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Who is Giovanni Ciacci: Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Mariano Catanzaro

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Who is Giovanni Ciacci: Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Mariano Catanzaro

Giovanni Ciacci is an image curator, costume designer and stylist famous in the entertainment world for having curated eight editions of the Sanremo Festival. He was also a competitor of Dancing with the Stars in 2018 and of Detto Fatto on Rai Due; is currently a permanent presence among the opinion leaders of Afternoon 5 and Sunday Live conducted by Barbara D’Urso.

Who is Giovanni Ciacci?

  • First name: Giovanni Ciacci
  • Date of birth: 11 March 1971
  • Age: 50 years
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Birth place: Siena
  • Profession: Stylist
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Tattoos: no tattoo
  • Official Instagram Profile: @giovanniciacci
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Giovanni Ciacci he is originally from Siena, a city to which he is still very attached: he tries not to miss even a “Palio” when work allows him. He is famous for being the stylist of VIPs and has been passionate about fashion and beauty since he was a child. We don’t know much about Giovanni’s family, but information about his is more abundant love life. Giovanni in fact declared that as a young man he suffered from his sexual orientation – Giovanni Ciacci is admittedly homosexual – and that in love he had a relationship with a man who was already living with another person. This situation made him suffer a lot.

In the spring of 2018 he revealed in an interview for “La Zanzara” that he had been with the Ethiopian prince Christian Haile Selassie that he would also have asked him to marry him but the relationship ended before the big step. In the summer of 2018 Giovanni Ciacci met Damiano Allotta: the story between the two was very important and ended in the following summer.


Giovanni Ciacci was engaged for a year with Damiano Allotta, Stefano Gabbana’s ex boyfriend. The relationship has experienced ups and downs between a general back and forth but it was very intense so much so that Giovanni and Damiano were also thinking about marriage. In the summer of 2019, however, the news of their separation arrives via a very painful Instagram post by Giovanni who wrote: “Damiano is no longer my boyfriend. I thought it was love, but it was a gig, it happens in life. We had completely different styles and ways of life. I’ll get over this too. ” Recently Giovanni Ciacci was photographed in the company of a 37-year-old boy named Luca, the two in a restaurant were exchanging some tenderness and showing complicity.

Subsequently in June 2021 Giovanni Ciacci was spotted in the company of Mariano Catanzaro: the former tronista who recently made it clear that he felt sympathy for men, was spotted in a hotel with Giovanni Ciacci.

Giovanni Ciacci Instagram

Giovanni Ciacci has about 380,000 followers on Instagram. Giovanni shares shots of his working life and some selfies. In particular, the following photo is from Venice and dates back to early May: Giovanni thanks “someone” for the flowers. Could this be Luca?

Giovanni Ciacci Boyfriend

Giovanni Ciacci receives flowers from a mystery boyfriend source @Instagram

Work and Career

Giovanni Ciacci is a costume designer and image curator for many VIPs and television programs. Her debut in the world of TV comes thanks to her friend Valeria Marini. “Divissima“- as Ciacci calls her – he wanted him as the curator of his image during the bagaglino show”Greetings and kisses“. Giovanni thus made himself known in the world and in a short time he became one of the most sought-after look experts on the entire Italian television scene.

His popularity led him to work for directors, photographers and actors including Helmut Newton, Bigas Luna, Giorgio Albertazzi. He also took care of the image of several Showgirls such as Antonella Clerici, Caterina Balivo and Francesca Neri. He has also become the costume designer of Sanremo and holds the record of eight editions of the Festival edited by him in collaboration with Stefano Dominella di Gattinoni. Giovanni Ciacci was supposed to participate in the 2021 edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, but after the medical examinations he had to abandon the project. However, he is a guest in the studio of an episode of the program.

giovanni ciacci

Detto Done and Afternoon 5

From 2013 Giovanni Ciacci became co-host of the Rai 2 program Detto Fatto with Caterina Balivo. In the program she edited fashion and style columns, also talking about gossip and news. Always a No sooner said than done, GIovanni edited the Beauty column with the former suitor Martina Luchena. However, when the baton of the program passes to Bianca Guaccero Giovanni Ciacci lasts only a year and then abandons the program which according to him: “I left RAi because Detto Fatto was sinking. The program was no longer what it once was, it ended with the departure of Caterina Balivo ”(who in the meantime had passed to conduct“ come to me ”on Rai 1).

In 2018 Giovanni becomes a competitor of dancing with the Stars and at the same time he also hosts the program “Vite da Copertina” on TV8 together with Eleonoire Casalegno. In the same year he publishes his own in bookstores first novel entitled “La Contessa” which talks about the history of the first Italian transsexual.

After the abandonment of the Rai channels with the consequent scandal and the question and answer between Ciacci and Freccero, the Styler passes to Mediaset and is a permanent presence in the living rooms of Barbara D’Urso at Afternoon 5 and Sunday Live. On this occasion he often clashed with Maria Monsè and her daughter Perla Maria and with the journalist Adriano Panzironi.

Rai condemns

Giovanni Ciacci’s resignation from Rai followed the words of Carlo Freccero, former director of Rai, who had declared to “Il Fatto Quotidiano” that Giovanni had been convicted and therefore would no longer work on national television. There reply by Giovanni Ciacci was immediate: “Freccero said something wrong. The lawsuit is ongoing because I took a dress from the Rai in Naples without the bubble and took it to an exhibition of Gattinoni on television, where Rai was the main sponsor. I have been investigated for receiving stolen goods for wearing a dress without a bubble.”Subsequently, with his statements, Giovanni suggests that he has left Detto Fatto for another reason, namely the drop in ratings and the change of format after the passing of the baton from Balivo to Guaccero. Currently Giovanni Ciacci has been replaced in his role by the style coach Carla Gozzi.

Video by Giovanni Ciacci

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