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Who is Gabriele Parpiglia: Biography, Age, Private Life, Journalist, Second Life

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Who is Gabriele Parpiglia: Biography, Age, Private Life, Journalist, Second Life

Gabriele Parpiglia is an Italian journalist, writer and presenter, very present in the gossip pages. He currently runs the program Second Life on Real Time, he is a trusted contributor to Alfonso Signorini, co-author of successful TV shows and well known in the world of VIP of which he reveals gossip and previews. Gabriele is one of the authors of “The Z Point” the show hosted by Tommaso Zorzi and broadcast on Mediaset Play.

Who is Gabriele Parpiglia?

  • First name: Gabriele Parpiglia
  • Date of birth: February 3, 1979
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Fish tank
  • Birth place: Reggio Calabria
  • Profession: journalist, writer, author and television host
  • Height: nd
  • Weight: nd
  • Tattoos: nd
  • Official Instagram profile: @gabrieleparpiglia
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Gabriele Parpiglia he was born in Reggio Calabria on February 3, 1979. We do not know much about his childhood and private life, although he is often the subject of gossip. Raised in the city of Reggio, he has a step brother, Pietro, to whom Gabriele is very attached and who was also the protagonist of a long post by the journalist on Instagram following his hospitalization in 2016. Gabriele stated that from an early age he wanted to do the Journalist, even knowing the difficulties he would encounter in order to be able to emerge. He stated that as a boy he enjoyed inventing newspapers, or writing new puns for ‘Willy the Prince of Bel Air’ and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. To succeed in his dream, Gabriel moved to Milan. Here he attended the University Catholic becoming a professional journalist and sustained his studies by doing the bartender or the waiter. In those years Milan was the city of wellbeing and the evenings were full of famous people: Gabriele was attracted to that environment glamor and his first article published on GQ magazine titled “The good nights of the phenomenon” referring to the evening outings of Ronaldo.

Gabriele Parpiglia Instagram

Work and career

Gabriele Parpiglia he began his working career as Journalist, to then become also Writer, author And conductor He did a long apprenticeship as a reporter for Panorama and then started writing for several weeklies from Who And TV Smiles and songs where he deals with customs, society and news. For the monthly Panorama Gabriele has also signed important investigations such as those on Oriana Fallaci, Marco Pantani and the Beasts of Satan.

Multi-tasking character, Gabriele is the protagonist of the radio conducting a program for RTL102.5, television (as the author of some broadcasts), newspapers and books. In the latter capacity of Writer, after having collaborated with biographies of characters such as Mario Balotelli and Fabrizio Corona, published his first novel in 2017, # Formentera14, And #The Door of the Heart in 2018.

Parpiglia has helped many faces of the show in the writing of their books and in a recent one interview to Sonia Bruganelli, wife of Paolo Bonolis, for Sdl TV stated that “On TV as in books, either you tell stories to get a laugh, which is very difficult, or it is something that you bare, and it is rare, or it is a way of means that does not work “. Just telling the truth and exposing people is Gabriele’s goal. And this style of his is also recognized in the book he wrote with Elena Santarelli, her great friend, entitled A mother knows.

Gabriel was author for some TV broadcasts such as the Big Brother Vip, very true, the lucky program of Silvia Toffanin, Tiki Taka, the football program conducted by Pierluigi Pardo And The Island of the Famous, led by Alessia Marcuzzi. Precisely for Toki taka he also curates a ‘Tiky Spy’ column where he tells news and anecdotes from the world of football.

During the 2019 edition of the Isola dei Famosi, of which Gabriele was an author, a case broke out after a video message by Fabrizio Corona in which the former king of gossip announced that Riccardo Fogli he would have been betrayed by his wife while he was in Honduras. After the shocked reaction of the competitor Ex Pooh, a fuss broke out that would have provoked the resignation of Gabriele.

Second Life

Gabriele Parpiglia is the author and host of the Real Time program Second Life in which he interviews celebrities, revealing private moments of their life and career in the format of the talk show of 7 episodes per season.

In the first season were guests of Gabriele Parpiglia:

In the second season broadcast from December 2020 we will see protagonists:

Intervention for Men and Women

Gabriele Parpiglia spoke on the Thursday 4 June episode of Men and women invited by the same Maria De Filippi. Indeed in the challenge between the suitors Sammy Hassan And Davide Basolo for Giovanna Abate has entered Alessandro Graziani, the girl’s former suitor. In fact, Alessandro is at the center of the story concerning the separation of I pay from Serena Enardu: it is Gabriele during the episode who asks Alessandro if the relation there has been or not!

From what Gabriele says and from Alessandro’s statements, we know that the relationship with Serena was not just a gossip but it materialized in four months of mutual affection between the two, but Alessandro declares that it was prior to his participation in the broadcast.

Private life and friendships

Gabriele is a person very private and even from his social channels it is not possible to obtain information about his private life. However, as he himself stated, he has two friendships very important women in his life: Belen Rodriguez And Claudia Galanti. We also know that Gabriele often frequents the nightlife and the Milanese lounges where we find him in the company of famous people portrayed also on his Instagram profile. Among them, he befriended Mario Balotelli He is his brother Enock Barwah.


  • He was the first to reveal the name of Sirio Campedelli, Marco Carta’s boyfriend
  • He revealed the relationship between Guenda Goria and Telemaco Dell’Aquila and the alleged relationship between Paolo Brosio and Marialaura De Vitis!
  • Gabriele was interviewed by Tommaso Zorzi on his YouTube channel during Tommy Talks
  • From the beginning pandemic Gabriele is very active on social media to report episodes of violation of anti-covid rules in areas at risk: he often publishes videos and photos taken from the social profiles of more or less known people who violate the ban on gathering

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