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Who is Andrea Zelletta: Age, Girlfriend Natalia and Instagram

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Who is Andrea Zelletta: Age, Girlfriend Natalia and Instagram

Andrea Zelletta is a model, former tronista and competitor Big Brother VIP. Andrea is originally from Taranto, he is engaged to Natalia Paragoni the girl he chose to Men and Women. Andrea and Natalia they were the protagonists of a joke of “Le Iene”. Andrea Zelletta, finalist of the Big Brother, is classified in fifth place.

Who is Andrea Zelletta?

  • First name: Andrea Zelletta
  • Age: 28 years
  • Date of birth: July 2, 1993
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Birth place: Taranto
  • Profession: Model and Influencer
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Tattoos: Andrea he is a great lover of tattoos: the most romantic is the one dedicated to his sister: he had the name “Alessia” tattooed on his wrist. He has many other tattoos such as symbols, decorations, Maori motifs that completely cover his arms.
  • Instagram profile: @iamandreazelletta
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Andrea Zelletta is a boy originally from Taranto born from his mother Anna Stasi, known to the public for being a tronista of Men and Women. It grows in one United family and is particularly attached to his sister Alessia Zelletta. The mother is a domestic worker for individuals and companies. Andrea Zelletta did not complete higher education because initially he played in the youth sector of Lecce, then he went to play in an amateur team in Noto. Accounting, his school, was not in Noto, but it was in Avola, so between complications and everything else Andrea left his studies. The well-started football career was cut short by a bad injury.

Andrea is determined and stubborn and ready to fight to join his both work and love goals. In fact, he wants a family and shuns monotony, always preferring new challenges to routine. He is a close friend of Andrea Damante with whom many say he also shares a certain similarity. Andrea confided in the Big Brother house that his regret is that he has not yet been able to help the family economically to the point of making his mother stop working. Andrea in fact suffers from the fact that the woman has to get up at six to go to work.


Andrea Zelletta on his Instagram profile he boasts over half a million followers. The boy shares a lot of fashion shots and some shots with his girlfriend Natalia. It is not uncommon for the two to have done some advertising campaigns together!

Work and Career

Andrea Zelletta is a model, wearer works as a testimonial of many brands among which we rememberArmani, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess and Zuiki. For Armani he worked with his friend Paul Ferrari. For years she has been walking catwalks and shooting thanks to her beauty and magnetic gaze. In the past he also played professional football, playing in Serie D. Once he moved to Milan, however, he abandoned his passion for football also due to some injuries that were affecting his career, and dedicated himself to the gym and fitness in general. : in fact, in addition to modeling work, he joins that of a personal trainer. After his experience with Men and Women Andrea has reached 500 thousand followers on Instagram, a number that allows him to work at full capacity also as an influencer on social networks. The curiosity of a very young Andrea who sponsors has also sprung up on the net AVON products: on the other hand, making the model it is possible that his face was also lent to this company.

Andrea in the exatate 2021 returns to play as a DJ behind the console e launches her single entitled Lovin ‘at the Speed ​​of Light sung by the former pupil of friends Shady.

From 1 September 2021 Andrea Zelletta and Natalia Paragoni participate in the Real Time program conducted by Katia Follesa entitled “Of love and agreement VIP” where couples are tested with questions that measure the their loving affinity.


Andrea Zelletta was the victim of two attempted assaults in Central station area in Milan. It was he who told it himself through the stories of his Instagram profile, where the former gieffino revealed that he had suffered a pickpocket attempt in broad daylight and then having almost been attacked by a drunk man late in the evening. Andrea spared no worries for his girlfriend Natalia Paragoni:

The area is not recommended at all and is getting worse. Which is why when I was in the Big Brother house I was worried about Natalia

Big Brother VIP 2020

Andrea Zelletta take part in the Big Brother VIP to test his tolerance and endurance skills. He also stated that he would like to win the program: he defines himself as a “starter” and not a person born to be on the bench.

Together with Andrew, in the program conducted by Alfonso Signorini, there are: Elisabetta Gregoraci, Dayane Mello, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Maria Teresa Ruta, Andrea Zelletta, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Selvaggia Roma, Giulia Salemi, Giacomo Urtis, Cristiano Malgioglio, I new entries of December 2020 Cecilia Capriotti, Carlotta Dell’Isola, Filippo Nardi, Samantha De Grenet, Mario Ermito, Andrea Zenga, Sonia Lorenzini. We also remember the eliminated: Denis Dosio, Francesca Pepe, Patrizia De Blanck, Matilde Brandi, Myriam Catania, Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, Massimiliano Morra,, Enock Barwuah, Fulvio Abbate, Fausto Leali and Paolo Brosio. Subsequently, on January 29, the last competitor Alda D’Eusanio also enters the house.

Andrew after a long journey in the big brother’s house Yes ranking in fifth place in the final of the program which took place on February 26, 2021.

Andrea stated that he would return to Big Brother’s house if he were recalled!

Natalia Paragoni

Andrea Zelletta from experience to men and women he is engaged and lives with Natalia Paragoni. In the spring of 2020 Andrea and his girlfriend Natalia were the protagonists of a joke of “Le Iene” where he confessed, pretending, to have betrayed her. The reaction of the girl who fell prey to the famous became famous jealousy has brought out a decidedly impulsive character.

Among the relationships of his past we remember the one with the model and influencer Victoria Stella Doritou, current girlfriend of the cantate Irama and the one with Alice Fabbrica who says she also heard Andrea during his relationship with Natalia Paragoni.

Men and women

Andrea Zelletta was the tronista of the 2018 – 2019 season of Men and Women in place of Andrea Cerioli who chose Arianna Cirrincione by surprise. Andrea’s experience on the throne was particularly followed and loved by the public: among his suitors Natalia Paragoni (his choice), Klaudia Poznaska (a real darling of the public) and Muriel Bassi (now engaged to the former suitor of Angela Nasti and Sabrina Ghio, Fabrizio Baldassarre). In the end, the choice fell on the beautiful Natalia and today the two form a very close-knit couple, they went to live together and plan a future together.


  • Andrea’s sister, Alessia, he is very believer
  • Andrea would like help his family financially and it is one of its main objectives
  • Andrea is a great sportsman and practices various disciplines
  • It was nicknamed “bedside table” by Francesca Pepe for her lack of predisposition to expose herself in the Big Brother VIP house. The second nickname they gave him tointerior of the house was “crunchy”.


The choice of Andrea Zelletta in this video where he kisses his girlfriend Natalia Paragoni

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