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Who is Stefano Bettarini: Biography, Age, Girlfriend Nicoletta, GF VIP disqualification

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Who is Stefano Bettarini: Biography, Age, Girlfriend Nicoletta, GF VIP disqualification

Stefano Bettarini is an Italian television personality and host as well former footballer who played in several Italian teams. Furthermore, Bettarini is famous for his ten-year marriage with the host Simona Ventura. Stefano is currently engaged to Nicoletta Larini, twenty-six from Lucca, founder of a fashion brand. Stefano Bettarini is competitor of the Big Brother Vip 5, where he meets the former flirt Dayane Mello. A few days after entering the house, Stefano became the protagonist of an involuntary blasphemy: he was therefore disqualified from the program only 72 hours after his entry.

Who is Stefano Bettarini?

  • First name: Stefano Bettarini
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1972 (Sunday)
  • Age: 48 years
  • Zodiac sign: fish tank
  • Profession: TV host, Footballer
  • Birth place: Forlì
  • Height: 185 Cm
  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Tattoos: Stefano has many tattoos on his course, including a tribal one around the ankle and one in the groin, writing on the side of the torso, a cursive phrase on the back, some gothic letters on the inside of the ankle.
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Stefano Bettarini was born in Forlì on February 6, 1972 on a Sunday under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Stefano spends his childhood and most of his adolescence between Buonconvento and Siena together with his parents, his mother Nice and his father Mauro, a well-known manager of an insurance company and football coach. He is the one to convey the passion for football to Stefano. In fact, from an early age Stefano spent whole days playing football with his friends in the square. Once his parents became aware of his deep passion for this sport, he decided to enroll him in football school. His enormous talent distinguished him from the very first days in the field. Despite being a very famous person, there is not much personal information about his past.

Big Brother Vip 2020

Stefano Bettarini had to enter the house of the GF VIP in the episode of October 26 together with Wild Rome and Giulia Salemi. However Selvaggia is positive for COVID and Stefano and Giulia’s entry has been postponed to November 6th.

Stefano has already commented on some competitors: on the formerly Dayane Mello, with unfortunate opinions, and on Pierpaolo Pretelli, whom he would have defined as “the provolone of the house”. Patrizia De Blanck, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Dayane Mello, Adua Del Vesco, Andrea Zelletta, Massimiliano Morra, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Enock Barwuah, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Maria Teresa Ruta and Paolo Brosio.

As soon as he entered the house in the episode ofl November 6th Stefano immediately had a rather heated confrontation with his ex Dayane Mello, who did not exist to define the story with Stefano as the “one night escopation” amid the general hilarity. After an argument and thanks to the suggestions of Alfonso Signorini, the two embrace and leave the frictions behind by agreeing that theirs was an adventure without too much importance. Outside the house, however, Stefano is gathering, after his entry, fluctuating consents: the people of social media in fact do not appreciate his arrogant way of doing. Out of the house the strenuous defense of his girlfriend Nicoletta Larini.

During a speech with his housemates Stefano let slip, as if to intersperse, a blasphemy. During the episode of November 9 Stefano was officially disqualified from the program. His stay at the house lasted from Friday 6 to Monday 9 November.


Work and Career

Stefano Bettarini today he works in the world of television and entertainment but many remember his career in the world of football, socially when he landed in Serie A. His football career began in the youth sector of the Staggia Senese. His debut in the C1 series takes place in 1991 with the Baracca Lugo. In the following year he managed to reach Serie B with Lucchese. With this team Bettarini disputes 3 seasons after which he moved to Salernitana. The year 1996 is the turning point for Stefano, the footballer in fact manages to make his debut in the highest category, in Serie A, with Cagliari. Precisely his debut in Serie A dates back to 8 September, the day in which Cagliari beat Atalanta by two to zero. The following year, thanks to his performances, he was bought by Fiorentina for a considerable sum. After several transfers, Bettarini arrived in Sampdoria in 2002. The following year, relations with the club were cracked by a scandal in which Bettarini was the protagonist relating to a betting scandal. In fact, Bettarini was disqualified for 5 months in 2003. Ten years later, however, the player was acquitted by the court as the fact does not exist. In 2005 Bettarini becomes a Parma player but his performances are rather poor as he only plays 8 league games. After the experience with Parma in fact Bettarini decides to bid farewell to the sport he has always loved. After the sport parenthesis, Bettarini decides to immerse himself in the world of entertainment.

In 2005 it becomes a correspondent of the reality show The Mole and the following year he joined the cast of Buona Domenica instead. In 2009 Stefano reached the final of Dancing with the stars, touching the top step of the podium. From 2009 to 2011 he commented with Massimo Caputo on football matches in the Quelli che il calcio program. In 2013 he became a competitor of the reality Jump! I’m diving in tonight. Three years later he becomes a gieffino by participating inl GF vip, his stay in the house was appreciated by the public since by a whisker he did not get on the lowest step of the podium. In 2018 Stefano returns to television by participating in the reality show Temptation Island Vip led by his ex-wife or Simona Ventura. Last year he then participated in the reality show The island of the Famous 2019 entering the race from the third episode, under the scrupulous eye of the columnist Alba Parietti.

Private life

For 10 years, from 1998 to 2008 Stefano Bettarini was married to the showgirl Simona Ventura. Their relationship has always been highly appreciated, it is no coincidence that their marriage was celebrated on live television. They are the fruit of their love Niccolò Bettarini, born in 1998 and Giacomo born in 2000. After the divorce, the former footballer approached the dancer Samantha Togni met during her experience at Dancing with the Stars. Their romance lasts about a year before it ends. In 2014 Stefano was the partner of Ilenia Iacono, the two were about to get married but suddenly they decided to end it all. The reason for the break is still unclear. Niccolò was also the victim of an attack in July 2018 outside a room where he received several stab wounds. Fortunately, the affair was resolved with a complete recovery and his attackers were sentenced.

In general, Stefano has always been associated with several women. In the past he has also been attributed a flirtation with Barbara D’Urso but neither of them has ever commented on the news. Another flirt that has been attributed to him is the one with Marika Fruscio, and finally one with the beautiful Maria Rodriguez during the GF Vip however never confirmed.

After the famous Island 2017 he had a short relationship with Dayane Mello before getting engaged to Nicoletta Larini, a 22-year-old pious little designer. Stefano has repeatedly stated publicly that Nicoletta is the woman of his life and that they dream of giving birth to a child.


  • One of his greatest passions are motorcycles, which he loves to spend his free time with.
  • One of her best friends is Alessia Marcuzzi.
  • It seems that between the former footballer and the dancer Stefano De Martino there is not a good relationship, in fact Bettarini accuses him of being not very spontaneous and involved in appearances on television.

Video by Stefano Bettarini

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