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How much money does Vito Schnabel have?

Vito Schnabel is one of the most sought-after and richest bachelors in New York’s high society. Recently largely unknown in Germany, he has been on everyone’s lips since the turtle with Heidi Klum on Oscar night in 2014. In September 2017, Heidi Klum announced the Liebesaus. In addition to his artistic and business work, Vito Schnabel does not forget to thoroughly enjoy his life. In addition to his visits to the most renowned art galleries in the world, he does not fail to be at the forefront of the hottest celebrity parties. He has a glamorous circle of friends that has included many well-known celebrities since his youth. He also regularly indulges in luxury trips and does a lot of sport in his free time.

The young climber can actually afford everything that one can imagine for such an artist’s life: Vito Schnabel already had one at a young age Assets of 9.5 million euros. He puts his property on display quite bluntly: His luxury apartment is in the twelve-story pink Palazzo Chupi in New York’s trendy West Village residential area. In the swanky luxury property, the apartments cost between $ 8.5 and 23 million. No wonder – it was designed by none other than his father Julian Schnabel.

A sheltered home led to the steep path up

Vito Schnabel's income
Vito Schnabel first saw the light of day on July 27, 1986. As the son of the famous painter and film director Julian Schnabel he was born into the New York art scene. His mother, from whom his father is now separated, is the respected fashion designer Jacqueline Beaurang. No wonder that with such intellectual and creative roots, it quickly became clear that the young Vito would follow in the footsteps of his well-off parents. The relationship with his parents is very close, he lives next door to his father in his luxurious house and Vito makes no secret of the fact that he is proud to be a beak (“There are no disadvantages to being a beak“, He once assured the” Observer “).

The popularity and wealth of his father ensured that the young Vito lacked for nothing. With an estimated father’s fortune of over $ 200 million, this is not surprising either. But not only the good financial cushion of the parental home is responsible for the grandiose success of the young businessman; on the contrary, the popular young celebrity has made a name for itself in the through its unique skills and skillful knack for business New York art metropolis did.

Vito Schnabel’s storybook career

When Vito Schnabel was just 16 years old, he organized his first art exhibition. He had previously attended St. Ann’s School, an expensive private art school, after which he began studying at the New School. He broke this off after a year, however, because he “always wanted to be out there and work”, as he once pointed out to the media. He describes himself as a “painting junkie”. Rather, he is a kind of art genius with a genius for aesthetics and an incredible knack for business.

Vito Schnabel has phenomenal business acumen, which is what gave him the fortune. It is not for nothing that Vito Schnabel is known as that “Jay Gatsby of the Art Scene” designated. He was even named one of the 10 most influential people under 30 by Forbes magazine. The 27-year-old has represented the most well-known galleries and artists on the art scene for a decade. These include the following major artists and agencies:

  • Laurie Anderson
  • Vahakn Arslanian
  • Jesse Edwards
  • Ron Gorchov
  • Terence Koh
  • Rene Ricard
  • Christian Rosa
  • Theo A. Rosenblum
  • The Bruce High Quality Foundation

The coveted bachelor’s celebrity women

Vito Schnabel fortune
Vito Schnabel also shows his sense of beauty in his A soft spot for many a celebrity lady. The young man had a liaison with the following (mostly older) beauties:

  • Demi Moore: Vito had a brief relationship with the actress in 2012. He allegedly left her because he didn’t want to be discredited by so many negative headlines about her.
  • Elle Macpherson: He is said to have had an affair with the supermodel.
  • Liv Tyler: The beautiful actress is said to have already fallen for the young Vito.
  • Liliana Matthäus: Allegedly over a year should have had an affair with the ex-wife of Lothar Matthäus.
  • Heidi Klum: His latest achievement at the Academy Awards 2014 to September 2017.
  • Amber Heard: Vito had a one-year relationship with Johnny Depp’s ex in 2018
  • Denise Schäfer: A short flirt in 2019 with the next model, which fit into the bachelor’s prey scheme.
  • Irina Shayk: Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper’s ex has been at Vito’s side since the beginning of 2020.

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