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Who is Giacomo Urtis GF VIP: Biography, Age, Surgeon, VIP Clients, Boyfriend and Instagram

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Who is Giacomo Urtis GF VIP: Biography, Age, Surgeon, VIP Clients, Boyfriend and Instagram

Giacomo Urtis is a dermatologist and 43-year-old Venezuelan cosmetic surgeon, known for havingand many VIPs among its customers and to often attend Barbara D’Urso’s programs. He made himself known for aver attended in 2017 at the “Island of the famous” and at GF VIP 5. Back in GF VIP 6 in the episode of November 29th.

Who is Giacomo Urtis?

  • First name: Giacomo Urtis
  • Age: 44 years old
  • Date of birth: September 28, 1977
  • Birth place: Caracas
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Profession: cosmetic surgeon, actor, tv personality
  • Weight: 86 Kg
  • Height: 1.78 cm
  • Tattoos: two identical tattoos on the sides of the groin
  • Official Instagram profile: @giacomourtis
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Giacomo Urtis was born in Caracas on 28 September 1977 and it was in Venezuela that he spent his first years of life. But then he returned to Sardinia, specifically to Alghero, his parents’ country of origin, a few years later to continue his studies. It seems that Giacomo has been a beauty lover since he was a child and that this passion then made him choose the university path in Medicine and Surgery. Thus he graduated in 2002 at the University of Sassari specializing in Dermatology and Venereology. He continues his career at the University of Milan where he acquires the Master in Aesthetic Surgery which will lead him to enhance his career by becoming a true guru in this field. Giacomo Urtis in addition to being a surgeon has tried many aesthetic interventions on himself: in April he even announced that he wanted to become a hermaphrodite using surgery, a project that was later abandoned. However Giacomo has tried many techniques on himself, so much so that her abdomen seems not to be the result of hours in the gym but of skilful liposuction combined with muscle grafts.

Career: From Surgeon to Reality

Giacomo Urtis is a Dermatologist. After graduating in 2002 in Medicine and Surgery and specialization in Dermatology and Venereology, Giacomo Urtis acquires the Master in Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Milan. Talent, savoir faire and affability make him in a short time become a highly sought-after cosmetic surgeon especially in the show business, often operating in the cities of Milan and Rome. He founds his company, the “Dr Urtis Clinic”, a network of specialists in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine as well as in Dermatology. To date there are several specialized clinics in Italy: two are located in the cities of Milan and Rome and a center specialized in weight loss has been inaugurated in his native region, Sardinia. Urtis has recently opened its own center in London and has also launched a very successful cosmetic line. His success as a VIP surgeon also consecrates him as a television personality and he begins to participate as a guest in numerous television salons. In 2017 becomes one of the contestants of the 12th edition of the reality show “The Island of the Famous”: in the same edition Dayane Mello and Samantha De Grenet her adventure companions also at the GF VIP. On this occasion, a real friendship is born with Dayane that goes beyond the screen.

Giacomo Urtis he then also began a career as an actor by participating in the web series “The Lady” by Lory del Santo together with Francesca Pepe as well as having also taken part in the creation of a service on the TV program “Le Iene” which talked about beauty care . Today Urtis collaborates with numerous magazines and regularly participates as a commentator and expert in numerous television broadcasts. Finally, a few years ago Giacomo Urtis also threw himself in the world of music as a singer. He took singing lessons for two years and then recorded “Tia”, a debut single released in Spanish. The video of the song was made in the luxurious villa that belonged to the star Madonna! Lately he launched another song entitled “More”. Giacomo Urtis enters as a guest of the GF VIP 2020 Alfonso Signorini on November 16, 2020 to wreak havoc in the house by having him “in his cell phone many secrets of VIPs” who are also his customers. As the days go by he becomes a full-fledged competitor of the GF VIP 5 program, and after this experience he also returns to the GF VIP 6.


Giacomo Urtis’ Instagram profile has more than half a million followers. The boy shares many shots of his profession, explaining some cosmetic surgery techniques he used.

giacomo urtis before and after

Ex and Current Boyfriend

Giacomo Urtis he has never hidden his homosexuality and at the moment he is single even though he says he is in love with a famous person of whom he is only the lover. Had an affair with Rodrigo Alves (now Jessica Alves), television personality known as “The Human Ken” due to the numerous surgeries that led him to resemble the famous doll. Alves was one of the competitors in the 15th edition of the “Grande Fratello Vip” program.

Vip customers

On Giacomo Urtis’ Instagram profile it is possible to see several photos that the surgeon took in the company of his patients: we recognize Wild Rome, Andrea Battistelli and Anna Boschetti, Mara Venier, Taylor Mega, Francesca Cipriani, Dayane Mello, Francesca Tocca, Valeria Marini, Deianira Marzano, Francesca Brambilla, Soleil Sorge.

Big Brother VIP 2021 – 2022

Giacomo Urtis participates again in the GF VIP the year after his first appearance, he enters at the end of November with Valeria Marini and composes a single competitor with her. In the house he finds his friends Soleil Sorge, le Selassié and many other clients and friends that Giacomo has in his life and that he finds in the program. The contestants of the GF VIP are: Kabir Bedi, Valeria Marini, Biagio D’Anelli (entered November 29), Maria Monsé and Patrizia Pellegrino (entered November 22 and left shortly after), Federica Calemme, Alessandro Basciano, Eva Grimaldi, ( December 17) Nathaly Caldonazzo and Barù (enter December 20) Sophie Codegoni, Katia Ricciarelli, Soleil Sorge, Andrea Casalino, Amedeo Goria, Samy Youssef, Tommaso Eletti, Carmen Russo, Raffaella Fico, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Aldo Montano, Alex Belli, Manuel Bortuzzo, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri, Francesca Cipriani, Ainett Stephens, Manila Nazzaro, Nicola Pisu.

After a few weeks in the house, Giacomo comments on the attitude of Miriana Trevisan who approached Biagio D’anelli. In fact, Urtis says: “How clever she is, she does this with everyone … In my opinion she doesn’t care. It is she who sticks, if you look at them, he never sticks. See how it sticks to it. In my opinion he doesn’t like it, at most he likes to play. I can’t stand it“. We’ll see if Urtis’s analysis is correct!

Big Brother Vip 2020-2021

Giacomo Urtis entered as a guest at Big Brother Vip 2020 in the episode of November 16, 2020, causing the joy of dear friend Dayane Mello who landed him with a hug as soon as she saw him. Urtis will have the task, in these days, to overturn the cards of the game by revealing some gossip in terms of surgical tweaks and not only on the inhabitants of the house: to them to understand if they are true or not. The first bomb dropped by Giacomo was the circto an alleged secret boyfriend of Selvaggia Roma, a footballer for a foreign football team! In the house Giacomo is with Elisabetta Gregoraci, Dayane Mello, Stefania Orlando, Adua Del Vesco, Maria Teresa Ruta, Andrea Zelletta, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Francesco Oppini, Tommaso Zorzi, Selvaggia Roma, Giulia Salemi, Giacomo Urtis, Cristiano Malgioglio, The new entries of December 2020 Carlotta Dell ‘ Isola, Filippo Nardi, Cecilia Capriotti, Sonia Lorenzini, Samantha De Grenet, Mario Ermito, Andrea Zenga and Ginevra Lamborghini (sister of Elettra). We also remember the eliminated: Denis Dosio, Francesca Pepe, Patrizia De Blanck, Matilde Brandi, Myriam Catania, Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, Massimiliano Morra,, Enock Barwuah, Fulvio Abbate, Fausto Leali and Paolo Brosio.

Giacomo Urtis after a few episodes he became a full-fledged competitor of the Big Brother VIP. The boy also escaped a nomination even if his character did not come out completely: he himself said he was held back and Alfonso invited him to give more in the house.

Giacomo Urtis despite being practically every week in nomination, he managed to always be saved by the public until the evening of 5 January where, against Giulia Salemi, he loses the televoting and must leave the house.


  • It seems that Giacomo Urtis he experimented on himself the most innovative and avant-garde plastic surgery techniques and this allowed him to show off a muscular and perfect physique during his participation as a “castaway” in the reality show “The Island of the Famous”.
  • In early 2020 was the protagonist of an investigation into his activities as a plastic surgeon: it is clear from an official statement received from SICRE, or the Italian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, to the newspaper Novella 2000 like “Giacomo Urtis should not be considered and defined as plastic and aesthetic surgeon” because Urtis has never obtained the Specialization in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, a title lasting 5 years that allows precisely those who conclude this path to actually practicing cosmetic surgery.
  • He is friends with Nicholas Cornia and together with him she organized a birthday party for a mutual friend in 2017
  • Giacomo is a great friend of the trans artist Elenoire Ferruzzi of whom she is also a client because she has undergone many plastic surgeries.


The video of the latest single from Giacomo Urtis

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