Why is A Custom Portrait One of the Best Gifts for Him?

Many people find it more challenging to choose a special gift for a male friend or relative than to choose a gift for a woman. Perhaps you are one of those who are always in doubt whether the gift you’ve selected for your male friend is the right one. 

Next time you want to give him the best gift ever, give him a custom portrait. A custom portrait is meaningful and will bring a lifetime’s joy to him.  

In case you are unsure whether a custom portrait will be the perfect gift for your male friend or loved one, we’ve prepared this article to discuss what a custom portrait is and why we think it will be the best gift you’ll ever give. We’ll also share some tips on where and how you can order custom portraits.

What is a Custom Portrait?

An original custom portrait is a painting or drawing created explicitly by an artist on your request and according to your guidelines of what you want in the portrait. It is much more than what is known as “picture paint”, where you paint on a photo or picture or by numbers. It is also not what some people call “putting pictures to paint”, where an exact copy of a picture or photo is painted on paper or canvas. 

A custom portrait from photos is a unique one-off painting or drawing by a skilled artist of a chosen subject. In practice, you provide photos or digital images of the person or persons you want to see in the portrait to the artist. The artist then uses the photos to create his unique depiction of the subjects. Of course, the more images you can provide, the better the artist can create a unique depiction. 

And you can add anything to be part of the custom portrait. So if you, for instance, want to surprise your friend with a portrait of himself with his favorite dog next to him, you also have to provide images and pictures of your friend’s dog to the artist. 

Ideas for What to Depict on the Custom Portrait Canvas

There are many options of what can be depicted when an artist is making custom portraits from photos. Remember that custom portraits can be painted on canvas, while some prefer a custom portrait drawing on paper.  

Your relationship with your friend dictates, to a certain extent, what you’ll ask the artist to depict in the portrait. It is always a great idea to depict something of great value to your friend or remind him of great moments in his life. Perhaps it is the large fish caught during a holiday or the trophy received as the best batsman in an important game. 

For the artist to include these moments in the portrait, you have to provide the artist with photos or images of these moments and objects together with images of your friend.

Another type of portrait is where an existing famous portrait is used, and you ask the artist to add your friend to a reproduction of the painting. This is an ideal option if your friend is an art lover and you know his favorite paintings and art preferences. If, for example, your friend loves the landscapes of a specific artist such as John Constable, you can ask the artist to add your friend as one of the figures in one of Constable’s famous landscapes.  

The best gift because it is Unique and Exclusive, and Timeless

As described above, a custom portrait is uniquely created by an artist as an artwork. Nobody else will ever have artwork like that. So, by presenting your friend with a custom portrait, you present him with a one-of-a-kind gift – exclusively his. 

With the portrait, you give him a little piece of the world which is his and his alone. And for years to come, he will, whenever he looks at the painting, be reminded of the special occasion when you presented him with the painting. It will always be a memorable moment he will forever cherish. 

Unlike other gifts with a limited life, an original portrait is “everlasting”. The chocolates will be eaten, the mobile phone will become outdated, and even a plant might not survive over time, but the portrait is timeless. It could even later be inherited by his children.

Real Art is Always a Deeply Appreciated Gift

A custom photo portrait can be a gift for anyone – there is no age limit. You can present the gift to a young or elderly friend or relative, and it will always be appreciated. To receive a custom portrait, whether you are young or old, always creates a memorable moment. 

A custom portrait as a gift is also appreciated because it is handmade. As a result, the gift receiver knows you’ve given him something extraordinary. In addition, the gift shows your affection for the person you’re giving the gift to. 

Procedure to Get a Custom Portrait

You’ll find individual artists advertising online or on social media, but the best is to contact a reputable online art studio/gallery offering this service. They use skilled artists, and you are guaranteed a beautiful and professionally created custom portrait.

When you’ve decided which studio you want to use, you place your order online and submit your photos in digital format. The studio’s artist will create a digital version and send it to you for approval. After you’ve approved it, the artist will paint your portrait. 

When the portrait is completed, the studio will send you a digital photo of the portrait, and if you are satisfied, the portrait will be delivered.

Aspects to Remember

When you order your portrait, you have to arrange detail regarding at least the following six questions with the studio: 

  1. What must be in the portrait, and what “feeling” must the artwork convey to the receiver of the painting?
  2. What composition do you want in the portrait?
  3. Do you need only the custom portrait canvas or just the artist or studio provide it to you as a framed artwork?
  4. What medium must be used – oil, watercolor, or pencil?
  5. What size should the canvas be? 
  6. What type of frame do you want if you order it as a framed painting?
  7. And lastly, what do you think your male friend or loved one will think of the chosen portrait? 


A custom portrait, whether a painting or a drawing, is one of the best gifts you can give to your male friend, relative, or partner. Not only will he appreciate the effort you’ve put into getting the portrait ready, but he will always think of you when looking at the artwork. 


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