Own the Highway: 6 Wild and Crazy Car Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for something new to do during the pandemic? Are you searching for an outlet where you can unleash your creativity?

If you’re a car enthusiast and you wish to boost your car’s appeal on the road, decorating your car is a great option to consider.

Cars are something that doubles as a canvass. Some people use it to express their emotions, creativity, and artistry. In doing so, they find that car decoration contributes to their mental health.

With so many car decoration ideas, which ones will help your vehicle stand out on the highway? Continue reading below for six wild and crazy car decorations ideas that will make you king of the road.

1. Start with Balloons and Pompoms

One of the simplest yet eye-catching car decoration ideas you can start with is using balloons and pom-poms. These items are perfect, especially when celebrating a milestone.

If it’s the birthday of your better half or a child, tie up a pile of balloons over your vehicle. Pick the right colors that best match the celebration.

For example, if your child graduated from high school, you let everyone on the road know about it by placing two dozens of blue and white balloons over your car. Also, consider using balloons in different sizes. This will give your decoration more character.

Alternatively, you can use pom-poms as your main decoration. The great thing with pom-poms is that they offer a lot of versatility. You can use plastic pom-poms or paper pom-poms.

Moreover, they come in different colors that you can mix. Also, you can use them to complement flower decorations. When sticking pom-poms, be mindful of where you place them.

If you wish to apply them to your car windows, scotch tape or masking tape will do. However, if you want to put them on the painted areas of your vehicle, magnetic tape is your best bet.

2. Use Your Headlights and Taillights

Nothing catches the eye of other motorists at night than a set of decorated headlights. It is also one of the key elements of your vehicle where you can add character and personality with ease.

For starters, turn your headlights into eyes by placing plastic or paper as pupils. Black or white paper or plastic will work for the pupils. However, use a different color for the iris.

Once you turn on your headlights, they will serve as the white portion of the eyes. Also, don’t forget about your taillights. This is an excellent way to capture the attention of the drivers behind you.

Since taillights work to ensure safety on the road, be careful when designing them. Get a piece of plastic or vinyl and stencil it with the design that you want. It can be a logo, letter, or shape of any kind.

3. Let the Paint Take Over

Our list will not be complete without mentioning car paint. Colors affect people’s feelings, moods, and behaviors.

However, when we talk about car exterior decoration, it shouldn’t always be about the paint on the car’s body. It also covers your vehicle’s windows.

Thus, paint your windows with any design that you wish. It can be a message congratulating your favorite sports team. It can also be an inspiring note that aims to uplift others.

When painting the windows, use window-specific paint. Also, apply the paint carefully to keep it from spreading outside the window area.

As for the car’s body, try EL or Electroluminescent Paint or lighting Paint. Visit to learn more about EL Paint and its advantages.

4. Your Trunk is a Treasure

Your trunk is another versatile portion of the car that you can use to install your decorations. For starters, use its latch to secure the decorations you want to use.

Also, you can use tape or tie up your decors onto the trunk. These can be your flags, posters, ribbons, and posters. Since the trunk door closes securely, you will have no worries about your decors flying as you drive along the highway.

5. Spook Them All

Thinking of new ways to spook your neighborhood during Halloween? Consider turning your car into a trick-or-treat station. Open the trunk and transform it into a monster face.

Draw some monster’s eyes, horns, nose, and fangs on cardboard. Color them using green and purple and stick them on your trunk’s open latch.

To cover the sides of the car, apply some bloody handprint PVC stickers on the windows. When driving around the neighborhood, hang a fake arm out of your car’s trunk.

6. Get the Xmas Vibe on the Road

Last but not least, spread the holiday cheers by dressing up your car with Christmas decors. Start with the front of your vehicle by placing a Christmas wreath on the bumper.

Also, compliment it by making your car shine and sparkle with some reflective bulb light decorations. Use different colors of LED lights and hang them around your car. To light up the LED lights, use your car’s cigarette lighter as the power source.

If you don’t want to light up your car, convert it into a reindeer. Install some reindeer antlers on both sides of your windshield’s topmost corners. Complete the look by placing a red nose ball over the bumper.

Bonus: Your Dashboard

As a bonus, let’s add one of the best car interior decoration ideas out there today. Decorate your dashboard to add some interior bling.

Installing some LED lights is one of the coolest car dashboard decoration ideas to try. Invest in some LED dashboard strips and under-panel lamps. These things come in different colors and designs to match the character of your vehicle.

Go Beyond Car Decoration Ideas

Using these wild car decoration ideas, your car will stand out and become the star of the highway. You can also use decorate your vehicle to showcase your artistic skills. Whether it’s old or new car decoration ideas you’re working on, you shouldn’t stop there.

Discover other ways to spruce up your vehicle by checking our other articles. Learn about new techniques that will keep your vehicle ahead of the pack.

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