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Who is Paola Caruso: Biography, Age, Son, Former Dario Socci and Instagram

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Who is Paola Caruso: Biography, Age, Son, Former Dario Socci and Instagram

Paola Caruso is an Italian television personality of 36 years old, best known for the role of Bonas to Avanti another. He participated in The Island of the Famous 11 and recently broke up with her boyfriend, boxer Dario Socci.

Who is Paola Caruso?

  • First name: Paola Caruso
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Catanzaro
  • Profession: Showgirl and columnist
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Date of birth: January 17, 1985
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @paolacarusoofficial
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Paola Lucia Caruso was born in Catanzaro on January 17, 1985 is a show woman who has been involved for several years as a columnist and regular guest of some afternoon lounges. Paola graduated in Law before landing in the entertainment world. She has a sensitive side but always manages to be very frank and it is precisely for this reason that she distinguished herself in Alessia Marcuzzi’s program, The Island of the famous 11, although his attitude attracted Mercedesz Henger’s dislikes to Gracia De Torres.

Regarding his private life, recently and during Sunday Live, the beautiful Paola Caruso said she was adopted and never met her biological parents. He also confessed that this would affect his way of relating to the world and to men.

Paola Caruso Amori

Many loves are attributed to Paola Caruso, starting with the son of Paolo Bonolis, Stefano. Another of his flirts would have been the ex tronista Daniele Interrante, ex of Guendalina Canessa and Francesca De Andrè. Another former tronista would have entered his heart: let’s talk about Lucas Peracchi, now engaged to Eva Henger’s daughter: Mercedsz. During the Big Brother Vip he said he had a soft spot for the friend of the nice Raffaello Tonon, Luca Onestini.

In 2014 Paola Caruso also had an affair with the GF VIP competitor Andrea Casalino, which ended when he started shooting fiction Rudolph Valentino in Bulgaria due to the distance.

Paola had a sentimental relationshipand with the Salerno boxer Dario Socci: the couple was a guest in Barbara D’Urso’s living room to talk about their love and their complicity. However, the couple leaves in July 2021: this was announced by Paola Caruso herself who speaks of the impossibility of continuing the common path due to difference in vision. Paola Caruso is therefore single at the moment.

Paola Caruso Instagram

Paola Caruso has more than 800,000 followers on Instagram. In the following photo we can see her in a moment of tenderness with her ex boyfriend Dario.

paola caruso and dario socci instagram

paola caruso and dario socci in a photo on the instagram profile

Paola Caruso ex boyfriend and son

In 2018 Paola Caruso got engaged to the young Italian but resident in Switzerland Francesco Caserta. After some time Paola was the protagonist of a service of “WhoIn which she appeared pregnant and declared that Francesco Caserta had seduced and abandoned her. The young man, however, wrote a letter to Barbara d’Urso to specify that he never shied away from the role of father. Between the two there are still some misunderstandings and, among other things, Francesco has recently been attributed a flirtation with Raffaella Fico.

Work and Career

Paola Caruso has a past as a model. As a first experience he works as the face of the Billionaire on the Costa Smeralda. In 2003 he took part in Miss Italia but she must be satisfied with the title of Miss Fashion Sea Triumph Calabria. This was a sort of springboard for Paola Caruso who, as happened to Benedetta Mazza, Diletta Leotta or Giulia Salemi, started her television career. One of the least recent television appearances of Paola is Men and Women, when she participates as a suitor in 2006. After some time she becomes a face of Rete Capri and leads programs such as “Quiz Show” And “Quiz Night“.

Paola Caruso’s popularity grows when she plays the “Bonas” of the Minimondo from Come on another one (role now held by Giada Papetti, who replaced Laura Creamschi). Four years ago he participated in the famous 11 Lisola, like other personalities such as Alessia Reato, Jonas Berami and then took part in the same program but in the Spanish Spanish edition, Supervivientes.

One of his last TV appearances was that of a Beijing Express, together with Linda Morselli, Rachele Fogar. Over the years, a series of well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and music, such as Achille Lauro, have alternated in the program of Costantino Della Gherardesca. The showgirl also participated as a guest in Barbara d’Urso’s afternoon lounge where she clashed several times with Fabiana Britto.

2021 Calendar by Paola Caruso

Paola has been at the center of numerous controversies and harsh attacks on social media for posing without shame for the Calendar 2021. The criticisms are mainly related to the fact that she appears naked a few months after giving birth. But Paola replied to the criticisms by saying “To all the people who are criticizing me, why can’t a mom be sexy ?? Why can’t a mother be proud of the sacrifices she makes to get back in shape? So take a picture where you like it. But are you all really out? But what do you have in mind?“. Paola reiterated her position in Barbara D’Urso’s living room, Domenica Live, where harshly attacked by Caterina Collovati she affirmed “I want to be a stimulus for other mothers like me and make sure I show my sensuality again despite motherhood“.

Paola Caruso Biological Mother

Paola was adopted at the age of thirteen and initially stated that she did not know her biological parents. But during Barbara d’Urso’s afternoon parlor, the presenter introduced a woman named Imma who allegedly had been cheated by doctors who, immediately after giving birth, would have told her that her baby was dead. The two met right at Live: It’s not D’Urso and they discovered they have so many things in common. The DNA test then confirmed that Imma and Paola Caruso are actually mother and daughter.

Paola Caruso Organic Father

Paola Caruso would still be looking for her father. In one of Barbara D’Urso’s programs Emma, ​​Paola’s mother, allegedly said that the girl’s biological father should be a former Catanzaro footballer.

Paola Caruso and Moreno Merlo

Paola Caruso and Moreno Merlo have been a couple for several months but the two would not have parted in the best way and the beautiful showgirl would have accused her ex-boyfriend of being with her only for the money.

Video by Paola Caruso


  • He has a chiwawa named Chanel and one named Camilla
  • Her registry name is Paola Lucia Caruso

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