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Who is Pamela Prati: Biography, Age, Mark Caltagirone, Children and Book

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Who is Pamela Prati: Biography, Age, Mark Caltagirone, Children and Book

Pamela Prati is an actress, showgirl and TV presenter Italian. Historical Soubrette of Bagaglino, has hosted numerous TV programs, including “Do you know the latest?“, And then also participate in reality shows such as the Big Brother VIP. Last year she was at the center of Gossip due to the alleged marriage with Mark Caltagirone. On 17 May 2020 he is a guest of Mara Venier at Domenica In.

Who is Pamela Prati?

  • First name: Pamela Prati
  • Date of birth: November 26, 1958
  • Age: 62 years
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Birth place: Ozieri (Sassari)
  • Profession: Showgirl, actress and TV presenter
  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram: @pamelaprati
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Pamela Prati, born Pamela Pireddu, was born in Ozieri, a town in the province of Sassari, the November 26, 1958 together with 4 brothers 3 males and a female named Maria. In 2016, Pamela officially changed her surname to Prati. The showgirl’s childhood is troubled: Pamela’s mother was a war widow and had to grow up alone six children. Pamela told Domenica In that her mother is a warrior. Pamela is therefore forced to make numerous sacrifices, including the adolescence spent in Tempio Pausania in a college of nuns. Turned 18 yes moves to Rome in search of his independence and devotes himself entirely to his dream: to enter the world of fashion and entertainment. Pamela also records some records, which contain very famous singles, used for television themes, such as “Menalo“,”Que I ask you“, Mocambo Wacky” And “Papelon“.

Pamela Prati and the Mark Caltagirone case

During the first months of 2019, the Gossip magazines have been extensively interested in the (alleged) sentimental affairs of Pamela. On the occasion of a guest in Sunday Live, Pamela in fact tells a Barbara D’Urso to have an important relationship with a Roman building contractor, who works in the United States and has interests in several other countries around the world, named Mark Caltagirone. In the following period, Pamela even declares that the wedding with Caltagirone would be set for the month of May and that the two also have two children in foster care. Because of this gossip, Pamela also ends up on the cover of People. On the web, however, the rumor begins to circulate that Mark Caltagirone does not exist at all, and the rumors become more and more insistent when Pamela announces the postponement of the wedding.

There Meadows and his Aicos Management agents Pamela Perricciolo and Eliana Michelazzo (the latter a former suitor of Men and Women) are accused of having invented the news as a matter of money and popularity. Pamela Prati is subjected to a series of bursting questions from Silvia Toffanin during the episode of very true of 11 May, four days after the alleged wedding date, with Pamela who is forced to leave the studio. In the end it is Pamela Prati, once again hosted in very true, to admit that Mark Caltagirone does not exist, accusing his managers of plotting the deception without his knowledge. Following the scandal, following the example of several personalities, including Rosa Perrotta and Federica Benincà, also Pamela Prati decides to leave the agency Aicos Management with an official note from his lawyer. The journalist and presenter of Who has seen, Federica Sciarelli.

On 17 May 2020 he returns to the issue in the Domenica In program conducted by Mara Venier.

Pamela Prati love life

Numerous flirts are associated with the bursting Sardinian showgirl, among which Kabir Bedi, Sandy Marton, Richard Gere, Max Bertolani And Franco Causio. After an affair with a policeman named Ciro Quaranta, in 2009 Pamela married the Argentine businessman Daniel Sebastian Jabir, with a top secret ceremony a Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the marriage is not lucky, and the couple divorces just two years later. Pamela then begins a love story, which lasted about eight years, with a much younger boy named her Francis. Last year, Pamela ends up at the center of a scandal related to her alleged relationship with a Roman businessman named Mark Caltagirone, which then turns out to be a real hoax: the entrepreneur is in fact an invented character, by Pamela or her agents, and this creates strong controversy against the Sardinian showgirl in all television salons including, first of all, that of Barbara D’Urso who has hosted it several times.


Pamela Prati on 7 May 2020 publishes her first book “Like a caress – Life, love, betrayal and the right to happiness”. He told Pamela that for a long time they had been asking her to write a biography but that she had never been convinced but now it is time for the woman to talk about herself in the round. Pamela finally loves herself and this is a book of rebirth for her.

Pamela Prati Instagram

Work and Career

Pamela Prati is one showgirl, actress and TV presenter. Arriving in Rome just of age, Pamela starts working as a saleswoman in a clothing store. At the same time Pamela is also dedicated to career as a model: his photos quickly gained success, so much so that they appeared on the album cover “A little bit of an artist, a little bit no” from Adriano Celentano 1980. In 1983 he posed for famous risqué magazines such as Penthouse, Playboy italy And Playmen. Pamela enters the world of entertainment thanks to her meeting with Pier Francesco Pingitore, who is fascinated by its beauty and launches it as a soubrette of the Bagaglino with Valeria Marini. Pamela appears as prima donna in the TV show “Biberon” and arrives to lead the successful program “You know the latest? ” with Pippo Franco And “Jokes aside” with Teo Teocoli. Pamela’s career is dazzling, she appears on shows as “King for one night“,”Under whose turn it is“,”Welcome back catwalk“,”Marameo“,”Allow me“,”Barbecue“,”Pies in the face”, Also working with Eva Grimaldi. In 2004 he competed in the reality show “The restaurant” together with the columnist Tina Cipollari, Patrizia De Blanck and Naike Rivelli. Since 2010 he has acted in “As if it were easy“, In the TV series”Do not stop dreaming“And goes back to being a showgirl in the Alfonso Signorini show”Kalispera!“. In 2015 Prati is a competitor in the talent show of Carlo Conti, “It can be done“And in 2016 she was presented as a competitor of de “The island of the famous”, but gives up shortly thereafter. Then take part in the reality show “Big Brother Vip“.

Pamela Prati diet

The perfect physical shape of Pamela Prati seems to be due to a specially designed diet. His diet involves totally refraining from consuming gluten, red meat and alcohol. Along with diet, Pamela’s secrets are daily physical activity and rest, which for the showgirl is the first beauty secret: Pamela has declared that she always sleeps at least eight hours.

The menu of Pamela Prati’s diet includes:

  • Breakfast with tea, buckwheat biscuits or lactose-free yogurt
  • Lunch with rice and seasonal vegetables
  • Dinner with fish or white meat and grilled vegetables.

Video by Pamela Prati

One of Pamela Prati’s many performances during the Mark Caltagirone scandal: here she even claimed that she was becoming a mother thanks to Mark, having adopted two girls.

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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