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Helpful tips for sprucing up your bathroom

Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is the space that often requires the most maintenance and long-term attention – tubs, toilets and tiling are particularly susceptible to damp and weathering due to regular exposure to moisture. Luckily, it’s possible to transform your bathroom for the better without breaking the bank or undergoing major structural renovation works. Whether you’re thinking of sprucing up your bathroom in order to boost property value and increase your chances of making a quick sale or you’re just looking to add a touch of luxury to your home, consider taking these tips on board for easy bathroom improvements. 

Reglaze your bathtub – While it may be tempting to replace your old tub, traditional bathtubs can give your bathroom a timeless look and act as the focal point of the room. If you’re lucky enough to own a classic claw-footed bathtub, consider reglazing it to add extra shine and remove any signs of age or wear. Reglazing your existing tub could be far more cost-effective than buying a new model. 

Replace your shower enclosure – If your current shower area appears old and worn (shower tiles, screens and grouting are notorious for mould build-up), consider revitalising or renovating your shower enclosure to get the best out of your bathroom. When shopping for new shower enclosures, choose materials that will last and compliment the design of your bathroom – this could include fibreglass, acrylic, marble, ceramic, mosaic glass or porcelain tiles. 

Invest in a multi-purpose vanity unit – If you’re renovating a smaller bathroom, investing in a multi-purpose vanity unit is a great way to add style and create valuable extra storage space. You can create the illusion of extra room by going with a vanity unit that features both a washbasin and a large mirror, which will reflect natural light and expand the space.

Repaint or retile the walls – One of the cheapest ways to add some extra life to tired old bathrooms is by repainting or retiling the walls and backsplash. Neutral colour tones (such as blue, beige, grey and cream) tend to promote relaxation and are most commonly used in bathroom renovations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some wild colours and designs into your spruced-up bathroom. Whether you’re going for a chic art deco look or a modern and minimal bathroom, don’t be afraid get creative when tiling and repainting – express yourself! 

Create a calming atmosphere – While the use of neutral colours will make your bathroom feel more tranquil, you can also create a more calming atmosphere by investing in plants, candles, incense and artwork to decorate the space. Your choice of furnishings and decorative embellishments is down to you, so try to inject a touch of your personality into the space. 

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