Travelling With Your Dog in a Campervan

Planning a campervan holiday with your dog? One of the greatest aspects of these trips is that you can bring your four-legged friend along with you and not have the stress of finding a dog sitter or putting them in a kennel (always a tough thing to do!). These trips can be perfect for dogs as well with the chance to enjoy long walks in nature. Read on for a few tips for planning a campervan holiday with your dog.

Get Them Used to the Campervan

First, it is always helpful to get them used to living in the campervan before setting off on a long trip. This will help them to feel comfortable, settled and safe in the vehicle so that you do not have to worry about them when you set off for your special trip. If you plan on doing activities that will involve leaving the dog in the campervan, you should make sure that you get them used to being alone in the vehicle as well.

Choose a Dog-Friendly Site

You should always research in advance to find a dog-friendly site as many places will not allow you to have pets onsite. Dog-friendly campsites will always be accommodating, and this can also be a great chance for both you and your dog to make a few friends on your trip!

Pack Everything They Need

You also want to make sure that you have everything that you need for your dog on the trip. It will depend on your dog, but this might include things like:

  • Dog bed and blanket
  • A cage
  • Toys
  • A lead
  • Food
  • Medication
  • Harness
  • Poo bags

Plan Activities

You also need to plan activities keeping your dog in mind. Obviously, dog walks will be an important part of the trip but you may also want to check ahead to see if there are places that you can take your dog. If you plan on leaving them in the campervan, always make sure that you do not leave them alone for too long.

Check Ahead if Travelling Abroad

If you are planning a trip abroad, you should research ahead to see what is required to bring your dog into another country. This might involve having a passport for your dog, getting certain vaccinations and making sure that they are microchipped. You also want to make sure that you have campervan insurance in place so that you are protected against damage, theft, vandalism etc.

Taking a dog along on a campervan holiday can make these types of vacations even more enjoyable and means that you don’t have to find a dog sitter or leave the dog in kennels. There is a lot to consider though and it is important that you plan ahead so that you have everything that you need and that your dog will be all prepared for the adventure. 

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