from the luxury segment. So there is no end in sight to their success.

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