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Who is the List Representative? Names, Age, Life and Instagram

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Who is the List Representative?  Names, Age, Life and Instagram

The List Representative is an Italian musical duo born in 2011 and composed by Veronica Lucchesi (voice) e Dario Mangiaracina (guitar and other instruments), which were later joined by other musicians. They call themselves a Queer Pop Band and have participated in Sanremo 2021 with the song “Amare”, produced by Dardust. They are classified eleventh in the final classification of the Festival. Back on the stage of Sanremo 2022 with the song Ciao Ciao.

Who am I the List Representative?

  • Stage name: The List Representative – AMLA
  • First name: Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiarancina
  • Group creation date: 2011
  • Age: Veronica is 33 years old
  • Profession: Singers, actors and performers
  • Birth place: Veronica in Viareggio and Dario in Palermo
  • Height: Veronica is 160 cm Dario 175 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: They have no visible tattoos on the body
  • Official Instagram profile: @larappresentantedilista
  • Veronica Lucchesi Instagram profile: @veronica__l
  • Instagram profile Dario Mangiaracina: @dariomangiaracina
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


The List Representative, or Veronica Lucchesi, originally from Viareggio, e Dario Mangiaracina, originally from Palermo, they met in Valledolmo (PA) in 2011 and during the rehearsals of the theatrical show Physical education, directed by Sabino Civilleri and Manuela Lo Sicco, decide to found a group. The name The List Representative takes origin from the fact that Veronica signed up as a representative of the list of one of the various political parties to be able to vote outside the office in the abrogative referendum of 2011 on the subject of nuclear energy! Currently the group is also composed of Erika Lucchesi, Marta Cannuscio (drums and vocals), Enrico Lupi (trumpet, piano and synth), Roberto Calabrese. Dario and Veronica have a strong theatrical background and have stated that

The theater it is like a language that you learn as a child and comes out in some contexts: it saves you, it helps you to express a concept that otherwise you would not be able, it makes you use the diaphragm, gestures and body in a certain way. It is also attention to detail, which you apply to other disciplines, in a special blend

Instagram The List Representative

The Instagram profile of The List Representative has more than 28 thousand followers and it is above all a profile that proposes phrases taken from their songs.


On 6 March 2014 the first album by The List Representative, (for the) Way home, which inaugurates the collaboration of the band with the label Garrincha Dischi. The album features folk and territorial sounds and also contains two songs in German (Klammern an den Zähnen and Winter Underwear). The candidacy for the plates is from the same year Tenco – best debut album and participation in finals of the Musicultura festival. Their second album is released on December 4th 2015, Bu Bu Sad which brings the band to play live throughout Italy. In 2018 the album was released Go Go Diva, after the passage of the List Representative to the Woodworm Label record company and began the tour throughout Italy and sanctioned the beginning of the collaboration with other artists such as Giovanni Truppi and Dimartino. On 1 May 2019 they participate in the Concertone of trade unions in Rome.

The List Representative performed a Sanremo 2020 with Rancore and Durdust where they sang with the cover of Elisa, Light in the evening Cover and Duets.

The group The Representative of List participates in the second season of the television series of the Rai house The hunter in which he plays the band of Maria, a young punk singer in Palermo in 1996. Among others, Francesco Montanari, husband of Andrea Delogu, participates in the series.

In 2019, the duo collaborates, in the featuring We give each other a kiss. with the songwriter Dimartino, also in competition in Sanremo 2021.

March 5, 2021 their latest album is out My mom, that contains the song Love, presented in competition at Sanremo 2021. The duo regarding their latest effort declare

The album talks about mothers, fathers, growth, living our thirty years in this decade and wondering what legacy we will leave after us

In July 2021 a new single from the title is released VitaI: the song was written after the album was released but spiritually it is part of it. The representative of the list in the summer of 2021 is on tour bringing her record and participates in Battiti Live. In December 2021 he duet with Erio during the semifinal of X Factor 2021 and a few days later he announced his participation in Sanremo 2022 with the song Ciao Ciao.

We give each other a kiss, Dimartino feat. The representative of Lista

Sanremo 2021

The name de The List Representative is one of the competitors of Sanremo 2021 conducted by Amadeus and which saw the participation among the guests of Fiorello And Luca Argentero. They brought the song entitled “Amare”. In the evening dedicated to the duets and covers of Sanremo 2021, The List Representative sing “Splendido Splendente” by Donatella Rettore in duet with Donatella herself. There performance was highly appreciated and allowed the Lista representative to rank in the top 10 of the evening covers and duets.

Dario and Veronica yes rank eleventh in the final classification of the Festival.

Curiosities about the text Love

To the newspaper La Repubblica, Veronica declares that

Love it’s not just a love song. It is not about relationships, but about a feeling of the soul that most likely guides our life, our bodies and the experience that life brings to you.

and Dario instead tells a little about the genesis of the Sanremo song:

During an artistic residency made in Castelbuono in September. A sort of spiritual-musical retreat in which the sisters of the Daughters of the Cross institute lent us their summer home. There we focused the song

Sanremo 2021 singers


  • Veronica she speaks fluent German and English and among other skills we find modern dance, hip hop, kung fu shaolin, saber shapes, boxing, cooking, clowning and diva!
  • Veronica he also plays toy instruments during performances!
  • Dario he declared that “The fiction in the theater serves to bring a truth”.
  • on the Facebook and Instagram profiles, the duo announced their presence at the Valentino Act Collection in Milan.
  • Veronica confessed that she would like to return to Sanremo: it is therefore likely that we will see the duo again in the Sanremo 2022 Kermesse

Video by The Representative of List

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