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Who is Gilles Rocca: Biography, Age, Weight, Girlfriend Miriam and Instagram

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Who is Gilles Rocca: Biography, Age, Weight, Girlfriend Miriam and Instagram

Gilles Rocca it’s a movie director And actor 38-year-old from Rome, who became famous thanks to the appearance on the stage of Sanremo during the quarrel between Bugo and Morgan. He was a competitor and winner of Dancing with the stars 2020 paired with Lucrezia Lando and is engaged to the actress Miriam Galanti. He participated in the Island of the famous 2021, coming out by his will in the fourteenth episode.

Who is Gilles Rocca?

  • First name: Gilles Rocca
  • Date of birth:January 12, 1983
  • Age: 38 years
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Profession: Actor and director
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg (during the island it reached 59 kg)
  • Tattoos: The actor has some visible tattoos on his body, on the right shoulder he has tattooed some ideograms whose meaning has not been disclosed, also on the right wrist he has an initial tattoo, even on the left forearm there is an inscription with very particular characters. On the right bicep, on the other hand, he has tattooed some zodiac signs, such as Scorpio, the twins and others. Another visible tattoo is the letter tattooed on the right hip.
  • Official Instagram profile: @gillesroccaofficial
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Gilles Rocca was born in Rome under the sign of Capricorn. The French origin of its name is due to its disappearance, a few months before his birth, of the Formula 1 champion Gilles Villeneuve. The parents are the owners of a family business that deals with the rental and technical assistance of musical instruments and works closely with various Rai productions including the Sanremo Festival. Precisely for this reason Gilles Gilles is filmed by a viewer during the quarrel between Bugo and Morgan. Immediately the photo goes around the web creating a sudden curiosity about the name of what they believed to be a sound engineer who appeared on the stage of the Ariston. Gilles says that he did not immediately acknowledge what was happening on the net, the next day in fact he wakes up with a strange and pleasant surprise: his Instagram account is literally clogged and the four thousand followers become (in a few hours) eleven thousand.


Gilles Roca’s girlfriend is Miriam Galanti, actress famous for being the protagonist of the film “Scarlett” and for having acted in several theatrical performances. Some photos of the couple can be found on Facebook, where Gilles and Miriam shared shots of their vacation together. Upon returning from the Island of the famous, the couple experienced a few months of crisis, moving away. However, Gilles and Miriam get back together overcoming the difficulties.

gilles rocca and miriam galanti

Gilles Rocca and Miriam Galanti

Work and Career

Gilles Rocca works in the entertainment world as both actor and director. He is also an entrepreneur in the family business. Before becoming an actor and a director, Gilles had a big dream in the drawer, namely that of becoming a football champion. In his football career he played for Lazio for four years, he subsequently played at Cervia. The actor took part in the famous Mediaset reality show “Campioni, the dream” in its second edition. Unfortunately, his presence in the reality show lasted a few weeks. At 21 he decides to give up football also due to a bad injury suffered during a match and to devote himself to the world of entertainment. Immediately after the experience at Cervia he was offered a role in successful fiction “Carabinieri”Where he has the opportunity to act together with Alessia Marcuzzi and Luca Argentero.

Over the years, as an actor he has appeared in various fictional films successful such as: Don Matteo together with Nino Frassica, Police District, Ris, i Cesaroni with Matteo Branciamore, Le tre Rose di Eva, Roll up our sleeves and Nero a M mezzo. On the big screen he was the protagonist of Tre Tre tocchi directed by Marco Risi, he always acted for the cinema at Christmas in London. In 2008 he also won the “Fly me in the heart” program in the “Actors” category.

In its career as a director Gilles has won several major awards among which we remember: “Massimo Troisi” Award for directing and “Tulips of black silk” award as best Docufilm and as best director. Among his most important short films stands out “Metamorphosis”In which he plays both the role of director and actor. The short film talks about violence against women and sees Gilles’ girlfriend Miriam among the protagonists. The short was noticed by Isabella Rauti, former adviser for equal opportunities, and has become an official document of the Minister of the Interior. He is currently working on the feature film of “Metamorphosis” where this time, however, he will not act.

Despite having had a varied career between cinema, TV and camera, the public noticed him best at the Sanremo 2020 festival. In fact, Gilles is also an entrepreneur, together with his father, manages a very important company that deals with the rental and technical assistance of musical instruments and has assets of 19 Sanremo Festivals. A photo of him immediately made the rounds of the web and as if by magic the next day everyone wanted to know the name of what they thought was a beautiful sound engineer involved in quarrel more discussed than Ariston.

Island Of The Famous 2021

Gilles Rocca is a castaway from the Island of the Famous 2021 broadcast from March 15, 2021 conducted by Ilary Blasi and who sees Massimiliano Rosolino as a special correspondent in Honduras. It is the first time for Gilles Rocca in a reality show of this type, after having participated in the Dancing with the Stars which is however a different type of program.

Regarding the reality show, which kicks off on March 15, Gilles said

I’m curious to discover my physical limits but especially my mental ones… the body will be fundamental but the head will be even more so

Gilles stated that he brings with him to the island three special items: a photo of his girlfriend Miriam, a bandana he always wears when he rides a motorcycle and some earrings he is particularly fond of. In the third episode Gilles faces an endurance test against Akash Kumar but fails to win. During the episodes Gilles discussed with Vera Gemma and Daniela Martani: for many castaways he is a leader, the one who gets his hands dirty most of all for the group, while others like Vera and Awed suffer this role. In any case, Gilles manages to win the nomination against Vera Gemma and Awed and remains on the Island, always supported by his partner Miriam that he has begun to be present in the studio to support his partner. Gilles over the course of the weeks the distance from Miriam (his girlfriend), hunger and the dynamics of the island begins to suffer more and more. He gets to ask the other competitors to name him, so much so that Gilles ends up in nomination in the episode of May 3 where he risks elimination from the program via televoting. Gilles is eliminated on televoting and is offered to stay on Playa Imboscada with Beatrice Marchetti, but despite the video message from his girlfriend Miriam he decides to return to Italy and not stay in the game.

After his retirement from reality, Gilles who came to weigh 59 kg, made a strong statement on Instagram saying, “I thought a lot about whether or not to write this post then I decided to do it, after all what have I done wrong? I have shown my frailties in a world where they are liked best false hugs and sterile quarrels of an I love you shouted in a loud voice“. Then Gilles added: “The same people who accuse you are the ones who two seconds earlier may have insulted another woman just because she put on a few pounds or did some tweaking.“. Finally he threw a jab at Tommaso Zorzi:

No matter what I do, what a person does, in the world of social media you will be criticized regardless, you just need to go up against someone with more followers to be literally lynched. Does this look nice to you? Do you know how many people have taken their own lives because of these attitudes?

Gilles was subsequently also criticized by Daniela Martani who accused him of having participated in the Island of the Famous only for money. The alleged cachet of Gilles would have been 7 thousand euros.

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:


The Instagram profile of Gilles Rocca was hacked in September, so Gilles opened a new official profile where it almost counts 50 thousand followers.

Gilles Rocca Instagram

Dancing with the stars 2020

Among the most important innovations of the brand new edition of talent of the Rai house Dancing with the stars 2020 stands out the presence of Gilles Rocca, the beautiful sound engineer who became famous thanks to the quarrel between Morgan and Bugo during the Song Festival. Gilles dances paired with Lucrezia Lando and after 10 episodes he manages to take home the first place and win the program.

In the talent show hosted by Milly Carlucci, Gilles engages in dance with Daniele Scardina, Paolo Conticini, Tullio Solenghi, Lina Sastri, Vittoria Schisano, Rosalinda Celentano, Ninetto Davoli, Antonio Maria Catalani, Barbara Bouchet, Elisa Isoardi and Alessandra Mussolini.


  • Gilles trains a lot and plays many sports to keep his sculpted physique perfect
  • Gilles strongly believes in friendship, which is a fundamental value for him
  • loves to travel around the world and visit new places;
  • He really likes i tattoos;
  • has recently done a new tattoo: the written RESPECT on the left wrist.
  • Gilles has a great passion for motorcycles

Video by Gilles Rocca

There he is showreel by Gilles Rocca.

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