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The Net Worth of Entertainer and Comedian Jay Leno

How Rich is Jay Leno Really?

With a Earnings averaging $ 15 million a year Jay Leno is definitely one of the best paid comedians in America. Leno gained fame primarily with his late night show. But his income doesn’t just come from his Tonight Show salary. Jay also tours the US every year with his stand-up comedy show. Jay always trusts himself when it comes to negotiating a new deal. Even without an agent or a manager, the comedian made it all the way to the top and therefore does not have to give up any part of his income to his management team. This fact is to be regarded as all the more astonishing, since Jay Leno is himself a dyslexic, although this restriction has hardly got in his way in his career so far. With a Assets of 350 million euros it’s a pretty good life.

Jay Leno net worth
Leno first appeared on NBC in 1992 with the Tonight Show
and has been seen regularly on television ever since. Even though Leno had left the limelight in 2009, his comeback was not long in coming. The Jay Leno Show ran on US television from 2009 to 2010. As early as January 2010, however, this show was canceled due to the insufficient number of viewers. But Jay Leno was still unstoppable. He took back his former role as face of the Tonight Show and made his successor Conan O’Brien unemployed, which caused a sensation in the US.

Jay Leno in private – his passion? Cars and motorcycles

Jay Leno net worth
In private, Jay Leno is said to have a few quirks. For example, the entertainer himself states that he only four to five hours of sleep per night needs. He also says that he neither drinks nor smokes. Gambling is not for Leno either. However, he can be enthusiastic about expensive classic cars with great passion and has built up his own collection of great value. Jay Leno once even had the great honor of being able to test drive one of the cars from a Bond strip, which was later sold at an expensive auction to a collector. Even though Jay Leno spends a lot of money on cars, he says of himself that he doesn’t even use a dime of his earnings from the Tonight Show. He lives exclusively on the money that his tours as a comedian bring into the coffers.

By the way, Jay and his wife Mavis have mutually agreed not to have any children. In return, the entertainer looks after his cars and motorcycles almost as if they were his children. Jay Leno’s collection comprises a total of 169 vehicles and 117 motorcyclesIn the meantime even more vintage cars, sports cars and motorcycles are likely to have been added.

Jay Leno’s Garage – Incredibly successful on Youtube too

When talking about Jay Leno’s love for cars, his YouTube channel deserves a mention. Because Leno would like to share this love with his fans and other car fanatics. That’s why he regularly shoots test reports on cars to which hardly any normal mortal has access at all. Jay Leno puts the cars through their paces and, as an almost real car specialist, takes it very carefully. A new video appears every Sunday, which the fans are often eagerly anticipating. Jay Leno has even received an Emmy for his car test reports, so that he was sure of the approval of his critics.

In the meantime, the US television broadcaster NBC has taken up the format, which of course was a great honor for the comedian, as he can now share his passion with an even larger audience. It has to be said, however, that the videos on NBC cannot be seen on television, but only online. Incidentally, the videos are usually between 15 and 30 minutes long and are of course professionally produced. Jay Leno doesn’t do things by halves, after all.

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