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Who is Roberto Ciufoli: Biography, Age, Companion Theodora, Sons and Island of the Famous

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Who is Roberto Ciufoli: Biography, Age, Companion Theodora, Sons and Island of the Famous

Roberto Ciufoli is a well-known actor of 60, originally from Rome. He is famous for being part of the well-known comic quartet The Award-winning Firm, together with three colleagues Pino Insegno, Tiziana Foschi and Francesca Draghetti, who finds immense popularity thanks to the sitcom As long as there is firm there is hope and the program Award-winning Teleditta. Roberto Ciufoli is castaway de The Island of the Famous 2021, conducted by Ilary Blasi with the special envoy Massimiliano Rosolino.

Who is it Roberto Ciufoli?

  • Roberto Ciufoli
  • Zodiac sign: Fish
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of birth: March 1, 1960
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: actor, comedian, theater director and voice actor
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 75 Kg (on the island of the famous 59 kilos)
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @robertociufoli_official
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Roberto Ciufoli was born on 1 March 1960 in Rome. After his studies he starts at inteaching gymnastics and swimming. He then embarks on a career as a salesman who decides to leave to devote himself to his greatest passion: acting, which will later become his full-time job.

At the age of 38 Ciufoli founded, together with 9 other colleagues, theMerry Brigade, and two years later he graduated from ISEF (Higher Institute of Physical Education). The turning point came in 1986 when, together with his childhood friend Pino Insegno, Francesca Draghetti and Tiziana Foschi, founds the comic group The Award-winning Firm, which immediately begins to military on television, to create its own sitcom: the cult series As long as there is firm there is hope, and the equally well-known program Award-winning Teleditta.

Ciufoli also works independently from the comic group; we see it in fact on TV in: Don Matteo 4, Right of defense, Spell 9, Police District, Rocco Schiavone 2 And Enrico Piaggio – An Italian dream. It also works for cinema and participate in films such as My closest friends (1997), Night before exams – Today (2007), Hi Brother (2016) and the most recent An enemy who loves you of 2018.

Very busy in theater field, Roberto Ciufoli, is also a director and actor for it. Shows such as: Aladin – The musical (2011), Saint Joan of the slaughterhouses And A Christmas Carol (2018-2019).

Participates, in 2005, in the second edition of The mole, conducted by Paola Perego.

Roberto is the father of two children: Jacopo (1995) with a costume designer of unknown name, e Romeo, born on 23 August 2016 by his wife Theodora Bugel.


After starting out as a gym and swimming teacher, Roberto Ciufoli becomes a representative around Rome, up to the age of 38, when he decides to engage in acting. It was 1981 when he founded, with 9 other colleagues, theMerry Brigade, a comedy group that participates in television broadcasts and travels around Italy with theatrical performances.

Ciufoli became known to the Italian public after 1983, the year in which, together with Pino Insegno, Tiziana Foschi and Francesca Draghetti, he founded the comic quartet The Award-winning Firm, which in a short time enters the hearts of Italians thanks to the friendliness and skill of the members. After debuting in programs such as Hello, who plays? And Hello, is it Rai?, in 2000 the four wrote and performed a sitcom of their own: As long as there is a firm there is hope, much loved by the public and that soon becomes a cult. Overwhelmed by the immense success, the group also devises the program Award-winning Teleditta, which sees comedians sarcastic and irreverent performing television products of that period.

Roberto also works alone in the artistic field. We see him busy on TV, theater and cinema. Recites in The boys of the III C (1989), Don Bosco (2004), Spell 9 (2007), Police District (2011) and Rocco Schiavone 2 (2018) for television. At the cinema he takes part in Night before exams – Today (2007), The Answer, the answer is you (2016), An enemy who loves you (2018) and others. Also active in the theater we remember him in Aladin – The musical (2011) in the role of the Genius and in the recent A Christmas Carol (2018-2019).

Island of the Famous

Roberto Ciufoli is officially a castaway of The Island of the Famous 2021, conducted by Ilary Blasi with special correspondent Massimiliano Rosolino. Ciufoli is not new to reality shows; has participated in 2005 in The mole, conducted by Paola Perego.

In his second experience in the field of reality TV, Ciufoli says he is enthusiastic about his participation in L’Isola dei Famosi, and can’t wait to get involved. In the first episode of the reality show Roberto Ciufoli injured his shoulder, immediately medicated by the medical staff of the program. In fact, during the immunity test Roberto Ciufoli was overwhelmed (in a completely involuntary way) during a dive from Akash Kumar. Roberto’s shoulder therefore suffered from trauma at the level of the collarbone. Roberto Ciufoli does not return in the second episode of the reality show, because he is still struggling with shoulder care.

Roberto Ciufoli he is part of the group and his sly but very strong presence both emotionally and physically is one of the most delicate balances within of the Island of the Famous. Roberto Ciufoli is proving to be a very interesting character. In the episode of April 19, Roberto becomes the leader by challenging Valentina Persia and sends Miryea in nomination having the arduous task of choosing the third nominated to support Vera Gemma and Fariba Tehrani in the telvoto. In the episode of April 26 Roberto Ciufoli ends up in the team of climbers with Fariba Tehrani, Awed and Isolde Kostner at the behest of the leader of the moment Francesca Lodo. Roberto Ciufoli ends in nomination against Miryea, Ubaldo and the new entry Manuela Ferrara. He manages to save himself.

In the episode of May 7, Roberto is again in nomination against Miryea and Emanuela Titocchia, and comes saved by Isolde Kostner, her friend and new Leader. Roberto also has the opportunity to win a special prize by submitting to the proof of the hero. The test consists in remaining in the fire test for more than 3 and 04 minutes by Ignazio Moser. Roberto wins and gets a plate of pasta that he shares with his group.

Roberto is often nominated by the group and despite many duels he always manages to stay in the game, because he was saved by his friend Isolde or because he won the televoting. After the episode of May 14, Roberto is back in nomination against Andrea Cerioli and Ignazio Moser. He loses the televoting and decides to stay on Playa Imboscatissima, eliminating Francesca Lodo from the televoting. In fact, the island cannot accommodate more than two people: Beatrice Marchetti and Ciufoli.

How many pounds have you lost?

Roberto Ciufoli has lost 16 kilos on the Island of the famous. It went from weighing 75 kg to a weight of 59 kg.

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:


With more than 7,000 followers, Roberto Ciufoli on instagram he mostly shares selfie videos in which he updates his audience about his work.

Insta pimples

Wife and Children

Not much is known about Roberto Ciufoli’s private life, as the Roman actor is very reserved and jealous of his privacy. She had her first son, Jacopo, in 1995, the result of the relationship with a costume designer whose name is unknown.

In 2004 he became romantically linked to Theodora Bugel, of French origin and owner of a furniture shop. After 7 years of living together, in 2011, the two they get married and on 23 August of 2016 give birth to Romeo, thanks to assisted fertilization.

Curiosity and Sport

  • He loves extreme sports like skydiving and rafting, and also has a diving license;
  • In 2015 he joined the cast of the program It can be done!, however, abandoning the transmission due to a injury;
  • It’s a avid fan of Roma, and in 2012 he won the “Sette Colli” award;
  • Ciufoli is also a excellent voice actor; his participation is remembered in The seagull and the cat, 101 Dalmatians And Ice Age 4;
  • Roberto is a lover of the horses and passionate of art;
  • took part in Night before exams – Today (2007), with Carolina Crescentini and Serena Autieri.

Roberto Ciufoli Videos

In 2017 Roberto Ciufoli, guest of Monica Di Loreto, gave an interview to Good evening doctor.

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