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Who is Mario Serpa: Biography, Age, Tommaso Zorzi and Claudio Sona Men and Women

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Who is Mario Serpa: Biography, Age, Tommaso Zorzi and Claudio Sona Men and Women

Mario Serpa is a football player, influencer and Roman PR who became known when he participated in Men and Women as a suitor of the first gay tronist of the show: Claudio Sona. Mario was Claudio Sona’s choice, but after some rumors that Claudio still saw his ex Juan Fran Sierra they broke up. Become a pundit on the program Men and women in 2019, in 2020 he moved to New York.

Who is Mario Serpa?

  • First name: Mario Serpa
  • Age: 34 years
  • Date of birth: April 29, 1986
  • Zodiac sign: Bull
  • Birth place: Anzio
  • Profession: Pr, Salesman and Influencer
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Tattoos: Mario Serpa has various tattoos: A crucifix on the left hand, a flock of birds flying on the arm and decorations on the groin.
  • Official Instagram Profile: @ serpiko6
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Mario Serpa was born in Anzio in the province of Rome in 1986. Mario stated that he did not have a happy adolescence due to his homosexuality and that he had to start working early to become independent. He moved away from home due to problems with his parents after coming out which he only did at the age of 25 because he had the terror of giving a displeasure to his family. He is a sportsman with a past as a footballer, his teammates learned that he was gay following the Men and Women broadcast. When he moved to Rome he did several jobs including the PR for a well-known LGBT evening: the Muccassassina. After participating in men and women, thanks to personal success, she becomes a testimonial for the company Ginova sportswear of Canale 5 as a columnist alongside Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti. And where are his clashes with the former tronista Sonia Lorenzini famous.

Work and Career

Mario Serpa was born as an amateur footballer but its main activity is that of manager of a shop in the center of Rome. The boy confessed to his soccer companions that he was Gay during the throne of Men and Women and was received in a very positive way by everyone. Mario also took care of nightlife, having been the PR of the LGBT Muccassassina evening, which takes place in a famous club in Rome.

After participating in Men and Women Mario also became popular on social media and became a testimonial for the Givova brand (such as Damiano Allotta) and other brands. Maria De Filippi also wanted him as a commentator of the program for several editions, until he was replaced by Lorenzo Riccardi. The reason for his non-renewal as a columnist for Men and Women can be traced in the quarrel he had with the editing of the program and in particular with Raffaella Mennoia. Mario then moved to New York where he worked as an Influencer. Some rumors see him as the next competitor of the Big Brother VIP.

Mario Serpa Instagram

Mario Serpa has a private profile on Instagram, where he boasts 667,000 followers.

Mario Serpa against Tommaso Zorzi

Mario Serpa in August 2019 launched an accusation against Tommaso Zorzi on Instagram, who allegedly sent him messages which would then be deleted by Tommaso himself after not having received a reply. Zorzi did not digest the accusations and denied it, but Mario went on with words stating that perhaps the boy had mistaken Instagram for GRINDR.

Mario Serpa against Raffaella Mennoia

Mario Serpa in August 2019 discussed via social media with Raffaella Mennoia, one of the authors of the Men and Women program. After Mario discovered that some of the authors of the program were on vacation with Claudio Sona he wrote: “This confirms the disgust that there was and that continues to be behind everything”.

Raffaella replies: “I would like to inform you that the ‘Sola’ as you call it has amply demonstrated that he was not engaged during the throne. And if you want to argue otherwise, I will be very interested in listening to you. For the rest, the gossip and the inferences, the false reports, the fake news do not work with me. And so if the editorial team decides to share their life with Claudio, it is right to do so “

Mario, however, has increased the dose “I would like to tell you two little words, dear Raffaella Mennoia, even if I understand the need to protect the image of the first gay throne, I don’t think you are in a position to be able to tell nonsense and, in the name of truth, it would be better to keep silent or to leave it alone those directly involved. Having said that, as everyone is free to take the holidays with whoever they want, they are also free to tell about tests, demonstrations and bla, bla, bla … well I tell my truth and we all know what it was. A big kiss from the heart. “

Raffaella’s reply at this point it was more than clear: “I have added a new Instagram filter that deletes messages from markette, fake and haters and those who bring only wickedness and poor lifeless stro ***. If I don’t answer you it’s only because you are not worthy, simply miraculous “

On Mario Serpa’s side, the second Gay tronist of the program, Alex Migliorini, took sides, saying: “90 minutes of applause, finally someone who is not afraid to tell the truth“. Gianni Sperti and Jack Vanore instead defended Raffaella and the production.

Mario Serpa and Claudio Sona

Claudio Sona and Mario Serpa were part of the season of Men and Women 2016 – 2017. If on the one hand the fact that it was the first gay throne ever in history attracted people’s curiosity, on the other it was also one of the most discussed because of the aftermath he brought with him. Claudio at the end of the throne chooses Mario and for the two begins a relationship away from the cameras so much so that in December 2017 they decide to go and live together in Verona, Claudio’s city. After a few months, however, the couple leaves not without arrows and poisons.

Mario in fact claims that Claudio had been for the whole period of the throne and subsequently still engaged to his ex Juan Fran Sierra (protagonist of Riccanza). According to Mario then Claudio would have lied to the editors of the program of Maria De Filippi, defining herself single but in fact without being. The event that would mark this awareness is the appearance of a tattoo with a bunny on Claudio identical to that of Juan Fran. Subsequently Claudio would have shown the editorial staff that he was not engaged (as also written by Mennoia) while Mario has always continued to argue the opposite. The relationship between the two therefore ended definitively with poisons and accusations.

Mario Serpa Hot video

Mario Serpa posted on Instagram a video on May 24 where he shows his “morning routine” and which involves the private parts without showing anything the video was rather unequivocal. Fans have lashed out against this choice and harshly criticized the influencer even threatening the unfollower.


  • Mario Serpa did not remain on good terms with Sonia Lorenzini: in fact, the girl was a tronista while Mario was a columnist and there was never a feeling between the two. Mario spared no criticism of the girl for her path and her character.


A video of Mario when he was a suitor to Men and Women

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