What does that mean?

The committal for trial, in the Italian legal system, anticipates and prepares the establishment of the criminal trial. It is governed by the Italian code of criminal procedure, in article 416.

Why is an indictment sought?

If a deed of indictment is received, it means that, at the end of an investigative investigation, the prosecutor has deemed it appropriate to proceed with the preliminary hearing that anticipates the trial. The request must indicate the date, place and time of the trial and what are the alleged offenses.

When does the judge send for trial?

The committal for trial is the beginning of the actual process and is ordered by the judge of the preliminary hearing when he decides not to acquit the accused.

When does the prosecutor ask for the sentence?

The reasoned request of the prosecutor must be presented to the judge for the preliminary investigations “within six months from the date on which the name of the person to whom the crime is attributed is registered in the register of crime reports” (art. 459 cpp), with an indication of the extent of the sentence.

When does the criminal trial start?

The criminal proceedings begin when the crime report is entered in the register at the public prosecutor’s office; when we talk about the process we want to include both the initial moment and all those phases through which the process will continue until the trial phase.

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What are the stages of the criminal process?

1.3 The phases of the criminal process

Preliminary investigations. Archiving. The indictment. The preliminary hearing.

How is the criminal proceedings concluded?

The criminal trial is divided into stages that begin with the registration of the crime report and end with the sentence.

When does the prosecutor ask for absolution?

The prosecutor can certainly ask for acquittal when he realizes that, although the investigation did not reveal the need for filing, the trial has shown that the person being tried is actually innocent.

How does the first criminal hearing take place?

At this stage, the public prosecutor and the judicial police carry out the investigations deemed necessary to be able to verify the reliability of the crime report, looking for evidence and establishing whether or not there are the necessary conditions to be able to carry out a criminal prosecution.

What is the role of the judge in the criminal trial?

The criminal judge is the judging body within the criminal proceedings and trial. … If you have already judged or played a leading role in determining the sentence in one instance of the proceedings.

When is an indictment made?

At the outcome of the preliminary investigations, the public prosecutor, when he considers that there are sufficient elements to support the accusation against the suspect, deposits the request for indictment in the registry of the preliminary investigations judge.

How long does it take from the end of the preliminary investigation to the trial?

It depends on the many factors that we have illustrated in the previous paragraphs. In principle, assuming a crime for which the preliminary hearing should not be carried out, we can imagine that at least six months pass between the end of the investigation and the start of the trial.

What does filing of the proceedings mean?

Filing, in Italian criminal procedural law, is the act by which a criminal proceeding is interrupted without an accusation being formulated.

What happens after the request for indictment?

Following the request for indictment formulated by the PM, the judge of the preliminary hearing can issue two distinct measures: the “decree that orders the judgment”, governed by art. 429 cpp, or a sentence of no place to proceed, contemplated by art. 425 cpp.

What happens after the notice of completion of the preliminary investigation?

What happens once the preliminary investigation is concluded? … After notifying you that the preliminary investigation is over, the prosecutor initiates legal action, except in cases where he decides to dismiss the case. For minor offenses, the public prosecutor will sue you directly.

What is the preliminary hearing for?

What is the preliminary hearing for?

This important internal event in the criminal proceedings serves above all to verify whether the accusation is founded or not, for procedural purposes, thus supporting the choice between a judgment of no place to proceed, or committal for trial.

How does the first civil hearing take place?

This is the time and place when the parties and the judge meet for the first time. The current wording of art. 183 of the CPC provides that at the first hearing the case is also dealt with, but the appearance in the strict sense is the factual presence of the parties at the hearing.

How long does an ordinary criminal trial last?

The times of a criminal trial are very long. A trial can last even 7-8 years and it is for this reason that 50% of the trials end with a ruling of not having to proceed due to the statute of limitations for the crime.

How long does a criminal trial in court take?

How long can a criminal trial last? One year in first instance, two on appeal, one in the Supreme Court. So four years. But we also think about the five years depending on the seriousness of the crime and the number of defendants involved.

When does the prosecutor carry out the criminal prosecution?

In ordinary proceedings, the public prosecutor exercises criminal action with the request for indictment to be presented to the judge for preliminary investigations within six months from the date on which the name of the person to whom the crime is attributed is registered in the news register of offense or within one year in …

Who is the prosecution in the criminal trial?

In summary, the Public Prosecutor (who represents the accusation) and the accused, or the accused, who constitutes himself through the defender are necessary parts.

What is an ongoing criminal case?

Concatenation of acts aimed at a decision. From a structural point of view, the criminal trial begins with the prosecution by the public prosecutor and ends with the irrevocability of the sentence.

How is a procedure for ill-treatment established?

The injured person can file a complaint-lawsuit and for this purpose he can contact the police offices and therefore the police stations, police stations of the Carabinieri.

What are the charges?

The charge is none other than the formalization of the criminal charge made by the Public Prosecutor following the outcome of the preliminary investigations. When the suspicion arises that a crime has been committed (for example following a complaint or complaint by the injured party), the criminal trial does not start immediately.

What is meant by a criminal case?

A series of acts that begins with the prosecution by the public prosecutor and ends with the irrevocability of the sentence and which aims to ascertain whether there has been a violation of one or more criminal precepts, resulting in the punishment of the subject agent.

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