What Is The Purchase Of Game Gold In Online Games, How To Buy It Correctly And Not Fall For Deceivers And Not Get Blocked

Many players coming to popular projects like World of Warcraft are faced with the fact that game training is designed to analyze the basic mechanics and basics of the game in the classroom, but does not affect the topic of gold mining and the subsequent equipment of your character.

In total, there are several ways to mine gold and other types of currencies if they are provided by the project, which are universal for most MMO RPGs

  1. Receiving gold as rewards for completing story and secondary tasks – it should be understood that the mechanics of any MMO is not designed for the fact that with quests alone you will cover all the needs of the character and achieve perfect equipment – it is rather help in the start and money for the purchase of related consumables and basic items that will make leveling easier.
  2. Gold mining by farming – this means hunting in territories that suit your level. Ideally, if you combine story quests and then stay in the area for additional farming and return to the city with a full inventory. Hunting in locations will allow you to get not only gold, but also useful materials and resources, and even knock out full-fledged items of equipment and weapons, if you are lucky.
  3. Buy game gold. It is advisable to turn to professional services like Skycoach, and not buy from little-known players who can not only deceive you, but also expose you to the game administration by transferring stolen or dishonestly earned gold by third-party programs.

What Is The Purchase Of Game Gold In Online Games, How To Buy It Correctly And Not Fall For Deceivers And Not Get Blocked

What Is Game Gold

Game gold is the local currency for which all major financial transactions in the MMO RPG are performed. Gold is needed not only for trading with players, but also for interacting with local NPCs, who will offer various goods and consumables. Gold plays an important role and everything rests solely on its quantity, since literally everything that can be transferred from player to player from hand to hand can be bought for gold. Also, with the help of local currency, you can order and pay for the services of other players without risking real money.

What Is The Purchase Of Game Gold In Online Games, How To Buy It Correctly And Not Fall For Deceivers And Not Get Blocked

How To Buy Game Gold

You can buy gold from professional services like Skycoach and other players.

You must understand that in any case, you first give real money and only then receive your gold, but the service will fulfill its obligations in any case and give guarantees, and a simple player can cheat and simply disappear.

To buy gold in World of Warcraft and other MMOs, you need to go to the official Skycoach website, select a game and service, indicate your service and make a payment, or request feedback from the manager.

Wait for a response from the manager, the average response time is three minutes during business hours. A Skycoach employee will help you make a payment if you have not done so already and will clarify all the important information for the implementation of the gold supply, including a convenient way to receive the purchased currency.

Get game gold in the specified way.

How Skycoach Ensures Your Safety

The transfer of game gold for real money is a prohibited operation in most online games and is punishable by the seizure of the purchased currency and account blocking.

But do not worry – the gaming administration imposes sanctions only on absolutely confirmed cases of RMT, which cannot be interpreted in any other way.

If the service uses one or more methods of disguise and works with suppliers who mine gold without using third-party programs and selling stolen gold, then the overall risk is reduced to a minimum.

To begin with, a convenient method of delivering gold to the client is established and, based on the choice, masking methods are selected and guarantees are provided.

If a simple exchange between players is chosen, then the appearance and imitation of a classic exchange between gamers is created, and the game administration will not even have a formal reason to impose gaming sanctions.

When choosing to send by mail, the methods are similar, but the danger is higher.

The safest option is an auction. After payment, the client puts up any low-value goods for auction and indicates the cost for it in the amount of purchased gold, and after all the conditions are met, the professional Skycoach player redeems the lot and thus fulfills the obligations of the service. This method is the safest, since the administration has no right to interfere in transactions between players and each gamer is individually responsible for their purchases and sales. If a player has sold threads for millions of gold, then this is only a problem for the buyer, and such actions are not monitored and are not punished by the game administration.

Skycoach Guarantees

Since no one in the world of online games can fully and 100% guarantee you the security of the transaction and that the administration will not apply sanctions, in return, players are offered guarantees and compensation from the professional Skycoach service.

Skycoach guarantees support at all stages of the transaction and will ensure anonymity and refund in case of disputes, and the game administration will intervene in the transfer of gold.

Why Is It Dangerous For You To Buy Gold From Third-party Players

Each player has the ability to farm gold and sell it to other players, but the quality of the gold itself, as well as how it is transferred and how it is disguised, is extremely important.

The less protective measures the player takes when selling, the more likely it is that both parties to the transaction will be punished.

Gold must be farmed in an honest way without third-party programs that automate pumping, imitating the actions of players.

Also, the gold must not be stolen from another account.

Two such methods of gold mining will be punished by the game administration during the investigation, and all participants in the chain from the beginning of the farm to the purchase will be blocked upon receipt of a complaint from the affected account owner.

Plus, the player must mask all trades and transfers of gold. This does not mean that all gamers are unscrupulous, but the chance of fraud or negligence that will entail the seizure of all purchased gold without compensation for losses is very large.

Just because of the unprofessionalism of the players, it is on sale. Of course, such gold will cost less, but each player will decide for himself whether the discount is worth such risks.

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